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Race picks: five trail races this summer
Take a look at some of the trail race calendar highlights this summer and why not set yourself a challenge.

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RW Previews: Stevenage 5K's, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 16
What's better than a great 5K? Three great 5K's of course!

23 October 2003 at 12:23

RW Previews (Sth): Run London Ragged 10Ks, Oct 25
Typical, you wait for a 10K to arrive and then two come along at once

10 October 2003 at 15:34

RW Previews (North): Leicester Marathon, Nov, 16
A marathon, a half-marathon, pretty villages, a racing circuit...! What else do you want?

09 October 2003 at 17:13

RW Previews (South): Fordingbridge 10, October 26
Emergency! It's Hampshire's scenic Fordingbridge Fire Station 10

02 October 2003 at 14:57

Baked Apes!
One was the world's biggest half-marathon. The other was the world's hairiest 7K. On the same morning as the Great North Run, the Great Gorilla Run romped 500 fully gorilla-suited souls around the straight-laced streets of London

01 October 2003 at 16:10

RW Previews (North): Worksop Half, October 26
22 years old, free soup at nine miles, AND Europe's largest and longest twin-tree avenue. It's the scenic Worksop Half

01 October 2003 at 11:24

RW Previews (North): Inov-8, October, 12
A new course through some of the most scenic countryside Durham has to offer

25 September 2003 at 17:48

RW Previews (South): The Easy Runner Sodbury Slog
8.5 miles of pure unadulterated country fun along some of Bristol's best countryside

25 September 2003 at 14:08

RW Previews (North): Great Cumbrian Half, Oct 12
Carlisle, a castle, parkland and the River Eden... it's the Great Cumbrian Half-Marathon

15 September 2003 at 17:02

RW Previews (South): Wildlife Trust 10K, October 5
A new 10K course in the South-East! That has to be worth checking out

15 September 2003 at 16:14

RW Previews: Over the Hills 12K, October 19
Throw youself into the deep end at this Wiltshire multiterrainer near an award-winning manor

08 September 2003 at 11:09

RW Previews: Discovery 10K, Sept 27
Euro runners cross The Channel

01 September 2003 at 17:03

RW Pacing At The Great North Run
We've been pacing groups round UK races since 1998. It's free! Here's how to join us.

27 August 2003 at 17:22

RW Previews: Cardiff KRUF 10K, Sept 14
Speed, sights, and a superb stadium

26 August 2003 at 16:02

Fort For The Day
Can May's Sandal Castle 10K battle its way into the RW Top 100 UK Races?

05 July 2003 at 09:32

The Paris To London Diary
The Paris Marathon, the London Marathon - and all the bits in between...

06 May 2003 at 19:16

Channel-Hopping - The Forum Way...
It started as a forum plan last August - the next thing you know, eight forumites set out to run the Paris Marathon, the London Marathon, and the 400km in between...

06 May 2003 at 18:03

The Real Story Of The Marathon
We all think we know how the marathon started, but the full story tells of an even more spectacular running feat – and not just by Pheidippides

24 March 2003 at 10:42

Sutton Park Run-Day Instructions
Final details for the Runner's World Sutton Park paced training run

07 March 2003 at 11:24

All You Need To Know About Online Entry
Use our secure credit-card processing system to take entries for your event

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