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Race picks: five trail races this summer
Take a look at some of the trail race calendar highlights this summer and why not set yourself a challenge.

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RW Previews (South): The Easy Runner Sodbury Slog
8.5 miles of pure unadulterated country fun along some of Bristol's best countryside

25 September 2003 at 14:08

RW Previews (North): Great Cumbrian Half, Oct 12
Carlisle, a castle, parkland and the River Eden... it's the Great Cumbrian Half-Marathon

15 September 2003 at 17:02

RW Previews (South): Wildlife Trust 10K, October 5
A new 10K course in the South-East! That has to be worth checking out

15 September 2003 at 16:14

RW Previews: Over the Hills 12K, October 19
Throw youself into the deep end at this Wiltshire multiterrainer near an award-winning manor

08 September 2003 at 11:09

RW Previews: Discovery 10K, Sept 27
Euro runners cross The Channel

01 September 2003 at 17:03

RW Pacing At The Great North Run
We've been pacing groups round UK races since 1998. It's free! Here's how to join us.

27 August 2003 at 17:22

RW Previews: Cardiff KRUF 10K, Sept 14
Speed, sights, and a superb stadium

26 August 2003 at 16:02

Fort For The Day
Can May's Sandal Castle 10K battle its way into the RW Top 100 UK Races?

05 July 2003 at 09:32

The Paris To London Diary
The Paris Marathon, the London Marathon - and all the bits in between...

06 May 2003 at 19:16

Channel-Hopping - The Forum Way...
It started as a forum plan last August - the next thing you know, eight forumites set out to run the Paris Marathon, the London Marathon, and the 400km in between...

06 May 2003 at 18:03

The Real Story Of The Marathon
We all think we know how the marathon started, but the full story tells of an even more spectacular running feat – and not just by Pheidippides

24 March 2003 at 10:42

Sutton Park Run-Day Instructions
Final details for the Runner's World Sutton Park paced training run

07 March 2003 at 11:24

All You Need To Know About Online Entry
Use our secure credit-card processing system to take entries for your event

Club Class
Running in November doesn't have to mean dark evenings, cold mornings and grey skies. Here's why one runner has been to Lanzarote's Club La Santa for 12 years in a row, and taken 3 generations of his family

20 December 2002 at 21:47

Enter These Great Races Online!

06 December 2002 at 16:02

The Great Wall Marathon
If you're going to hit the wall during a marathon, you may as well do it with style

05 November 2002 at 15:51

The Great Wall Marathon
If you're going to hit the wall during a marathon, you may as well do it with style

05 November 2002 at 15:51

RW's Top 100 UK Races of the Year
Category by category - the races that you shouldn't be missing

08 July 2002 at 21:54

Top 10 French Races
France's best, from 20K to 100K. Read on, and your feet will start twitching...

08 July 2002 at 19:50

Top 10 Shorter European Races
Bring a little continental culture to your weekend racing experience

08 July 2002 at 18:54

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