Readers' Races of the Year 2006

You voted for them... here they are. It's your favourite races of 2006

Posted: 10 January 2007

Haweswater Half Marathon, Cumbria - 5th in 7-14 votes category
In the last twelve months, we've received more than 20,000 reader race ratings (thank you!) and now it's time to share the results. We’ve totted up your votes and compiled your official Races of the Year 2006. It might even help you decide when and where to race this year. After all, with the number of events taking place in the UK set to rise again in 2007, organising your race diary is only going to get harder...

The ratings

We've divided the 2006 ratings into two tables:

If you'd like an alternative list, here's the RW magazine top 100. Scored on slightly different criteria to your ratings, this is our critics’ take on the best events of 2006.

What do the most prolific racers in your area rate as the best races (and do you agree with them)? Check out the ratings pages of our top 20 star raters:

Christopher Day (Lincs, 98 ratings); Grecian 2000 (Beds, 83); jd (Essex, 76); Wiz (Merseyside, 69); Racer Dan (Surrey, 64); The Bevster (Scotland, 62); CraigB (Kent, 60); Big-G (Hants, 60); Runner Martin (Bucks, 32); Plodding Hippo (W Mids, 51); RichardW (Herts, 48); Arthur Zammit 2 (W Mids, 45); Pooh Bear (Dorset, 43); Hairy Gibbon (Cheshire, 43); LHWMG (West Susex, 42); reddy (Berks, 40); straycelt (Monmouthshire, 38); RFJ (Hants, 37); Big6.1 (Essex, 37)

Add your rating; see more ratings...

Your opinion counts! To rate a race, find it by searching backwards on our event search page, click the race name and scroll to rate it at the bottom of its page.

You can see all ratings using the event search, or the 'latest ratings' pages.

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Discuss this article

Was the top three in the 15+ votes determined based on alphabetic order? All have the same score and 100% would do them again. However, the Sodbury Slog polled by far the largest number of votes, twice as many as the number one slot and 9 times more than number two.
Posted: 14/01/2007 at 08:46

I have to declare my interest first of all. My Knacker Cracker Race was voted 6th overall (in the +15 votes category) and my Midsummer Munro race was voted 10th overall. So I am well chuffed. Another of my races, the Ashtead 10k, came about 150th. Fair enough (must try harder next time).

However...neither of the top races was in the Editor's Choice 'top 100.' In fact, when you look down the list of the runner's choices, a lot of them are absent from the Editor's Choice list.

The fact that the London 10k features in the Editor's Choice top 100, and is very very close to the bottom of the pile in the runner's choice would suggest that the editor is dramatically out of touch with the feeling of the people who actually run the races.

Runner's World boasts that over 20,000 ratings are delivered on races through the year. I think that it is high-time to go with the 'Wisdom of crowds.'

I think that it is time to abandon the Editor's Choice 'Top 100,' or at the very least, let the runners have the headlines and the last say on which are the top 100 best races in the UK, and consign the Editor's Choices to a 'my favourite 50 races,' in a small box at the side.

The fact that the FLM has been named by RW as the top race for the last eight years (or whatever) and that the Great North and Great South runs are in the top 10, is an indication that the Editor's Choice is not only reactionary, but just plain wrong. Size isn't everything!
Posted: 15/01/2007 at 12:51

Some interesting points.. what should be noted is the runners choice top 10 features "local" races which tend to be organised by running clubs or individuals , whilst the Ed's choice is more geared towards corporate/regional events such as FLM / or GNR.

Which are better ???? we'll that's personal choice but one of Ed's top 3 races has a forum response as "Terrible organisation"

What would be interesting is for RW to have a feature on the runners choice top 10 events with a "Run it" & report specials

Posted: 22/01/2007 at 13:07

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