RW Previews: GRIM, January 18

Why not jump into the deep end at this multi-terrain event in Hampshire?

Posted: 20 November 2003

Where and when?
Sunday, January 18, Hampshire

What is it?
There is a patch of land in Aldershot that holds gruelling importance. It has been the scene for heroic James Bond action films, and the Army also test its new equipment and vehicles on it.

All very impressive stuff, we’re sure you'd all agree. In fact it sounds like a great place for 2000 multi-terrain-loving competitors to stretch their legs.

Well, the organisers of the GRIM seem to think so and who would argue with them, after so many of RW’s budding forumites have entered already. (Last year, over 400 RW members entered!)

After a brisk start on sandy paths, the race encounters an energy-sapping hill that stretches above the entire course. After a sweeping descent you’ll reach a water-filled ravine, before having to wade through some delighful, waist-high ‘puddles’.

Add metres of camouflage netting to crawl under, plus some tough man-made mounds, and another series of those puddles, and you may just have earned a highly rewarding finish line....

What the organisers say:
"It's a tough course, with some demanding sections. But the atmosphere is great and the level of suport between the runners is really strong."

What RW says:
“More mud, sweat and tears, over 8 miles of a fantastic course.”

What you say:
Spans: "Go on... you know you want to!”

Watch out for:
The girls' and boys' forum teams.

How to enter:
Click here:

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GRIM, preview

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Just seen an advert for it in RW - anyone else want to get cold and muddy again!!?
Posted: 31/10/2003 at 13:59

ooh its much earlier this year then... I might just well be especially seeing as it will be a good warm up(?) for Tough Guy...
Posted: 31/10/2003 at 14:21

I'm up for this one. Not because I want to, but because I'm on a bet. See you there!
Posted: 31/10/2003 at 14:50

I'm up for this! Just did royal commando challenge yesterday and now bring on the grim...did it this year too!
Posted: 03/11/2003 at 13:02

Yep, I'll be there, determined to beat my 2002 time.

Posted: 03/11/2003 at 14:48

Posted: 03/11/2003 at 14:50

oh no - maybe then
Posted: 03/11/2003 at 14:56

Online entry up and running (see top of page!)
Posted: 03/11/2003 at 19:11

Fraggle, I could well be up for this.... Am trying to convince Meerkat and Helegant too
Posted: 03/11/2003 at 21:14

Mmmmm - gosh, mud...maybe yes!
Posted: 03/11/2003 at 21:34

Ed, It will be easy to beat your 2002 time as long as they sort the finish!!!

Hope they make it a bit tougher this time, scramble nets were a joke in February.

Bet there's no free for all with the t-shirts this time!
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 08:32

Never again.........

...... well maybe..........

I've just entered!

Posted: 04/11/2003 at 10:08

Let me get the Sodbury Slog over and done with and I'll let you know
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 10:09

Um, with the memories of Saturday's Commando Challenge still strong in my mind... wet... cold... mud... tired legs... bursting lungs... OK then :-)
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 10:48

Done it. Entered. Have put URWFRC on the entry form, but team to be confirmed if anyone else would like to play.
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 10:57

Team p.h.u.k.'ers will be there! Commando meerkat n helen wheels just love that mud! Do you still have orange toes from comm challenge???
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 11:37

Orange toenails - yes - they seem to have been stained!
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 11:43

Did they give you all a good warm up at Lympstone?
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 11:59

They did indeed. What happens at Grim?
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 12:03

Oh nowhere near as good as that, just hang around, chat to forumites............. oh there is the ruk for the t-shirts though!

The strange thing is for all the events faults, I for one am looking forward to doing it again!
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 12:27

Count me in.
An ideal warmup event for Toughguy.
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 13:16

aah the warm up.......
He was very fit!!!!
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 13:26

One of the guys out there said they do a version of that course about twice a week. Looking at the ad at the top of this page it seems they spend more time under water than we did :-)
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 13:34

Helen you are obviously a lady for all seasons, good luck, enjoy the mudbath. I'll hopefully see you in sunny,dry Blackpool again!I'm really a wimp, all the best OT.
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 14:46

what does the course involve? how does it compare to tough guy?
Is it a good warm up for tough guy or am I best to save my efforts for mr mouse's mudbath?
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 14:58

Edward - it is a not as tough guy (no underwater and no rope slides etc), but it is a lot of fun... it will be a good way to get use to wading through waist deep mud and clambering over obstacles etc... go on you know you want to!!
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 15:55

Hi me and my mate Steli have just entered, did it last yr and loved it except for getting out the car park and queueing at the finish - noticed there was no size box to tick on this years entry - does this mean another nightie ?? Would love to meet some forumites there.
Posted: 04/11/2003 at 17:13

Twinkle toes I just entered! I met a forumite at the end of royal commando challenge who is doing this but didn't get her name - we were too muddy, exhausted/delirious to talk much!
see you there!
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 14:19

its on my birthday, so def gonna look into this one
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 14:23

Seem to remember I'm on a bet too - bl**dy socials :o)
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 14:30

Nice one fruity - see you there!

Posted: 05/11/2003 at 15:24

wow sounds like a good turnout already!

and yes I know it's early days yet, but if anyone needs a lift from Reading (or Aldershot station) give me a shout.
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 15:53


(guess I had better enter now...)
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 15:55

Ah, Lindi anothe veteran from last year, now where's the Evil Pixie and Snoops?
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 16:05

Snoops is organising a party but I'm sure he'll be along soon.
Haven't seen EP around for a while.
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 16:06

mmmm might go for this..anyone driving from London. someone remind me at the Chrimbo social.
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 17:18

Right. Me thinks it would be a good idea to list all participants before the list gets gigantic.

What do you think to a RW female and male team too but not to compete against each other because we know the female team would win! :) WE WILL HAVE FUN.




Mad Kat
Edward Briggs
Twinkle Toes and Mate
The Count

If you decide to enter, copy paste and update before sending!

Posted: 05/11/2003 at 18:20

OK Spans, have booked a place for you in my taxi!

EP's deffinitely doing this one too
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 18:20

Yeah, why not? (Unless there's fresh powder that weekend!)


Twinkle Toes and Mate


Mad Kat
Edward Briggs
The Count

ps I think twinkletoes will be happier to be included with the ladies
Posted: 05/11/2003 at 18:45

GRIM Challenge 8 - Needs YOU

Take a look at the above challenge.

Come on now, let's get a RW female and male team together and have a ball.

Suggest the main aim of the challenge is to have fun and complete the course rather than compete like headless chickens. However, if peeps want to do that, that's fine too!

The course apparently is full of water and mud, mud and more mud. No high or rope obstacles are involved and there are no completely-submerged type water challenges .

Go on, give it a go. Put your name down.

A good weekend will be had by all.

Spread the word and update the list above as appropriate.

Am sure available local accommodation with be plentiful if needed.

Mud wrestling is optional :P

Posted: 05/11/2003 at 19:46

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