RW Previews (North): Worksop Half, October 26

22 years old, free soup at nine miles, AND Europe's largest and longest twin-tree avenue. It's the scenic Worksop Half

Posted: 1 October 2003

Where and when?
Sunday, October 26, Worksop

What is it?
Worksop is not just famous for producing such illustrious stars as Graham Taylor and that stout bloke from Iron Maiden. It also produces some fine races, including a smashing half-marathon.

The race kicks off with an ingenious idea: leaving a busy town centre as quickly as possibly and heading off into the scenic Clumber National Trust Park. Once there, the route tours around the Park’s picturesque lake, before tackling some minor inclines, the toughest of which is the short and sharp Engine Hill. The race then takes you through Lime Tree Avenue, Europe's largest and longest twin-tree avenue.

At the nine-mile distance you will be treated to the warming sight of a Batchelors cup-a-soup station. And with the soup drunk and your body feeling thoroughly refreshed, the race leaves the park and leads back into town, via the old college buildings, and ends with a downhill finish.

What the organiser says:
“This increasingly popular event attracts runners from across the country and further afield.” Quiet right.

What you say:
Marmite Master: “It's a cracking race, sign yourself up right now.” (No, he's not the organiser...)

What RW says:
"With 80 per cent of the course being run through the National Trust's Clumber Park, it is an excellent, and challenging scenic run."

Watch out for:
Sherwood Forest, right nearby

Any extras?
Entries received before October 8 will have their names printed on the back of the finishers T-Shirt.

How to enter:
Click here:

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can you where a fuel belt and take your own drinks with you when running.
im running the worksop half marathon but
struggle to take enough liquid on board at the water stations.
Posted: 16/10/2003 at 13:24

Posted: 16/10/2003 at 13:25

you can run with a bucket of water if you are so inclined!!

seriously - loads of ways of doing this - check out Nathan bottle belts and Camelbak Flashflo as probably the best options
Posted: 16/10/2003 at 13:39

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