RW's Top 100 UK Races of the Year: 10Ks

Top 10K races of the year

Posted: 8 July 2000

  • The numbers in brackets are last year's position; the times are last year's men's and women's winning times
  • If we've been given an event's details, you'll find it in the Race Diary.

There are more 10Ks than any other distance now, and this meant a competitive battle to be number one – but Swansea Bay came out on top for the third year running.

1 Swansea Bay Nike 10K (1) 28:46/33:36
Flat and scenic out and back run around Swansea Bay
2002 date: September 22

2 Cheltenham 10K 28:36/32:40
Fairly flat town-centre event made an impressive debut
2002 date: September 15

3 Puma Dewsbury 10K (2) 29:41/33:07
Reasonably flat out-and-back Yorkshire town 10K
2002 date: February 3

4 Nike 10K not timed
An exciting, highly publicised debut that filled its 10,000 limit within days
2002 date: July

5 Leeds Abbey Dash 10K (3) 29:58/33:50
Another high-quality Yorkshire out-and-back 10K to Leeds’s Kirkstall Abbey
2002 date: December

6 British Open 10K 29:08/31:49
Tremendous London course for another exciting newcomer
2002 date: July 21

7 Silverstone Mizuno 10K (5) 29:26/35:14
Fairly basic, no-frills race at a great venue
2002 date: May

8 Carlton London Run 10K 29:34/33:52
Run on part of the London Marathon course. Another well-received newcomer
2002 date: July

9 Percy Pud 10K (19) 28:59/37:47
A growing Yorkshire event with a festive feel
2002 date: December

10 Great Caledonian 10K 33:16/37:46
Very tough course with a brilliant venue at Balmoral
2002 date: April

11 Cardiff 10K (18) 29:08/35:06
Another fast, flat Welsh city course, finishing in the magnificent Millennium Stadium
2002 date: September

12 Manchester YMCA 10K 29:22/33:55
Quick and growing city 10K
2002 date: June

13 Hastings 10K (9) 28:50/33:39
Big-money, New-Year 10K on a testing course
Usual month: January

14 Lincoln Interflora 10K 29:51/34:38
Fast, city course in the famous cathedral town
2002 date: April 7

15 Eastleigh B&Q 10K (4) 29:48/34:07
One of the fastest pre-London 10Ks
2002 date: March 17

16 Poole 10K (12) 30:19/35:45
Another quick and flat South coast event
2002 date: June

17 Liverpool 10K (7) 30:56/33:23
A fairly quick autumn city race
2002 date: October

18 Chichester Priory 10K 31:52/35:09
One of the first flat 10Ks of the year
2002 date: February 3

19 Bourton-on-the-Water 10K 30:20/34:52
A quick Gloucestershire event early in the year
2002 date: February 24

20 Reebok Brighton 10K (14) 30:18/37:17
Flat, out-and-back promenade-based event
2002 date: November

21 Southend 10K (16) 30:38/35:44
Another seaside event with an improved, faster course
2002 date: October

22 Millennium Plus One 10K 30:34/34:51
Challenging but interesting course around Greenwich Park
2002 date: March

23 Bradford 10K (8) 29:52/34:46
Fairly tough race with a city-based course
2002 date: September

24 Wakefield 10K 31:06/33:40
Quick pre-London race from Thornes Park Stadium
2002 date: April 7

25 Quest Breakfast 10K 32:23/33:31
Undulating route from Ashford’s Julie Rose Stadium
2002 date: October

26 Auckland Castle Fila/Running Fitness 10K 28:49/33:53
An attractive, well-sponsored event
2002 date: August

27 Salford Fila 10K 30:05/34:00
A city-based Manchester event with a fast course
2002 date: March 29

28 Stubbington Green 10K 31:09/36:17
A quick, early-season Hampshire race
Usual month: January

29 Trafford 10K 29:59/34:10
A quick race with a Manchester course
2002 date: March

30 Totton 10K (10) 31:17/35:48
Another fast Hampshire course
2002 date: April 7

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Hi, I will be visiting Swanley, Kent 7 Aug - 20 Aug. I was wondering if there are any 10km runs during this time.

Posted: 17/06/2003 at 03:05

Have a look on the events listing here, or in the magazine.
Posted: 17/06/2003 at 12:12

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