Scottish Half Marathon 2016

Need an end-of-summer half? This stunning race along the East Lothian coastline could be for you.

The Scottish Half Marathon and 10K 2016 will take place on Sunday 18th September along the picturesque East Lothian coastline. The 10K will start at Musselburgh Racecourse at 9am, and the Half Marathon will start at Meadowmill Sports Centre at 11am. The event offers fast and flat routes, stunning sea views, a fantastic atmosphere, and a spectacular grandstand finish at Musselburgh Racecourse.

Both the half marathon and the 10K routes provide a great opportunity for seasoned runners to achieve that elusive PB, but they’re also perfect for those trying the distances for the first time!

The final furlong at Musselburgh Racecourse is a finishing straight with a difference; as you head down towards the finishing gantry, you’ll be greeted with loud cheers from crowds lining the course, spurring you over the line! Once over the finish line, you can enjoy a glass of champagne and a bite to eat in the stunning finish area; what better way to celebrate your achievement?

This is an event not to be missed! If you've already entered, well done! If not, what are you waiting for? Head to

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I ran this half marathon in 2016 and as excited as I was about joining, in the wake of the event I think people need to be warned about the many many problems with this race organiser... The route itself was OK and runners got awesome cheering along the way from spectators and people living in the towns we passed. But that's about where the positives stop... The event is pricey to join but very poorly organised with a clear emphasis on cost-cutting: generic finisher T-shirts (not even the year mentioned on them), very few toilets considering the large number of runners and supporters that had signed up, no changing area at the finish so long queues at the toilets again... The start of the race itself was delayed two times - but y long - 5 minutes or so, but still adding to the general impression of poor organisation. The worst aspect still is that the medals were not ready for race day and were delivered 1 month late after several missed deadlines and very poor communication from the organisers. No effort has been made to make it up to the runners for this incredibly long delay - for something that had been paid for upfront. During the long wait communication was very scarce and offering no details on what had happened, we were even told by the race director "I'm sure the wait will be worthwhile." Unfortunately, this was not at all the case: when the medals were eventually delivered, they were a very big disappointment with absolutely no inscription: no year, no distance, no race name, nothing. Just a piece of metal delivered 1 month late - by far the worse memento of any race I took part in. I read about many issues from previous years as well, with the route being longer than a half-marathon, etc... I think all this comes to show the lack of interest on the organiser's part, as well as a general disrespect for runners who pay good money to attend these events! I for one will not be joining this race again nor others organised by GSi and I would suggest to anyone else to stay clear from this race or the organisers as they treat runner with utter disrespect and will provide a 'cheap' experience charging you a high price. You will be better off do any other race instead!
Posted: 19/10/2016 at 12:17

Agree with a  lot what you say Freja, GSI started out small and friendly about 2004 with the Edinburgh marathon which actually involved running in Edinburgh. Route has changed so often over the years and now you see very little of the town. Ethos of the company has also changed and they charge a lot of money for a less than ideal experience. I gave up on them after the shambles that was the 2011 marathon. Only race I have ever done spectators not allowed near finish line !



Posted: 19/10/2016 at 23:45

This now seems par for the course when it comes to GSI events. There are always issues regarding Edinburgh. I've avoided them since the results (or lack of) fiasco a few years ago.
Posted: 20/10/2016 at 08:28

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