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6. Stockholm Marathon

Posted: 8 July 2000

6. Stockholm Marathon

Stockholm is an unusual marathon. It challenges your preconceptions both of Scandinavia and of marathon running. It starts at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon in early June, when the weather is warm and balmy and the city is full of loud, boisterous crowds. By the standards of London or New York, it’s a small race, but it doesn’t lack atmosphere – with healthy crowds throughout much of the two-lap, city-centre course. The race is designed to highlight the city’s wonderful location on the shores of the Baltic, and to demonstrate the friendliness and efficiency of the Swedes. It’s not a particularly fast race, but Stockholm in June is a big consolation.

The course: Two almost-identical loops, starting outside the 1912 Olympic Stadium and finishing on the track inside. There are large, flat sections of the course but enough undulations, particularly on the loop around Djurgarden and the various bridges, to break your rhythm.
Highs: Finishing on the track inside the 1912 Olympic Stadium.
Lows: Passing the kilometre markers on the first lap, knowing you have to run 21km before you see them again.
Watch out for: The crossing of the Vesterbron at 35km. The bridge is only a 90ft climb, but it feels worse the second time around.
Contact: Stockholm Marathon, Stockholm Marathon, Box 10023, 100 55 Stockholm, Sweden; tel 0046 8545 664 40; e-mail
Size: 12,000+
Month: June

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Stockholm Marathon

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anyone else doing this ?
Posted: 24/11/2004 at 19:33

Yes - did it in 2002 and it was rather warm so going back to hopefully get a quicker time next year. Excellent race and a beautiful city
Posted: 24/11/2004 at 20:34

Doesn't look as if I've gotten into LFM so I'm doing it. Well past the Skiing season so doesn't interfere with those last minute trips like LFM does. Only thing that worries me is the warmth. Anybody offer any other useful snuggets of information
Posted: 24/11/2004 at 21:01

What exactly do you need to know
Posted: 24/11/2004 at 22:47

I heard that there is great crowd support and is very well organised. Hopefully it will not be too warm but at last we can sleep in a little longer on race day.

Steve, what is the course like ?
Posted: 25/11/2004 at 06:51

I did this in 2003, it was warm at the start (1400) but had cooled down by the end. Course is basically a two loop course with some variations on second loop. Support is good except in the section through the park. Only one hill of any note over the bridge. Nice finish in the Olympic stadium.

I ran my marathon PB here ... Maybe i'll come back for another go.
Posted: 25/11/2004 at 08:07

Great race - did it in back in 1999. Be warned - the roads are rock hard as they have to cope with extremes of temperature. I had to walk the last few miles, but it wasn't my legs that gave way, but my back that couldn't cope with the jarring. Make sure you do the training mileage on hard surfaces.
Posted: 25/11/2004 at 14:47

"Only one hill over any note over the bridge" - twice...second time is about 36km and is tough!

It was my first mara and I loved it...and it was perfect r*nning weather the year I did it (2000)
Posted: 25/11/2004 at 14:54

I did it in 2003 (must have missed you, Dubai Dave!) and loved it. It was my slowest marathon to date (my fault not theirs) but I still loved every minute of it. I'll definitely be back one year, maybe even next!
Posted: 25/11/2004 at 16:45

The Stockholm Marathon has become more popular in the last couple of years. It has reached its limit a couple of months before the closing date, this year an extra 1000 places are avilable but I would still suggest you apply sooner rather than wait until the last moment.

I think the race time limit is 6 hours but be aware if you havent reached half way before a certain time they wont let you continue.

They use chip timing and this year they will have mats every 5 kms. If you can get hold of a mobile phone connect to a swedish network you can get text messages sent to your supporters each time you pass over these mats. My wife said it worked very well last year and it only cost something like 1pound 50.

Plenty of toilets on course, but having not read my race pack fully i didnt remember they were with each drinks station. Being warm at last years start I was so concerned about taking on liquid it took my 4 drinks stations before i found the toilet i so badly needed.

Very nice to be able to have a shower straight after the race but expect them to be crowded

Nice course, The West Bridge on the second lap is the main concern. The last few kms are also slightly uphill but the finish in the stadium is nice and is also open to your supports so they can see you finish.

"Be warned - the roads are rock hard as they have to cope with extremes of temperature" - In Stockholm? - pah southern softies

I am sure they is plenty more I have forgotten, if you need any help with location of hotles, airports and other such matters give me a shout.
Posted: 26/11/2004 at 08:24

Thanks very much for all the detailed info. I did sign up for this last week after agonising over which race to run in this year.

London is too hard to get into, Paris is filled with too many French people, Madrid sounded ok but Stockholm was voted the sexiest city in it has to be with the Swedes !

Having run in Edinburgh last year I might as well continue to run my races in June !

Looking forward to it except the rock hard roads..........
Posted: 26/11/2004 at 08:57


I signed up for this one the other day too. My friend did Helsinki earlier in the year and a lot of people there were raving about Stockholm so I thought I'd give it a go.

Besides Stockholm is a lot more appealing than Blackpool which is also a June marathon!!!
Posted: 26/11/2004 at 09:32

Can you apply online or do you have to request an application pack?
Posted: 26/11/2004 at 11:22


you can apply online it is very easy.


I would have to agree Stockholm does sound more appealing then Blackpool !

Posted: 26/11/2004 at 11:40

Only just got back online and agree with all that has been said above. Did it in 2002 and it was hot - 26c at start. Have entered for next year and over 5,000 entries already acccepted. Very easy to enter online - made a mistake and e-mailed organisers. Had a reply the next night and all sorted. Highly recommend race and if it's hot just throttle back a bit and enjoy.
Worth going just to see Stockholm and plenty of cheapest flights availabe
Posted: 28/11/2004 at 04:11

Fantastic race - ran it in 2002 and 2004 and both times got sun-burnt! Wonderful city with wonderful people, lovely course with great support, finishing in the Olympic Stadium. Possibly my favourite race anywhere in the world. And yes I will be going back this year.

Posted: 04/01/2005 at 18:06

hi,im runing the stockholm marathon this year,does anyone know if it will be televised on sky etc?Or will it just be on Swedish tv?
Posted: 29/05/2006 at 19:05

This is a smashing marathon in a beautiful city though be warned that you have to cross Vesterbron bridge twice at around 16 and 32 km which will put paid to any PB attempt.

Don't be fooled by thinking that as it's in Sweden it will be cold.  It reached 26 degrees Celsius this year and was even hotter the year before.

Great organisation and excellent support I would really recommend going out of your way for this event.

Posted: 20/07/2008 at 10:04

The full TV coverage is accessible from the official site, all in Swedish mind
Posted: 05/08/2008 at 21:05

I can't seem to access the footage any hints where it might be hiding on the Oficial Website.

By the way on the GB vest debate I'd wear it playing 5 a side rather than during a marathon.  It's a great idea but you know it'll inspire everyone in the immediate vicinity to try and overtake you a boast to their mates that they beat Steve Cram who really doesn't look like he does on the tele.

Posted: 06/08/2008 at 19:24

There you go its about three hours long 

Posted: 06/08/2008 at 21:39

Thanks Mycket much appreciated.
Posted: 07/08/2008 at 21:25

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