The World's Top 10 Marathons

7. Rotterdam Marathon

Posted: 8 July 2000

7. Rotterdam Marathon

Rotterdam is not high on anyone’s list of must-visit European cities. But every spring, thousands of runners flock to this modern, industrial port and city to take part in its marathon. They are drawn by a pancake-flat course and the knowledge that the organisers, despite a limited budget, put on a fine race. Crowd support doesn’t compare to New York or Boston, but the city does get behind the race and practically closes down on race day. Rotterdam was one of the first marathons to adopt chip timing, and the event is constantly trying to innovate and challenge the idea that only major cities can have great marathons.

The course: The Netherlands is a country devoid of hills, so it’s no surprise that Rotterdam offers one of the most consistently flat courses around. Other than the Erasmus Bridge at 2km and two wooden sections after 5km and 30km, the loop course is largely unremarkable and unmemorable. But then, you don’t go to Rotterdam for the scenery.
Highs: Fantastic crowd support along the waterfront.
Lows: An out-and-back section of the course at 29km, where you pass runners going in the opposite direction to the finish.
Watch out for: The well-stocked feed stations with cake and hot drinks.
Contact: Rotterdam Marathon, P.O. Box 21955, 3001 AZ Rotterdam, The Netherlands; fax 0031 10 291 9172; e-mail
Size: 10,000+
Month: April

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Rotterdam Marathon

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How can something like the rotterdam marathon possibly make a top ten list of world marathons? A dull run around an even duller place, Id rather goto Amsterdam and get stoned for 3 hours!
Posted: 02/06/2006 at 19:18

drugs are bad mkay..........
Posted: 02/06/2006 at 20:39

Presumably because it's fast. And Rotterdam is fast. If you're racing, as opposed to trotting along running to finish, you really don't notice whether you're in Paris, Rome, or Timbuktu. Scenery is pretty much an irrelevance. A great marathon is any marathon that produces fast times and intense competition, surely. Running isn't sightseeing.
Posted: 02/06/2006 at 21:03

Hmm, that's a bit of a hard core statement - "running isn't sightseeing". 'Tis for me most days of the week.
Posted: 02/06/2006 at 21:38

Are there 2 Haileunlikely's on the forum ?
Posted: 02/06/2006 at 21:45

I think that's highly unlikely, Popsy... ;-)
Posted: 03/06/2006 at 00:23

lol - I walked into that one - there is though isn't there - either that or Haileunlikely has had a complete personality change and made up a set of pbs.
Posted: 03/06/2006 at 00:29

I hope this isn't going to become one of the big debates like nature v nuture, creation v evolution, running v sightseeing etc :0)
Posted: 03/06/2006 at 11:45

Glad you mentioned that corrin!!! because id like to take issue with Haileunlikley!!:) Have you forgot why you started running!! I bet it wasnt so you could run as fast as you could for as long as possible, I would hazard a bet that, if youre honest with yourself, the reason you started running was to help you relax/social aspect/something to do or something like that?!!
So yes god darn it :) scenery/pleasant surrounds go a long way to making a good run and marathon course!! Forget about going quick, enjoy your running :) you never know it might make you quicker
Posted: 11/06/2006 at 20:25

Didn't Rotterdam hold the WR at one stage?

It's very well-organised and very quick and there's decent support.

But you can't download the ring-tone - oh.
Posted: 12/06/2006 at 21:14

Is this the first case of identity theft on the forum?

Would the real Haile Unlikely please stand up?
Posted: 12/06/2006 at 22:33

sorry-i just lurked cos it was about a marafun
great name bon-eh!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 12/06/2006 at 22:36

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