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Leeds Marathon

Posted: 8 July 2000

Leeds Marathon: Sunday, May 12
Atmosphere, value for money

A long-established city marathon, which finishes outside the town hall, in the city centre.

£9.50/£10.50, payable to Leeds City Council by April 19. No entries on day
Run Leeds 2001, South Leeds Stadium, Middleton Grove, Leeds LS11 5DJ (0113-395 0001)

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Leeds Marathon

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hi, has anybody ran the leeds marathon? what is the profile like and is it a fast course? also sheffeild ,
Posted: 18/10/2002 at 11:18

I've run the Leeds HM. Horrible route. Too many bottlenecks. Lots of hills, you're nearly always too close to traffic and they always choose the hottest day of the year. Good news about the marathon though is that YOU GET TO DO IT ALL TWICE. When I finished this year there were loads of finishers who had entered for the Marathon but gave up after lap one. I'll not be doing it again.
Posted: 18/10/2002 at 12:17

I too have only done the half 4 times, yes it is all those things, but I won it last year and so have happy associations!
Posted: 18/10/2002 at 15:08


You won the Leeds Marathon!?!? Respect!
Posted: 18/10/2002 at 15:39

Nice one Monique! I probably saw you briefly at the start and then not again. I would have still been slogging around the ring road when you finished!

John - I agree with the above, the course is hilly and far from picturesque. Starts in the city centre, goes through a residential area for a couple of miles, up the steepest hill in the world, onto the 'fabulous' Leeds outer ring road for many miles and then into the city again via Kirkstall Road. The marathon is two laps.

The good points - all the hills are in the first half of the half marathon course - it's all down / flat from mile 7.

Have done the 1/2 for the last three years and will always do it as long as I live in Leeds. Also, used the course as my route for long runs when training for the FLM, if only cos it is tough and I could measure the distance accurately.

My advice - fine if you fancy a 1/2 marathon, but don't bother with the full.
Posted: 18/10/2002 at 16:33

That drag down Kirkstall Road for the last 3-4 miles is real downer though. Even as a HM I think it is one less good ones. Brass Monkey and Wilkinson Ackworth are both infinitely superior IMHO. As is the GNR. As a marathon it must be really depressing running down the Headrow seeing all the HM-ers getting their t-shirts and getting ready to go home while you have it all to do again.

Years ago, the Leeds Marathon was one lap which I think is better (I hate 2 lap races of any distance though. see Harrogate 10k, Bradford 10k). Does anyone know why this is no longer the case? Presumably there must be a measured route somewhere. I too live in Leeds and if the marathon was a single lap I'd definitely do it. As it is at the moment though, I'd be looking elsewhere.
Posted: 18/10/2002 at 16:48

I've just had a quick thought John. If you want to get a flavour of the Leeds marathon route (but no more) enter the Leeds Abbey Dash in December. Its a "there and back" race which is essentially the last 3 miles of the Leeds marathon/hm course.
Posted: 18/10/2002 at 16:54

Just out of interest 'A Chimp writes', where did the course go when it was a single lap?
Posted: 18/10/2002 at 17:30

ok, leeds is unsuitable so is there a flat fast course in uk, with preferance to north of england althougth that may be pussing it a bit.many thanks jk
Posted: 18/10/2002 at 20:02

Arnie I'm sure. It was before I started running but I think it used to out to the airport via that thing with all the satellite dishes on. Anyone else know? Perhaps we could start some sort of petition toget get the single lap route reinstated. In fact, you've given me an idea. I'll start a new thread.

John, Blackpool's your man. Its in June.
Posted: 19/10/2002 at 09:47

I ran the Leeds in 99 - my third marathon and just after London. I ran my PB and came 12th (injuries since have prevented any realistic PB challenges)
It's a good course with adequate support (drinks etc). Hilly - yes, but that seperates the men from the boys!!
Posted: 04/01/2003 at 22:06

Many many years ago the Leeds marathon used to start and finish in Roundhay park, it was 1983 I think, I had to pull out at the last minute with a injured hip and I never ran again till May 2002.
I would have liked to have another bash at it but I dont like 2 lap races, nor do I like point to point races, give me a circular route everytime.
Posted: 04/01/2003 at 22:29

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