My 2004 London Marathon

How was it for you? - Quotes and pictures from London 04

Posted: 23 April 2004
by Ping Pong Boy

Time: 3:52


Having written and chatted for nearly three months on the sub 3:45 thread a number of us managed to meet up pre-race (Ping Pong Boy, Save Ferris, Scotty, Sarah Gregory, Peter Bedwell & Ashley Smith among others) and because I wore a obvious T-shirt with my nickname on the back, carried a Scottish flag and planned it I managed to meet Donna W and Woony at the red/blue joining point.

I was well on course for my target time until a knee injury that had plagued me in training came back with a vengeance around 16 miles. I kept running to 19.5, missed the URWFRC supporters at 18 despite searching for them, and ended up walking/limping and hobbling my way home in 3:52:52. Not far off my target but it may as well have been an hour.

Thanks to all forumites that I met on the day. Overall I'm gutted as I know I was fit enough to make my target time but in the end I just couldn't handle running in the pain any longer. I must have looked a terrible sight for the supporters on route over the last 5 miles.

Thanks to the RW 8:30 pacers that I stayed with for 2 miles at the start then 300 yards at 21 miles as they came surging by me! Most thanks go to the FLM 3:45 thread regulars. Your friendly posts warm and encouragement made training through the winter months easier. I hope to see you all again sometime.

Finally, on the up side, the funniest moment for me:

I was running with a Scottish flag up until the red/blue join point so that fellow forum runners could spot me. After meeting them I decided it was time to throw away the flag at around 5 miles. I timed my throw just as we reached a drinks station. As I threw my flag one of the water station attendants must have thought I was aiming at them and screamed as my flag went flying over their head. I missed them by several feet but I suppose it would still have been a bit of a shock. Sorry to the water station person!

Ping Pong Boy
Race number 25022
Still Gutted!

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