My 2004 London Marathon

How was it for you? - Quotes and pictures from London 04

Posted: 23 April 2004
by TheChef

Time: 4:49

Best mo - really feeling, seeing and hearing what it means to run your first marathon

Worst mo - knowing that stopping at 24 miles was just not an option

Surprise - the sheer guts and determination of such a varied group of people

My goal - to complete my first marathon in less than 5 hours - I did it in 4:49 and ran all the way!

Differently - maybe try to smile a few more times after mile 21!

Made a difference - running with the Runners World pacers for 11 min mile - everyone in that pack helped keep me going but most of all enjoy the experience even more - we stuck it out 'til the end!

Celebrate - with my feet up!! Most of all you can't knock the smile off my face today - I've spent the whole day telling people what a fab time I had (despite the fact that walking is very 'bambi like' today!

My nickname is TheChef - I really love to cook!!!! Something different to pasta for a while though :-))

See ya

The Smiling First Timer!!!!!

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My 2004 London Marathon
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My 2004 London Marathon

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