My 2004 London Marathon

How was it for you? - Quotes and pictures from London 04

Posted: 26 April 2004
by Anne Child

Time: 4:14

This was my first marathon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My best moments were the crowds cheering on Tower Bridge and seeing friends at 22, I was still laughing and smiling at this point, the hysteria set in later on.                                        

Worst moment was someone throwing a bottle of water to the kerb, it skimmed right past my face and nearly took my nose off!!

Comedy moment was being overtaken by three chickens and two wombles. 

 I was overcome with excitement on Tower bridge thinking I had spotted the Action Photo camera man and I started frantically waving and grinning, desperate for a good shot during the run to show family and friends. I soon realised it was actually a speed camera and not a photographer. Oops.

Goal was 4 hours, actual was 4hr 14min.... blame it on the rain. Cant wait for next one.                                       

A brilliant day all round. Superbly organised.

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My 2004 London Marathon
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My 2004 London Marathon

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