My 2004 London Marathon

How was it for you? - Quotes and pictures from London 04

Posted: 26 April 2004
by Runner 73

Time: 4:32

I ran the Marathon with fellow first timers, my wife Shona and friend Keith Percival, as a team raising money for Colon Cancer Concern, and we all found the whole experience exhilarating and overwhelming at times. Just being part of such an event and drinking in the carnival atmosphere filled us with tremendous pleasure, even when our legs were aching.

The most memorable part of the race was the overwhelming support and generosity given by the spectators all the way around. The cheers of encouragement certainly gave us inspirational boosts when we most needed them to keep going and the children offering energy giving sweets was just the ticket. I was even given a chunky Kitkat, although the offer of a can of lager, I reluctantly refused!! (This was not offered by a child).

As far as the dreaded 'wall' was concerned, someone must have moved it because, thankfully, we didn't even see it.

Overall a terrific experience that we would recommend to anyone to try at least once.

By the way, we all achieved our target times of 4:32 (Myself and Keith) and 5:07 (Shona) and can't wait for next year to come around.

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My 2004 London Marathon
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My 2004 London Marathon

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