My 2005 London Marathon

How was it for you? - Quotes and pictures from London 05

Posted: 18 April 2005
by meerkat

meerkat (right) and Velociraptor

What was the best moment? Getting to Mudchute and finding that no one had nicked our supporting spot!; all the goodwill and sheer enthusiasm of our entire support team; cheering in Redhead, tinygirl and Little (not so) Fat Welshman, whom I've known virtually but only met in real life for the first time at expo; the fantastic support group of team 3: JJ, Helegant, little steph, Nrg-b's family and Chris (Mr tinygirl).

The worst moment? Around 11.15 when Monique hadn't turned up...but turned to a great moment when she stayed to be a supporter, having DNF'd with a foot injury; seeing all those bleeding nips.

The biggest surprise? the two-minute gap between Paula and the rest of the field. Unbelievable, even from Paula; failing to see ANY of the celeb runners. We saw one, and little steph said “that's someone famous” “Who?” we said... but no one knew; the RAF troupe who passed, in perfect formation, at around the six-hour mark; Ratcatcher sailing past five minutes ahead of her eta: superb.

What would you do differently? I think Fraggle's idea of giving the support teams numbers is a winner, and I hope we managed to greet more of our runners than ever before. I'd love to know what the runners think. The only down side is that I saw less of fellow supporters, as I think we all stuck loyally to our support pitches and there was much less wandering around.

And indeed what was the key to your success? - planning, planning and planning, and the extraordinary generosity of the entire support team.

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