Marathon playlist

What better way to get extra motivation for the big 26.2 than with a playlist all about running.

The Amazon MP3 store have released the list of their tops selling running tracks in the lead-up to London Marathon. With this in mind, here are our favourite running tracks:

  1. Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen
  2. Young Hearts Run Free, Candi Staton
  3. Band On The Run, Paul McCartney
  4. Keep On Running, The Spencer Davis Group
  5. Run Rabbit Run, Flanagan & Allen
  6. Running Up The Hill, Kate Bush
  7. Run This Town, JAY-Z
  8. Run The World, Beyonce
  9. Keep The Car Running, Arcade Fire
  10. Run To You, Bryan Adams 

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I'd disagree with most of them, the Bryan Adams song is the best on that list and Syn Cole Miama 82 (Kygo mix) is the best running song I've ever heard.

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 14:12

I love that uncool people listen to this type of playlist. 

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 18:15

If there are no generic turds listening to dross then how can there be cool people?

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 18:16


A marathon playlist with only ten tracks?  I assume they must all be EPs then.

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 20:16

I think you'll find that it it's all a matter of taste Simon - a bit like gels vs jelly babies only more wide-ranging.

Some of us on here run to symphonic metal. There is no "best", it's whatever floats your boat.


Posted: 14/04/2014 at 08:29

Very true. 

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 09:19

Anyone else run with what looks like weight-lifting gloves on ?



Posted: 14/04/2014 at 09:59

Completely agree Screamapillar, i did used to run to Lord Of The Rings type music with the epic soundtrack stuff and the orchestra "i'm chasing the trolls across Lincolnshire" type mentality that i had.

I tend to now go for something with a steady beat that can take my mind off of what i'm doing.

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 12:51

Dicky M, if you're talking about the asian lady in the picture, they're boxer's hand wraps that she's wearing rather than weight lifting gloves.

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 12:53

Yeah, I always wear those when running just in case I have to defend myself against an angry goose 

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 12:57

So the talkback article is that someone can come up with ten tracks with run in the title? 

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 13:22

Yes. Five minutes on Wikipedia, job done. Great journalism.

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 14:31

Having 'run' in the title is not a prerequisite of a good running track. None of the tunes I play while doing the housework have any mention of ironing, vacuuming or mopping and I do just fine.

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 23:03

That's what I thought Miss Cunk but was too polite to point it out, other great running songs include...


Posted: 16/04/2014 at 15:02

The only good one for me is #9 "Keep the car running" since it has a good beat. The rest as you all say.. they might as well have included Whitney Houston's "Run to you" XD

Posted: 20/04/2014 at 20:29

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