A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?

They're all too fast in the other thread!

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31/08/2008 at 19:17
vicky - just a couple of months ago - 30 minutes was all I could manage!
31/08/2008 at 21:30

hi and welcome vicky.

just my 2 cents as they say buy i'm of the school of thought that when you're just starting out to just focus on gradually increasing the time you can run each time and not get too caught up on speed or intervals - once you've got the endurance then start building in the speed. but i'm only a beginner myself so take anything i say with a pinch of salt.

did 8 miles today in 93 minutes. was a big old slog especially at the beginning but once i hit 5 miles i found i was able to maintain that mystical 10 minute mile pace quite comfortably.

i think i really need to start thinking about fuel though on these longer runs. at 80 minutes today, with no warning at all it was like the power went out suddenly and had to walk 3 minutes before starting on a very sorry jog home. ah well.. is all miles in the legs.

i wonder how our nike 10k people are getting on...

i've put my hip out. not sure if it's running related or sleeping funny or some weird twisty sit ups i did but it's taking me about 5 minutes to get upright when i stand up it's so sore! or maybe i am just old before my time!

31/08/2008 at 22:09

Hi Vicky, and welcome!

I agree with Plod.  Concentrate on your endurance first, gradually increasing time/distance.  Once you've got that, then you can start speed training.

I've been running for about 16 months now, but its only in the last 2 that I've started to do any speed sessions.  For the first year I just ran according to how I felt.

As I think my cold has just about gone, I hope to go out tomorrow for a gentle 2 miles.  See how I feel when the alarm goes off at 5:30

31/08/2008 at 23:47

The Nike 10k is possibly the wettest and coldest race I've ever done!

And my official time was EXACTLY the same as my previous 10k, right down to the second! 1:12:22. Am trying to decide whether to be gutted I didn't beat it, or impressed with my accidental consistency.

Weather aside, it wasn't a bad race. I got overtaken by Paula Radcliffe at 4k, which is my claim to fame. (They put her and Seb Coe in the last wave). Damnnnn, that woman is fast!

Hope everyone else had a great Sunday

01/09/2008 at 05:34

Wow you managed to get ahead of Paula that is some claim to fame. 4k before she passed you!

I think the bad weather with wind etc is just as hard as the hot weather.

Well done! 

01/09/2008 at 11:19

Well done Lisa Marie. Talking of how fast Pauls Radcliffe is.......my husband and Dad calculated last night that if I ran the 10000m in the Olympics I would get lapped twice in my first lap by the rest of the field. They took great pleasure in mocking my speed.....I took the abuse quietly then asked them both just exactly how far they were running at the moment!! Those "real" runners practically sprit round, amazing!

Welcome Vicky - I agree with all, plod and lengthen. I must admit I got hung up on speed but went out and tried to run further and slower . I was able to  run for about 80 mins comfortably at an 11.30 min mile pace.  I then increased my standard run distance and gradually worked on speed (I hope to do 10k on Sat in 10.30 miles - about 1hr 5 mins).

01/09/2008 at 12:43

Thanks for all your comments.  I really appreciate the advise.  Its just nice to know that I'm not doing anything wrong and that it does take time to build on the pace.

 I think i will just try and enjoy my runs and not get hung up on the time and distance!!

Debbie - Those people who mock are usually the ones that dont do!!!!  My husband is very similar and sits on the settee with his can of Stella mocking my effects.  i will one day get my revenge, but i'm waiting for my moment before pouncing!!  

10k in 1hr 5mins is fantastic!! i plan my first ever 10k oct 12th and hope firstly to complete it and secondly not to come last.  I will let you know ho i get on.  I'm trying not to set a time and just to see how i go...


01/09/2008 at 12:48

Well done Lisa Marie.  What a great claim to fame

I didn't get out this morning.  Still felt tired, which isn't really surprising considering I got very little sleep for two nights whilst my cold was in full bloom.  Will go out tomorrow and Thursday though.  Then I'm off on holiday on Saturday, so won't be running for a while. 

01/09/2008 at 14:19

Wow Lisa - outrunning Paula! Was it fun despite the rain and the wind? I think you should be pleased with the time as i imagine it was quite crowded.

Wasn't Bola Zudd doing the 10k yesterday as well or am i imagining it? I'll have to go back through the thread and double check.

I was thinking - has anyone here done a 5k and brought it in under 30mins? Am thinking of entering one soon to try and gague how far off the 60 min 10k i am - if i can't do a 30min 5k i don't see how i think i can do a 10k in 60!

Have found an 8mile race in October i might enter as practice for the half mara in november. I still can not believe i have entered a half marathon.... eek! 

01/09/2008 at 14:37

There's a handy calculator to work out your probable 10K speed from your 5K speed. 

My problem is that my planned 10K is very different from my only 5K so far. Actually a 5.2K at the end of the London Sprint Triathlon on very flat smooth paths.

My 10K will be stand-alone, off-road and undulating. So what with the difference due to fatigue in the triathlon, and the very different conditions, I  doubt the formula has much relevance.

FWIW, it predicts 1:03:14 based on my 5.2km in 31:37

01/09/2008 at 17:26

based on my 30.11 for my 5k it reckons 1hr 2 for 10... and my fastest so far is 1.05:46. 


01/09/2008 at 17:35

I just used the calculator and it says that from a 5k 32mins i could do a 10k in 1.09.12. 

 I'm not even sure if i will be able to run a full 10k yet, so i'm trying not to expect too much from my 1st 10k in Oct. 

Right now i think i will concentrate on finishing the full 10k.  The trouble is, now, i have a time set in my head and knowing me i will expect to achieve it when i run in Oct. 

01/09/2008 at 17:50

I suppose the first caveat on that page comes into play for many of us, too:

It assumes you've done appropriate training for the distance. Doing a 22-minute 5K today doesn't mean you can do a sub-4 marathon tomorrow. Obvious, really.

In my case, 5K is easy, but 10K is close to the maximum I could currently run, and I haven't even begun to think about trying to speed up over that distance.

So I think that I might start to tire, and be slower than predicted. 

01/09/2008 at 17:51
Hang on Yersinia - you did a triathalon?? Much respect! The fatigue must have had some effect on your run surely? You will ace the 10k when you haven't just done a swim and cycle beforehand...!
01/09/2008 at 18:02

Yeah but... my avatar is the clue - I'm a cyclist really (not a racer, though!), and only began running quite recently. So I hardly feel 20km of cycling, but running is much more difficult for me.

I obviously have the stamina for a 10K race, but my legs will really feel it - they just aren't used to the repetitive impact for such a long distance.

01/09/2008 at 18:04

Wow a Triathlon!!!  Good on you.  I'm not sure i could even doa 10k on its own let alone at the end of a traithlon!  what did it consist of and how did you train for it.

Soumnds like one hell of a challenge!!

01/09/2008 at 18:32

It was the London Triathlon (sprint distance): 750m open water swim, 21km bike, 5.2km run.

It's the only race I've ever done, so I don't have any idea what my stand-alone 5K time would be.

My training... Er, I started the year with great intentions, but it all went a bit pear-shaped when I got a series of colds and allergies in the spring.

I didn't do any specific training on the bike, but it's my default mode of transport, so I get the miles in on that without thinking. Running was slightly erratic, but I probably averaged a couple of half-hour runs per week. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but most weeks I ran at least once. My swim training was the worst though. I stopped in February, with skin problems and didn't get back in the pool until 3 weeks before the event.  But my physique is better for swimming than running, and I normally feel fine in the pool. What I hadn't accounted for was how different it was to swim among 300+ people all going full-tilt.

I freaked out big time in the crowds in the water and nearly gave up, so my time on the swim was truly, truly dreadful. I was fairly covered in minor bruises afterwards, too. My transitions were also very slow indeed. My bike was (predictably) my best leg. Pleased to be well within the top third for that. I took it easy on the run, not really knowing how much I had in reserve, and could maybe have gone faster - my second lap was much faster than my first. I was just inside the top 75% on the run, and about the same overall - my crap swim and transitions balanced out the good bike leg.

So anyway, after the tri, I wanted another race to encourage me to maintain my fitness, and I thought a 5K wasn't challenging enough, hence the 10K attempt. So I'm trying to run more often, and will also try to fit in one full 10K jog this week. 

01/09/2008 at 19:55

God, you did really well.  I would love to do something similar to that, but without the swimming.  Someone mentioned to me a duathlon where you run, bike,run.  It would be a fantstic challenge maybe for next year, but i'm the type of person that needs the goals and events to keep motivated. 

Do you know of any good websites where i could get some more info about these type of events?

I hate swimming and really feel uncomfortable in the water but would definately like the challenge of an event that incorported a number of different activities.


01/09/2008 at 20:02

i'm still way off actually running 10k this year due to injuries, lack of motivation, working late etc...etc...

anyway, i'm back at it and training for a 10k in just under 4 weeks. ran the race in 50mins 13secs last year so i am aiming for under an hour this year. not gonna be easy tho.......

01/09/2008 at 20:17

Good luck Chris!

@Having a GO! - The British Triathlon site lists duathlons as well as tris. There are quite a few out there. I think I've heard of some that have a kayak leg in place of the swim, too.

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