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23/01/2010 at 10:51

Spent a long morning catching up on all the posts.  WM very sorry for your loss.

Ado and Beanie is there any chance you can put your just giving links on again please - sorry to be a pest.

Some great running my January has been pathetic and I have only run 7 miles (hangs head in shame) but ran 3miles  on Wednesday and can't wait to get going again.

FP your marathon training seems to be going really well - mine starts next week and I am going to follow one of the Runners World plans.

Good luck to those racing this week - can't wait to see the photos from the Telford race.

23/01/2010 at 11:15

Well I can honestly say I didn't enjoy that run.  Set out with a 10 mile route in my head.  At 2 miles I was thinking how I could make it shorter and came up with a 3, 5 an 8 mile alternative.  However, my stubborness prevailed and I completed the original route, albeit at a very slow plod. 

Just goes to show what running with others does.  Last week I ran with some club members and 9:45 minute miles felt comfortable.  Today, on my own, 10:40 minute miles felt a real struggle. Oh well, still miles in the bank.

Hope the rest of you have better running this weekend!

Total for 2010: 56.06/750

23/01/2010 at 14:07

I felt the same this morning, Westmoors - I was going to run with friends but as we've a long run planned in the week and they're doing XC tomorrow I decided to do 8 on my own.  Like you, I thought up various alternatives to cut it down and it was only the dread of a "there and back" route, which I'm not a big fan of, that got me through the 8.  However, when I got home and worked out that I'd been running at a 9.5 mm pace I realised why it had felt tough as that is quite fast for me for that distance.  Planning a slow short recovery run tomorrow.

Off to see Germaine Greer this evening so that'll be a welcome diversion from running!

23/01/2010 at 14:41

After reading all the messages on the forum this morning you inspried me to go for a run so decided to go out for an easy 3 mile run but enjoyed it so much I extended it to 5.22 miles at 0.05 pace. 

It felt good to get out again and will either try and increase my distance or speed tomorrow.  

I need to work on my distance as a 14 mile race i have booked has now been extended to 17 miles  and apparently it is very hilly

23/01/2010 at 16:32

RT are you going to keep us guessing on the pace?

 Well done and thank you for the donationSorry I can't remember so please remind me which marathon you are doing?

23/01/2010 at 17:35

Hi everyone - i have been keeping tags on you all (don't worry not scary big brother stylie) but just checking in and reading but never having time to respond!

So week 3 in on the sub 5 marathon schedule - had a rotter on Thursday it was my 4 mile easy - and it was awful - whats that all about?  My lsr run is tomorrow and its 8 miles.  When i read some of your posts i am a mere novice lol!

Can i ask what do people do re fueling/drinking on lsr/half marthon plus races?

Well done to everyone who is out running and good luck to anyone who is racing tomorrow.

RT - as you asked.....www.justgiving.com/beanie3 and i am running for RNLI.

Could i also ask that anyone else wishing to be sponsored to let me know, not sure i can afford it this month but woud rather i have a list and then i won't forget anyone.

23/01/2010 at 18:44

OOps pace was 9.05. 

I am running the Edingburgh marathon a month after the VLM.  I didn't get a place for the VLM and I wanted to run a big marathon so there will be other slower runners.  My aim is to run a marathon before I hit the big 50 so I have to go for it this year.

Will be following all you London marathoners training very closely so tips greatly appreciated.

23/01/2010 at 19:22
oh - good pace RT.
23/01/2010 at 22:19
Good luck to anyone racing this weekend. And see you in the morning Kaybee, Ado and Chrissie!
23/01/2010 at 22:27

RT - well done! Knew your first reported pace couldn't be right - lol! Well done to CC and WM - it's those tough runs when things don't fall into place that really count (at least that's what i keep telling myself!!)

Beanie - up to runs of about 15m I generally carry my 500 ml handheld bottle- I might take 1 SIS gel on runs over around 14m if running at marathon pace or faster. 15m + runs I usually carry 2 bottles ( 1 in each hand) and may carry gels on belt if running at speed. Have found 1L of water ok in winter - in hot summer months (if we get any!), I tend to plan my runs so that i can refill 1 bottle on return (generally do out and backs on LRs). Alternative is (on my rural runs), stashing bottles in the hedge- but tbh this involves more organisation than I can usually be bothered with. Tomorrow I'm doing 18m with 10m at MP, so will take 2 bottles and couple of gels.

Recovery run 6.22m @ 8.22 tonight. Recovery glass of wine right now

Best of luck to all you racing tomorrow - looking forward to the reports

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24/01/2010 at 00:20
Beanie3 wrote (see)

Can i ask what do people do re fueling/drinking on lsr/half marthon plus races?

I made a mistake on the Birmingham Half of not refueling/drinking enough and suffered from it in the last couple of miles.  I have taken glucose sweets with me - but they tend to disintegrate, although don't need a lot of chewing - and experimented with Rider Shots which were good but chewy.  My PB half involved a walk through each water stop for a few sips and a glucose tablet.  Some people do Halves with no refueling but as I go over 2 hours I don't think that's good for me.  For LSRs I tend to take a water bottle if over 10 - my intention is to use these to practice refueling strategies!
24/01/2010 at 10:43
Beanie - i also know some people who do urban long runs who plan their route around corner shops so they can buy water on the way. Off to do my LR in the middle of nowhere though - lovely!
24/01/2010 at 14:23

Hi guys

Well... I managed to finish my 10k this morning.... a personal worst.... but seeing as I have only ran anything about 4 miles only once since September it's not surprising is it....

Completed in 1 hour 4 minutes and 5 seconds (according to Garmin). Average 10.17mm. I was fantastic to meet up with everyone again. Adrian and Ed looked fantastic in their fancy dress, I wasn't that brave.... Adrian should have some photo's later. 

First mile was was a good start as first part was all downhill. Then we had an out and back route really. How awful is it to cross the finish line and realise you have to go and do it all again...... I felt quite comfortable throughout slowed down in mile 3-4 but still felt ok. Started to get a pain in my side/lower back at around 5 and half but tried not to think about it too much. I couldn't wait to see that finish line for the 2nd time.....

My JJJ is now 19.63/25 - I think....

24/01/2010 at 16:35
Beanie3 wrote (see)
Can i ask what do people do re fueling/drinking on lsr/half marthon plus races?

For training runs longer than an hour, I wear a belt that carries up to 3 125ml bottles which I fill with a sports drink (SIS GO Electrolyte). I then try to take a drink after 45 mins, then every 20 minutes.

The belt also has a pocket that I put a few jelly babies in for when I feel hungry.  Sometimes I will take a SIS gel too.

When racing I rely on the water/drinks stations so that I don't have to carry any extra weight!  For 10+ mile races, I may stuff a gel or two in my pocket.

24/01/2010 at 17:18

Chrissie - well done!!! I think that given the lack of running you have been able to do that was a great result and showed great determination!

Looking forward to reading everyone else's reports later

19m long run for me today with last 10m @ 7.13- which felt  comfortable   - pleased with that after a heavy week 

24/01/2010 at 17:26
Well done Chrissie, can`t wait to hear how the others did!
24/01/2010 at 19:52

Well done Chrissie, you should be pleased that you managed to complete 10k - looking forward to seeing the photos.

Jason - I can't even sprint 7.13 nevermind 10m

24/01/2010 at 20:01

So Telford finally happened!! Sounds like good fun had by all! Well done Chrissie on just doing it!! Pics should be fun to see! I'll have to look up the fb group?? Anyone have a link?

How did the 15 go today, flo? and the xc steph?? and anyone else who raced today! Busy old day! Looking forward to even more reports.

WTK - Funnily enough I'd be thinking along the lines of your 2 mile v 8 mile run theory recently too! The first part often seems harder - though maybe made worse by me not really holding back enough at the start!

Re records, WM ... maybe the records you'll be aiming at are your own (I worked that bit out early on!! - as I'm sure you have too! - but that's why this is fun, eh? - well part of it). And some good old fashioned stubborn running thrown in there too from both you and CC!

RT - blame it on the snow, tomorrow's a new day and start again! (I did that anyway!)

Beanie - the only longer race I've done so far half marathon -apart  from using all the water stops and just sipped occasionally all the way round, I also used their energy drink at 6 miles for a bit and took an energy gel, little by little for the final 5 miles - maybe helped physically, definitely psychologically but I felt pretty good all the way round "pretty good" being a relative term of course!!

Once again great running Jason -how was your long one Rio??

Dancing weekend was really good fun! I don't think we were the worst couple but were certainly not the best either! It's funny learning something new - you go through the "this is so complicated" to the "I can do it" phases and then regularly into the messing completely up phases too - very regularly. I'm sure we'll try to brush up our skills in the months ahead, even if it's just quickstepping around the house and garden!

Managed to sneak an 8 mile run in - we were completely wiped out on Friday night (dashing up there after a week's work,  eating far too much food, drinking a bottle of wine - so dropped off to sleep by 9.30!!! So that meant I was wide awake by 7am and could go out for an 8 mile run before breakfast! It'sa great part of the world to run - near Hungerford in an old country house with grounds so out of the hotel grounds, along some quiet country lanes and back, twice made for a nice change. Also managed to get 5 miles in around the streets of Bargoed tonight, and you're right Jason, I am enjoying it ... several reasons - partly when something's taken away from you (by the snow), you enjoy it even more when you get it back again. Also joining club helped and the dark evenings and snow have forced me out onto different, more challenging routes which has been good.

Anyway, JJJ is now looking more than achievable with next Sunday's 8 mile race coming up

JJJ - 50.72/65

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24/01/2010 at 20:22
BB - good running and dancing
24/01/2010 at 20:26

The Telford 10k should be renamed Hex 10k, but it finally went ahead today. A lovely route through a park in Telford, and no snow or ice, so not slippery! I started okay having watched Ed running off like greased lightning, but after 1 mile both ankles started to hurt (uncomfortable rather than excruciating) and I was concerned that they might get worse and jeopardise the run, so I slowed down from an already slow start, watching Chrissie disappear into the distance too. I hadn’t twisted or stumbled so I don’t know what happened. They seemed to settle down after 3 miles just before I crossed the finish line after the first lap. I was tempted to sprint the last 50m and pretend I’d just finished in 33 mins (soon realised I’d never get away with it!) so off I went on Lap 2.

Lots of cheering from the crowd, which was a real boost and some fantastic support from the faster runners too, which really lifted my spirits. After 4 miles, I realised I had no chance of a PB so I just settled down at a steady pace and enjoyed the views and birdsong. The last couple of miles seemed to have me positioned (dressed as Captain Jack) as the person they all wanted to overtake!!!!

Ankles still felt a bit sore on the last mile (still hurting as I write this!) and I crossed the finish line in 67 mins 8 secs. That's 3 mins slower than my first 10k, but I’m putting that down to insufficient training in recent weeks and wearing a coat as part of the fancy dress.

Great to meet up with Ed, Chrissie and kaybee.

Next race is a Half in March – not in fancy dress!, so I can learn from today.

JJJ 31/40

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