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24/01/2010 at 20:32
Ado - sorry to hear about the ankles, but well done anyway. The races when it doesn't fall into place are the hardest to tough out!. As you say, you'll be better prepared and won't be in fancy dress for the half
24/01/2010 at 20:45

Where are the photo's ado - can't wait for them!  Great running everyone, can't be easy running in fancy dress!  CT - good run and a great one to get under the belt.

Thanks for the advice guys - i am following the sub 5 thread - and they seem to take a lot of gels/liquid and i never have really dabbled in this stuff - so very confused!

24/01/2010 at 20:45
Congrats on the races this weekend.  Especially after the challenges of interrupted training and sore bodies.
24/01/2010 at 21:15

Well done Chrissie and everyone else who raced this weekend.

Jason and Rio, i doff my cap to both of you. Jason 10m @ 7.13, phew making me tired just reading it.

BB - Glad you enjoyed your dancing, was it a "Strictly" run event?

LSR tomorrow upto 8.16 miles now and feeling ok so far - touch wood. Just got my new allotment plot yesterday so some different exercise there.

Happy Running Everywhere RW.

24/01/2010 at 21:22

hello all

 Good running everyone and well done on your races

had my xcountry today and realised that not many people turn up to county champs, so knew by the time we started I would be running on my own at the back  oh well, started off a little too fast, but manged to calm myself down and followed one woman runner (the only one running anywhere insight) the course was nice, running around fields, some very muddy spots, so am now going to invest in longer spikes!!!  oh did I mention the hill we ran down (hence the fast start) yes well as you can imagine we had to run back up it to get to the finish!!!!  but hey ho, made it up the hill in around 43 mins, not brill as the rest of the team came in around the 30's, I think I was 3rd from last!!!!  but I expected this due to only 40 woman in our race, obviously a race for the faster ones  but enjoyed it all the same and glad I have completed it, next xcountry in 2 weeks.

good running all and happy training for the forthcoming week

JJJ - 65/72

24/01/2010 at 21:36

Hi all, great reports and well done to all the Telford gang sorry to have missed you all maybe next time.

Don't know where to start really. I didn't realise it was 15 miles of XC It was the muddiest course I had ran and at one stage I was on my backside in mud. It was knee deep. There was one mile that took me 16 minutes because you just couldn't plough the mud. Shoes getting sucked off. Had to stop twice to re tie shoelaces.There was also a knee deep puddle to navigate.

I had set myself a target of 2.55 as have never ran 15 before and my watch was on 2.55 so was optimistic. However my watch must have stopped as I climbed over stiles too many to remember how many.

Ended up with a 300.50 which is far from my normal LSR pace but all things considered it was more of an endurance  challenge than a run.

Good points I kept on going and didn't feel negative. Girls only I trialled some knickers for my marathon and no problems with themso knicker dilemma sorted at least.

Beane I got round on 250ml of Tesco raspberry isotonic and a few fruit pastilles.

24/01/2010 at 22:45

Evening all! Quick post for my race report.

Great to meet you today Ado and to meet you again Chrissie and Kaybee

Telford 10k Race Report
Arrived in Telford at 10am in my fishnets and basque but covered up in tracksuit bottoms and fleece so as not to get too many funny looks. Ado was dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow and Kaybee was supposed to be going as Superwoman. Unfortunately her car broke down so she missed the start so there was just two of us dressed up out of the few hundred that entered! I guess we wouldn't have looked too bad in it was around Xmas as originally planned.
Another Hill from the GULP thread came over to say hello at the start too.

Race started at 11:15. The Elite race for sub-40 runners had already finished by then. Got stuck around the middle of the pack so took a few seconds to cross the start line and it was pretty narrow so ended up risking injury by running along the 4" wide kerb to overtake at the start. First 0.5k or so was all downhill but tried to take it steady-ish. the course is an out and back two lapper which I'm not keen on as when you pass the 5 mile marker and you've only done 2 it's a bit soul destroying. Being one of only two in fancy dress meant a lot of attention from fellow runners and the crowd. Plenty of support (unlike my flimsy pants!) helped a lot.
The first 5k passed in 24:33 (new 5k PB!). (4.46, 4.52, 4.55, 4.54, 5.06)
At the halfway point I really wanted to give up and die! I was determined to try and break the 50 min barrier though so plodded through the psychological pain barrier (no physical pain!) and managed the 2nd 5k in 24:43 (5.02, 5.01, 5.01, 5.03, 4.36). I think that last km was my fastest ever! So overall time was 49:16. Well chuffed.
I got asked out by two blokes during the race too which I was a bit disturbed about but it was great fun.
I think that's it for this year now as far as 10k PBs are concerned. Just the BMF 10k in March now. Concentrating more on the pentathlon (May) and decathlon (Sept) now.
ImRio    pirate
25/01/2010 at 08:17

Some great running.  Well done all

13.5 miles for me on Saturday.  My garmin was telling me to slow down the whole way which I found encouraging (usually it is telling me to speed up!)  even up the hills     I had to have a poo stop for Benji and a couple of stops for him to have a drink in puddles and I ended up walking most of the last mile home due to very icy pavements and got home in 2:29 so I was very happy with that

Speed work tonight

25/01/2010 at 17:44

Big admiration for the two fancy dressers .... you must be one of the fastest moving cross-dressers out there Ed! and v impressive finishing on poorly ankles too Ado! Enjoyed all the reports ...

The problem with the way the page displays your post Rio is that it ends on the phrase "I had to have a poo stop" - I know it's only momentary but was enough to give me completely the wrong idea - in the second it took to scan back across the page to "for Benji!"

You Xcountry runners have confirmed my intention to keep this year as a road only based year!!! Wading through gloopy mud puts me off - wimp that I am!!!

Hope you enjoy/ed your run today RW ... and it was just a general "Ballroom for Beginners" event - nothing to do with strictly - I shudder to think what sort of comments we would have had from the Strictly judges!

25/01/2010 at 19:56

Hi folks.  Havent been on here for a while but it looks like everybody is doing really well.

Sorry I couldnt make Telford. I loved the fancy dress. Good time had by all by the looks of it.

Loved the photos on FB

My running is going ok.  Did 11 miles last Sunday wich was great, 12 miles yesterday which was hard slog! I wonder why some runs are like that?

Jason, it sounds like you are stil crazy but I like it

What races have people got planned in the next few months?

25/01/2010 at 20:07

Some great reports folks. 

I was supposed to do '5 miles'  on the dready tonight, but I have a terrible headache and don't feel like it.  I'm really annoyed with myself cos I can't go to club on Thursday (funeral) so will be missing 2 training sessions and I have a half in 2 weeks time  

However, I have a cunning plan if I can get agreement from OH.  I could do a dready run Friday evening, then do my LSR on Sunday instead of Saturday.  There is a 15ish mile out and back club run on Sunday, but I don't want to do the full 15.  The route passes within about a mile of home, so if I can persuade OH to drop me off at the meet point I could do a 12ish miler!

Rio - I assume Benji is your dog - what breed?  I'd love to run with my rotti, but it just doesn't work - he only has two speeds - maximum and stopped! And if I have him off lead, he just bu99ers off!

25/01/2010 at 20:19

Hi guys

Another 3.2 miles tonight for me. 32.03 so really good pace tonight. Helped my target up a little.

JJJ - 22.83/25

Thanks for posting the photo's Ado - although really makes me realise I need to lose some weight.....

WM - hope all goes well on THursday. Take care.

25/01/2010 at 23:13

Great reports from Telford and stunning photos! Ed you must have been freezing

Steph - great time for such a hard xc - I bet you get a great pb on your next road race

WM will be thinking of you on Thursday 

26/01/2010 at 13:35

Afternoon all!

RT - no I wasn't freezing. I rarely get cold hence doing BMF in my shorts when it's -10 and snowy.

There are some official photos from Telford now so if you're brave enough then here's one of me!

How bad do I look?!

26/01/2010 at 16:11

Well done to all you racers over the weekend.

Did my LSR yesterday and i ended up doing a little more than i thought i would. I was out for an hour and 43 Min's.  It was a case of, i'm enjoying this so lets keep going and see where the next road leads to. (Just checked it on MapmyRun and it comes out at 10.76 miles, so quite pleasing - I think)

Having taken advice from my club mates, i will be returning to my original plan and putting this run down to experience. If anyone has any views please feel free to share. Should i return to my original mileage plan or adjust with this new one in mind?

 Kept a good steady pace all the way round and felt as if i had some left in the tank when i got home. Even managed to cycle to work and back today with no problems.

WM - My thoughts are with you for Thursday.

Keep going everyone and Happy Running, RW

Edited: 26/01/2010 at 17:19
26/01/2010 at 21:08

RW, how nice and positive to have a run like that. I would stick wth your current plan, unless you dont want to. It is your legs that are running and so long as you dont go mad (there are statistics such as not adding more than 10% distance per  week...have I got that right?) really you can fiddle with schedules to suit you, within your own capabilities. Good luck with the allotment by the way, I have half a one and am already looking forward to the asparagus this year. may you be blessed with few couch grass roots and anorexic slugs.

FP 15 miles of mud in your marathon knickers. theres got to be a song in there somewhere. I must do some off roading, every time someone posts something about a muddy xc run i think "that sounds fun"

Ed, you and Eddie Izzard, are both up there in the top 10 of cross dressing mega runners. Didn't those suspenders chafe after a few kilometres?? I am particularly impressed at you and Ado doing it since i saw that you were the only two in fancy dress.

where are the other pictures from Telford? I had  alook on facebook but i am really no good at doing facebook and didn't really know where to look. Do I need more friends? I am in the group for this thread but didn't see pictures there.

Well done to all of you that have done out and back runs, I loathe them, it is the psychological turning round and going back the way you just been. Dont know why it makes it so difficult but it does.

My running will be getting back on track now. I went out at the weekend for a short run (about 4 miles) with lots of stretching. My hip/thigh prroblems seem to be down to a combination of a very tight  muscle and the flat feet. The feet might have contributed but the physio who made the pain go as if by magic thinks i may just have overdone it in the cardiff half with insufficient stretching to counteract the muscle contraction during the run. Nice things he said were that my joints all seemed to be in good shape (my knees have made a terrible noise for years so i always thought they were slowly but surely getting knackered) and that i ought to get back out there and do some exercise. so i have ! Podiatrist has given me some stretches to do as well and my new insoles will come in the post soon. all will be well...

WM hope everything goes ok on Thursday.

26/01/2010 at 21:41

I have to say Ed with all the taking the pee out of your outfit didn't really get round to congratulating you on your sub 50 big well done to you All that BMF must be paying off.

Managed to do 1600 intervals tonight considering the race and my stiff legs it was quite an achievement. Actually did 3 1600's and they all had an 8 in them so just under 9mm.

Kate have you thought of Yoga or pilates I had ITB and have done yoga ever since and it has really helped.

Well done CT your back girl.

Good running RW

And BB that is funny because I thought she stoppped for a poo too had to read it twice sorry Rio.

Edited: 26/01/2010 at 21:43
26/01/2010 at 21:47

Hi all

 great race reports and well done to you all!  well done on your running RW, I am one of those that tends to listen to my body more, if it wants to run longer then let it, but know when it needs to rest. 

 great picture there Edster

had a good sprint session today, my aim was to focus on my breathing as I always get to a point where i can no longer breath, it seemed to work, I think I now have a breathing song to keep me going  my calves felt a little stiff whilst doing my warm up lap, but seemed to deal with the sprints ok, looking forward to the weekend, 2 long runs planned so hopefully the rain will hold off

JJJ - 72/72

26/01/2010 at 22:30

Hen!!!! Hi there - yep, "still crazy after all these years!"  Great running! My main races are 2 1/2s in Feb and March, 10k in Cardiff end of Feb and mara in April

Great running, Ed Also WM and Chrissie!

FP - great effort - yet again! You're going great at the mo

RW - great run! Agree with WTK as far as the 10% max increase in distance concerned

Steph - sprinting till you can't breathe- sounds like a good VO2 max workout to me!

6m recovery yesterday and 10m with 10x100m strides for me tonight. My highest ever mileage already this month!

26/01/2010 at 22:39
I am post 8000!   Go me!
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