A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?

They're all too fast in the other thread!

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21/10/2012 at 22:03

Me too Andi, will be good to get them back in track again, mine is 13.1 miles on Sunday if youre interested - lol x

21/10/2012 at 22:08

lol Louise but as my furthest has only been 10 miles I need a month to work up to that

22/10/2012 at 11:39

WOW! your right Andi, it's amazing what goes on here in a couple of days. LOL.

Brenda, sounds like a wise choice. Hope you are feeling better.

I didn't do my cross country run on sunday. I took one look at the weather and thought do I want to get really muddy today....... Nope! LOL. Gutted in one way as the club made a load of homemade muffins, flapjacks and sausage rolls.

I went out for a 6 mile run on Saturday in 48 mins. That was a total of 18 miles this week. They are really getting easier for sure. That was after 2 bottles of beer and about half bottle of vodka and a late night. I know it is very naughty but did it on the basis I thought I wasn't drinking on saturday night.

I dont see any race reports. Wasn't there a few races going down this weekend.



22/10/2012 at 18:37


I didn't do my race because of how I was.  Gutted as well because it was the club championships.


Well done on everyone's training.

22/10/2012 at 19:29

HM4 hope youre feeling better.

I went to gym and did my 6k on the treadmill as per plan, and am busy icing and stuffing ibuprofen down my throat as per the plan made with physio. Knee not too bad at the moment ( although still sore) cross fingers I get to start and finish HM. Am accepting I will be very slow, miles 3 - 6 look like a steady uphill incline, yikes

Andi how is back?

22/10/2012 at 21:07
Glad the physio going right direction Louise fingers tightly crossed for you

Only had time for a 5.5k on treadmill in gym tonight as had to be out by 6.15 for a meeting at rugby club so could only spare a quick blast!! But felt better for it anyway.

I have my sis and nieces down for cople nights tomoz so no training till Thursday now just a few vodkas and red wines
22/10/2012 at 21:50

Rachel, ham sandwiches and fairy cakes, uncanny..were you there?

Louise, good to hear about the good sports physio,   when is your HM?

Andi, hope the back pops back.

ok Birmingham half marathon race report.

Foggy morning but all up breakfasted and away up the motorway to brum as planned. fortunately been there often enough to find our way to the symphony hall car parks despite the road closures. starting to get nervous. it felt really cold so was glad to meet up with the other charity runners in the pub (good tip for big city race meets, for the price of a cup of coffee somewhere warm to wait, no queue for the bog and a real toilet ). All a bit busy and chaotic with radio phone calls that never happened, forgotten race packs and late arrivals with the result that my two friends and I lost each other completely before we even got to the start line. We hadn't planned to run together but we had planned to start together . I had made a new friend in the pub who had tagged along with us to the start line and ended up running the whole race with him. He was great company and paced me round the whole way.

the race itself was great, the people who came out and stood by the roadside were brilliant and I especially liked a family who were standing on the wall in front of their house banging pots and pans, they were on the "out and back" stretch and were hammering away when we passed in both directions. The music was also a really good thing, loads of drumming groups, jazz bands, a man with a piano and allsorts of other stuff. cannon hill park a definite high, with the 9 mile marker there to remind us that we had really broken the back of it and were on the way back.

I ran the whole way, the knee gave not one twinge, but my hips started hurting quite early on and just stayed hurting. I only drank water and didn't raid my jelly baby supply until much later on the way home in the car (very sticky by then) I think the jelly and ham sandwich diet the day before carb loaded me fine.

my time was not great at 2:37 but it was a lot faster than it would have been had I not had my pacemaking friend. I didn't manage a sprint across the line, didn't even think about it, that shows how bad I was feeling by then as I have never finished  a race before now without sprinting at the end. Oddly, mile 9 to 10 was the hardest, it seemed long and went through a quiet largely supporter free area. I think anticipating "the hill" that we knew was coming at mile 10 didn't help. the hill was ok, I have always run and trained on hills and hill walking is my exercise of choice so my new best mate and I just told ourselves that it was just a little slope and plodded on. It was great to see my OH and the kids just near the finish line and once over it I stopped running, fortunately I hadn't stopped out on the course because i dont think I would have started again. My legs felt floaty and very odd. managed to keep going to get the goody bag with the medal and slowly made our way back to the pub to meet the charity people and our families. i was very glad of the space blanket in the goody bag as I got very cold then and when i got into the pub started to feel quite faint and unwell. Once I sat down and drank (quite a lot ) of water I started to feel ok again. fulfilled the charity obligations by having my picture taken with some good looking young men (cricketers I think...), managed to find my friends who told me their tales, made admiring noises about the kids new clothes,(they'd shopped while I ran..) had a plate of pasta , a much needed cup of coffee (and some more water...) and headed for home.

Sam, good luck on your progress and I hope you enjoyed the vodka!!!

23/10/2012 at 13:34
Love your report WtK sounds fab I may enter that one next year my family still live local Stourbridge

Hm4, Louise,Brenday, Hm4 how are you on road to recovery??
23/10/2012 at 18:45

It must be fabulous to be able to do a half marathon which I dream of and so very well done wtk. Thank you so much for your report oh I wish it had been me. One day perhaps. Back to the matter in hand be lovely it would be fantastic to do a 10k in under 60mins,  Feeling still below par and the weather is so foggy havent run since Friday. Should have been out with running club tonight and last time I went out with them was raining had to keep cleaning my glasses and was lagging behind. Must try and get into gym tomorrow and get back on track feel its going to be a long winter

23/10/2012 at 19:09

Thanks for your wishes guys.  I'm feeling more me.  I'm going to take a couple of steps back over the next few weeks and start rebuilding on the running front.



Don't be afraid to walk up the hills.  I did this during my HM's this year.


Well done.


Well done & great report.


I'm not worried.  Running is very much when I want and how far I want to run/when I want to race !


I wear glasses and do suffer in the rain.  The only thing which helps is wearing a baseball hat - it also helps keep the sun out of my eyes when we do actually get some sun.

23/10/2012 at 19:10

Well doen Kate the report is inspirational! Hopefully I will be abe to report on Sunday.

No running for me today, last run before race tomorro, am planning 6k. Knee still a little sore but I think improved so lets hope the three ay break before the race will do the trick. I hope I get round

23/10/2012 at 21:03

feeling a lot better today, moving normally again and can get in and out of the car without looking like someone who just had a hip replacement....

Sam, would definitely recommend Brum as a half to do if you are planning one. Cardiff is flatter but the music on the way round more than made up for the hills.

Brenda, HM4 and Louise, hope you all better or nearly better.

Take care all, it is flu season and norovirus season   soap is your friend....

23/10/2012 at 21:09

HM4 I hope you don't think I was being patrinising (sorry can't spell), not meant to sound that way. I just want to wish you well.

I just come back from my club run. Really good and surprisingly alot more people and more girls this time. LOL.

We did a 5.5 mile run in 43 mins. I try now to stay at the front as much as I can although the last mile was really really hard. Felt pretty sick.

I wish you all well this week.

23/10/2012 at 21:35

WTK fab race report and well done, really looking forward to running a HM you must have felt a huge sense of acheivement on crossing the finishing line

HM4 glad you are starting to feel slightly more human, and fingers remain crossed for you Louise that your knee continues to improve.

Good to hear you are still enjoying your club Graham and getting faster all the time, but tell me do you always push hard or do you run a couple of easy/recovery runs per week as well?

Was supposed to go out with club tonight - but couldn't face going out with the unfriendly bunch, so may go out with friendly club on Thursday instead.

23/10/2012 at 21:40

Hi lisa here is a pic of the splits of my run tonight. Not one easy run I am afraid. This has helped me get quicker each week and doing two 6 mile runs and one 10-12 mile run a week helps massively.



24/10/2012 at 17:55


Not at all.  I think my attitude to running can catch a lot of people out as sometimes it seems about cramming in the races or increasing the distance to see exactly how far they can run which is fine with me if that's what floats their boat .  Well done on your run that seems very quick, good luck with the club.


Take care of your knee.


Sounds like a good plan, it's not fun if you don't enjoy doing something.


24/10/2012 at 23:51

Tut tut Graham, not like you to be slacking lol

Sorry about the race HM4 but you'll live to run another day and all that

Louise, fingers crossed all will be well again for you at the weekend And the back is a bit better thanks.

Sam, hope the vodka is flowing well for you all? back to training again now!

WTK, great review and congrats on the race and as always am worn out now

Brenda, I too suffer with glasses steaming up but as HM4 says even in the rain a baseball cap helps but need to get some more anti fog stuff as that can help a bit as well,

Had my gait analysis done today and was gobsmacked to hear/see I'm an overpronator! and a pretty bad one at that looking at the video Almost 3 years ago I had my only other gait analysis and was told I was a neutral runner - does/can your gait change?

Tried a few pairs of shoes on and had a jog on the treadmill and ended up with either the Brook Adrenalin or Adidas Supernover Riot 4's so tried one of each and comfort/fit wise opted for the Adidas (with Continental soles!). I went for a 4k jog when I got home and whilst they felt really comfy my shins and left calf ached a bit so will break them in with short runs and stay with the old shoes for longer runs for the next couple of weeks. Got a decent price for a high street shop I think, ticket price was £90 and was given a £10 discount when I mentioned the web and if I'd walked out without buying anything then the Gait analysis would have been £20 so a net price of £60 seemed good to me


25/10/2012 at 06:02

Andi, I hope your shoes work out for you. To be honest I had a gait test done at the beginning of the year at sweatshop and they never even mentioned what sort of runner I was. They just said that my current adidas trainers were ok. Yet 6 months later I found out that they were not ideal so I purchased the brooks ST5's which are a neutral shoe and they are perfect.

One of the reasons I didn't go back. LOL.

Keep us posted on your progress mate.


25/10/2012 at 19:00
Evening all

Well sis and her girls gone back to midlands , had lovely couple days with them but too much red wine and sly vodkas and rich food!!! Lovely though

Today went to gym to attempt bit of a run I say attemp because I was not sure how my ankle would be stupid person that I am yesterday stumbled slightly in high heel boots coming out my kids PTA at school felt ankle twinge slightly when i been walking can feel every bend of ankle it's more over the top and slightly down one side?
Anyway cautiously started on the treadmill but felt fine running so did 7k soon as walked to changing rooms felt it again :/

I planned to meet up with this running club tomoz evening so hope it ok by then? Any of you guys with ankle twinges had this that is no pain running only walkin?? Am I going to do any damage running do you think?
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