A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?

They're all too fast in the other thread!

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19/03/2013 at 20:03

Andi good luck with your journey down the minimalist road.

I too run in minimalist mostly. I wear VFF's to work, run in vivobarefoots up to about 7 miles and saucony Kinvara's for my LSR, although I did run a 12.5 miler in my Vivo's but the soles of my fee/balls of my feet were quite sore after a while from feeling over crack and stone in the road. I prefer my VFF's the best though, but can't bring myself to run in them for fear of ruining them - they are so comfy.

Keep us updated on your journey, but take it extremely slowly your calves will thank you for it 

HM4 well done on both counts.

Rivergirl, welcome to the thread, as already suggested find a 10k plan that suits you. If the beginner plans look to easy then find an itermediate one. Do you have a Parkrun near you, they are free 5k timed events and really beneficial for upping your speed and allows you to see the progress that you make.

I have for the last few runs been trying to keep my HR between 70-75% (after reading the stuff on Hadd training), this has caused me to slow down at least by 2min/mile. I really want to give this way of training a shot but I don't think that I have the patience especially as I have a few races coming up this year. So am now going to investigate the benefits of traditional training (including tempo's and intervals) versus Hadd style...

19/03/2013 at 20:15


Well done & good luck with the Hadd training if you go down that route.

20/03/2013 at 00:01

7th Skip, sounds like your recovery is going well

HM4, well on on the push-ups, I've been slacking and promise to get beck to Week 7 tomorrow.

Lisa, thanks and am looking forward to it My Vibrams arrived today but much too big so getting a (much) smaller pair. My Huaraches arrived today and replaced my slippers with them for a few days. I will of course take things slowly but think my recent calf extension exercises will help 'speed' things along

I'm still doing my base training prior to my Marathon traning and (sort of) following Hadd. Lisa, whilst 2mm does sound a lot slower I have slowed to 12mm and managed to run 8.4 miles without a walk break (used to be a mile or so). I do believe that by running slower you will run faster (is that an Oxymoron?). And nothing wrong with slow running (Hadd) and tempo/interval training on different days is there?

Oh, my normal runs used to be at 75% of MHR and by slowing down my average is now 68% and I run continously.

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20/03/2013 at 07:29

Andi - I have decided to do 3 runs per week at about 70-75% of my max HR, and still do a tempo run and my Parkrun on top of that. Completely understand the slowing down to get faster and activating the slow twitch muscles etc, however I also use running as a stress relief from work so sometimes I have to run like a crazed loony to relieve my stress 

Last night I went out for a 6.5 miler and my heartrate was up from the off, however much I slowed down I couldn't reduce it which was making my stress levels go up in frustration and therefore further elevating my HR. However I needed to run last night after a particularly difficult work day so I just ran and ignored my Garmin in the end. May try again this evening with an easy 3 miler. Good to hear that it has obviously worked really well for you, Andi.

20/03/2013 at 07:39

Well done guys.


I think it's something to do with the aerobic base which is built by the slower running.

20/03/2013 at 07:43
Hey guys,
I'm going to do the 'slow base phase' thing too once I'm back. Calf is feeling great right now, would be running if I didn't have the man flu. Have been walking loads for the last week or two, like 1 hour per day. Pushups are going v well, I'm now on the section where you do 8 sets. Diet ok too - I'm actually heavier at about 91kg but it's good weight from the reistance training and I don't mind that - running fast isn't my only goal - my bodyfat is down to 17.5% from about 25 (measured by calipers).

@lisa123 HR is only a guide, lots can affect it. An unexpectedly high HR may indicate you're unwell so maybe you should take it easy. On the other hand if you can put your figer on why it's higher than it 'should' be, e.g. you're stressed, cold, then you can go by percieved effort instead if you're accustomed to what that slow 'fat burning' mode feels like.
21/03/2013 at 10:39

@Lisa, yes, I've found my HR goes really high sometimes and like you noted that the more I fret about it the higher it goes nomatter how slowly I go and guess as it gets warmer it will only go up more? I've got 6 more weeks before Marathon training starts so hope to get it down a little more before then.

@HM4, yup, it's all improving our aerobic base

@Daeve, am still recovering from man flu so feel for you when your fitter I think the slow base route will be great for your stamina. Well done on the Pushups, I've completed the 6 weeks but miles off the 100 straight pushups so messing with week 6 and trying to do a few more each time. Do you get on ok with the calipers? I measure just above my hip and if I'm doing it correctly have come down from 23 to 15.9 (If I were 18yrs old again it would actually be 8%!)

21/03/2013 at 20:51

Went out and did a tempo 5 miler this eve in 40 mins so Hadd training went out the window this evening. However have another HM in 2 weeks so want to do a few faster runs at race pace and will then focus on Hadd training after that. Am doing the Bewl 15 miler in July so will do the base training towards that.

Daveo the problem I have with perceived effort is that I can happily run at 9 min miles and hold a converstion, however my HR reading is very high so something is obviously not right. My HR doubles from 50bpm to 100bpm just by going from sitting to standing!

Andi what marathon plan have you chosen to follow, there are so many out there?

22/03/2013 at 19:00


Good luck.

22/03/2013 at 20:06

Lisa, sounds like you have things planned out well Your HR seems to jump up quickly though running a 9mm and chatting is something I'd not be able to do.

Still not sure of the training plan but hovering over Hal Higdons Advanced 1 or 2 plans (though would probably tailor them to fit my needs more). If anybody has a great plan they'd like to share am all ears

23/03/2013 at 12:40

Andi the Hal Higdon's 'Advanced' plans are pretty hardcore, with quite a bit of speedwork especially the 2nd one. Personally I am looking at following the intermediate 2 one as I used his intermediate HM plan and quite liked it. However you have to find a plan that suits you. As I am still not keen on interval training and avoid it like the plague, I much prefer Tempo style runs hence prefering the intermediate plans. Gosh thats a really long sentence - I hope you get the gist of it!!

4.5 snowy, cold miles for me again today. Was hoping to do my LSR today but just feel that it wouldn't be safe running on winding country roads in this weather. Please snow go away so I can head out tomorrow.

Hope everyone else gets out there this lovely Spring weekend 

23/03/2013 at 15:15


I'm not getting out tomorrow.  It's too cold and wet.

23/03/2013 at 22:44

Lisa, well done on the run, like HM4 I decided against the high cold winds. Hal H did suggest it was ok to change things around in the plan so will probably switch out some/all of the tempo/interval runs for hills (up and down) as I think that will help me with Loch Ness and am not after speed, just endurance for my first attempt

24/03/2013 at 07:45

Andi thats a good idea re: the Hal plan to focus on hill running instead of speed sessions (although I think I read somewhere that hill running is interval training in disguise). I may have another look at the more advanced plans to see how they differ with weekly mileage, as if mileage is higher it may also benefit my endurance/base training.

Don't blame people for not running this weekend due to the crazy weather! I have a HM in 2 weeks so must get out there but may keep it nearer to 10 miles then the 15 depending on how I feel.

24/03/2013 at 20:19

Lisa, yes I read that too (think it was Frank Shorter an Olympic Champion).

Forced myself out today and picked the wrong route (again). Wind was high and set off along a cliff trail into Aros Park, I remembered it was hilly but this was hard and managed just 3.65 miles in 46 minutes (12:37 min/mile). In my defence I had to stop for several dogs, the wind was horrendous and the route had an incline of 1291 feet! (the same decline into the wind felt just as hard).

I still had pain in my calves and lower shins (from the Vibrams am sure) but as soon as I started running legs felt fine

24/03/2013 at 20:26


Well done.


Completed the exhaustion test at the end of week 4 & did 35 press ups so week 5 beckons.

24/03/2013 at 22:02

Txs HM4 and congratulations on the push-ups! Good luck for week 5 where you get to do more sets.

25/03/2013 at 12:44

well done everybody on there training , just wish i could get mine back on track 


had a week of rest and tried running again over the weekend , okay granted only treadmill running , but every step was a mission just could not get into it 

so if you see my mojo please send it back to me could really do with it , now looking for a new challenge 


speak soon 


25/03/2013 at 15:07

Hello All

I have been running on/off for around  a year & ran my 1st competitive 10K race in Limassol, Cyprus yesterday. I run 1x per week & do around 4x aerobic classes per week as well.

My official time yesterday was 1:00:27, which is my PB as only ever managed 1:05+ when running this distance.

I really want to progress & get to sub 55mins. What's the best way of increasing my pace?

I can complete the 10K without walking, but don't seem to be able to run any faster lol!

Many thanks


25/03/2013 at 18:23




Hi & welcome to the thread.  Have a look at some of the training plans on here which have speedwork in them.  That should do the trick.

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