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28/10/2005 at 14:18
Hi all

The club I run for, Striders of Croydon, are starting, as of 2nd November, a 10 week running course on Wednesday evenings 7.45PM aimed at those who have never run before or have just started to run. Plan to start with 20 minute sessions of either walk, walk/run or run depending on ability and fitness.

All are welcome and it's absolulty free!! See web site below or contact me direct for more details

28/10/2005 at 14:42
This promises to be a good course for newbies. And I will be there to keep DJ in check!

And I can confirm that Stiders are a friendly and encouraging bunch!
08/11/2005 at 17:31
Good turnout last week even considering the conditions!(Wet and Wild!)Nice mixture of run/walkers and run/plodders!

Always room for more however so see you there!
09/11/2005 at 11:53
An enjoyable time had by all. Despite the pounding rain and gale force wind.

Cool and clear forecast for tonight. Perfect conditions for you to join us at 7:45.....
09/11/2005 at 14:27
Think we might be flogging a dead horse here Floos! Not much interest for this on RW, just as well we can get on with the people who are turning up.

Strange I though there would be more interest considering all the posts about running clubs and people to run with as beginners, perhaps we're in the wrong area and Croydon and surrounding areas is well catered for.
09/11/2005 at 14:31
Can you move to Manchester?? Could do with something like that around here!! Sounds fantastic! Hope you get a good turnout!
09/11/2005 at 15:00
Perhaps we should start a UK tour then? Thanks for the encouragement Jibber.
09/11/2005 at 15:13
Jibber - I'm from Manchester originally. Perhaps I could get my mates to start a sister club up there? or failing that, perhaps it could be the first stop on our UK tour, DJ?
09/11/2005 at 15:55
Jeeze Floosie Manachester? Don't think you should have mentioned that fact. (Cue 'I'm mad for it' jokes tonight!)
09/11/2005 at 16:03
I'm from Croydon originally but have moved out to the farthest corner of Surrey. Can you take us in on your tour?
09/11/2005 at 16:26
Only if it's a nice part of Surrey, mind you what part isn't it?
09/11/2005 at 16:47
Can you include Kent please?

Have looked you up on the web but 33 miles each way is a bit too much!
09/11/2005 at 17:26
Added to the list Mrs G
10/11/2005 at 09:03
Good turnout last night 15 beginners in all, think everyone had a good time, well once we had finished at least.
10/11/2005 at 10:36
Ooh, loving the idea of a uk tour!
Sounds like it's all going well down there anyway!
15 people, that's a nice number! Keep up the good work!
10/11/2005 at 11:11
Thanks Jibber, as a runner of some years it was really good to see the sense of achievement on the faces of everyone that had ran or ran/walked for 20 minutes. I think we sometimes forget what it was like when we(I) first started. (1 mile and I came to a halt in a heap feeling sick!)

Could you do the t-shirts for the UK Tour?
10/11/2005 at 11:34
Ooh did you get a nice warm fuzzy feeling??

Seriously though it's a shame more clubs don't do this kind of thing, especially this time of year, when lots of new starters are more wary of running in the dark.

Now about these t-shirts, what do you want on the front, a picture of you limbering up before a race??
10/11/2005 at 11:59
Limbering up before a race??

What's that all about then??

I did get a nice warm fuzzy feeling and as it was a cold night was quite nice actually!

I think we have to seperate people who think they are beginners, i.e. can run for 30/40 minutes without to much trouble or, like a lot of us, have got into running while getting/staying fit for other sports like Football or Rugby and so I suppose are beginners in our sport, from those that are the real beginners. Want to start running to get fit because they are unfit or have joined a gym, run on a treadmill and now want to run outside. I think a lot of clubs expect people to have done some running before they come to a club rather than turning away or trying to recurit wanna be runners. Does that make sense?
10/11/2005 at 12:06
Oh I dunno, not done a race, i don't know what goes on, but i just imagine a lot of limbering happens! Hah!

That makes total sense, I only started running about 6 weeks/2 months ago and wouldn't dream of joining a club until probably i was running for at least 45 minutes and definately at a more acceptable pace. Unless of course they were running a specific course that they'd stated were for people like me.

In reality that probably means i won't join til this time next year, because i don't mind running on my own, it's just when the darkness falls i think it'd probably be safer in a group!
10/11/2005 at 14:15
Well I never thought about joining a club until I was training for my first marathon and had already run a few 10K's and one 1/2M.

However that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't be able to join a club even as someone who has not beng running for long. I take your point about running alone in the dark Jibber,although I think you could be safe enough running on your own but that's say for me as 6ft ugly bloke to say! (I get the impression that your a ladyee runner)

Have you tried looking for a club in your aera that might have a beginners section? Or there is the Woman's running Network that I hear is very good for ladies starting out.
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