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23/06/2012 at 16:38

Pink Lynne - honestly it's been so hot here for June, i would happily have a couple of rainy days instead of you, but i wouldn't want it all the time, are we ever happy with the weather we get hhhmmmm.

Seriously guys, toilet issues, does anybody suffer with going for a run and then feeling that they really need to go (not wee), it seems  to be a problem with me and although I''m fine when I leave it seems I can't run for half an hour before the feeling starts. If anybody has any advise I'd be really grateful as it's really getting on my nerves and starting to ruin what could be enjoyable runs.  To be fair I think part of my problem is that I leave the house so early but don't really have much option at the moment.. Oh and Caroline it's not always cos I've had too much to drink, although I will admit I do enjoy a drink.

23/06/2012 at 17:10
I had that problem this week Tina and I had to stop running. It was so frustrating as I had been doing well but I just couldn't continue as "the fear" was too much! And annoyingly, when I got home I didn't even need anymore. I run on streets with no available camouflage, but even if there was I wouldn't be happy having to go outside! I've read loads about it, and I don't think there is one solution that works for everyone. Just trying to go before leaving the house seems best but not always possible.

Frustrating, eh!
24/06/2012 at 06:54

Lynne I was the same this morning, got myself in a panic and kept stopping when I saw a loo but couldn't go not even when I got home, ssoooo frustrating as I probably would have set a world record otherwise ha ha.

Well I did walk/run 8 miles yesterday, very slow but not too worried about that cos I managed to do it as per my schedule, first time ever and I must say my fuel tank was defo empty before I got home but managed to shuffle back.  When I think I've only been doing this for 2 months that is a long way, and I'm sure if you all look back you're probably quite shocked at how much more you can do now in comparison. Day off today whooppeee, enjoyed my lie in this morning and off to the market now.

24/06/2012 at 07:11


I had the same "issue" too... had to keep stopping... very frustraiting! I have had 2 days off as my knee has ached... Thinking if the rain stops at any point today I may go out for just a power walk as I dont wanna push my knee incase I make it worse but I feel I should go out even for a walk... Have a job interview this morning (yep... on a sunday)! Wish me luck!

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