Also a bit fed up

but know I shouldn't be really...

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05/10/2002 at 16:35
Good luck for tonight Fiona, or do runners not say good luck? If it's any help I struggled like hell to get to 3 miles, but suddenly found I could do 5 with very little extra effort. I still maintain the first mile is the hardest!
05/10/2002 at 17:38
Good luck with tkd. my brother was an enthusiast.

Re running with the Mr. I was the first to run, and of course, when Mr. took it up, there was no contest. He could immediately go further and faster with less effort. (And before I had a Mr., I had a big brother who could always do things better and faster than I, snarl, grizzle.)

But one of the things that running keeps on teaching me is patience. I ran a 10K a week ago. Couldn't keep up with the pack for even 50 yards. But I didn't have to stop, and I was not last or even second to last.

I was immensely chuffed to have done it, and certainly enjoyed it, not even dead legs could take away the pleasure in the day.

I struggle, and I sometimes progress, but struggle or progress, I fit a great deal more comfortably in my own skin for making the effort to try.

Those who find it easy, if there are any, may be missing out on some of the best benefits of running.

Keep on at it. You can take solid credit in every step.

05/10/2002 at 23:14
Hi, I feel the same as you fiona, my husband recently accompanied me on a run and picked up the bug.. needless to say he can run faster and further despite me training since feb. However cos he found it easy he tried to keep up with me and now has knackered he's gone back to run/walk.

Having said that we can have a good old chat about heart rate, times and injuries without boring each other. Only problem is we now both want to do races and have two small children to farm out....

Whilst Im a bit fed up hes's taken up my hobby at least its something we can do together and keep fit.

hope the grading went well Fiona

06/10/2002 at 11:23
Aw thanks folks, for both the good luck wishes for last night and the words of encouragement for the running!

First things first: THINK I've passed the grading (YAYYYY!!!). Were there from 6 pm to 10.45 last night (although most of that was watching other levels grade). We do a class first, from 6-7, and I was horrified to be asked to "carry" each of my teammates from one end of the room to the other - competing against another team!! The first 2 hefty teenage boys launched themselves on me piggy back style (bad move) so I was knackered before I started, whilst other team were cheating by doing "wheelbarrow" affair. Needless to say we were last. Flipping nearly killed me! But grading proper went well. Got all my korean theory questions right, and don't think I made any serious mistakes in the rest. Didn't have to do the usual 20 press-ups, thank God! Managed to break my board too - dead chuffed. Should find out for sure if I've passed today at class, and received fancy new certificate and green belt!! :)))))) I am SOOOO sore today though (not to mention bruised all over) so will definitely miss Tuesday's class and have a bit of a rest. But start back running properly midweek on treadmill (No Mr, our gym has separate male and female areas - :)).

And secondly - it's really nice to hear about other people's husbands/partners overtaking them so easily as well - I thought it was just me, but I suppose when you think about it they do have a bit of a natural advantage in terms of muscle mass and strength etc.

Helen - I would agree for sure that the first mile was the hardest. Currently floundering round about the 3 mile mark so look forward to it getting easier from now on (???).

Stickless - you continue to be an inspiration. And you are dead right - you get something out of every run, whether it be a "good run" and you feel a real sense of achievement, or a "bad run" and you get to practice your self-motivation (or support-seeking!) skills.

Scarlett - glad I'm not the only one who can admit to having my nose a bit out of joint when Mr took up "my" sport (haha) - thing is, he's also talking about doing the tkd now (my, what an inspiration I must be ;-)) - except that his pride couldn't cope with being a lower belt than me. In any case, sad fact is that we are unlikely to be living on the same land mass if/when that happens. :(
08/10/2002 at 13:03
Hi Fiona,

haven't been on for a while, I guess you'll know now if you've passed or not, bet you did....

I got my 1st Dan black belt late last year, but sad to say have hardly been able to train since then (good grief it's almost 12 months, doesn't time fly) due to work/commuting taking up way too much time. Hoping to get a new job soon much closer to home so I can get back in to it.

One of my breaks in the black belt grading took me three attempts, talk about just wanting to find somewhere to hide.....

Are you studying an ITF or WTF style?

Suppose I ought to put something in relevant to running or we'll be blacklisted !!
10/10/2002 at 17:37
Hiya Slowboy

Yes I did!!!! :D Much jubilation and relief. Black belt, huh, very impressive. Even watching the red belts at our grading flying through the air was amazing (if not a bit scary - will I be expected to do that some day??!!). I believe the black belt gradings are taken privately by Grand Master Rhee? It's ITF style. I'm only beginning to appreciate the tkd politics!!

Sure maybe you should email me directly to talk more about the tkd - or we will be blacklisted! but I would be interested in comparing notes!

So...moving swiftly on to the running... I'm pleased to report that have managed to get back out there - ALONE - (Ok it was only 2 miles but I went!) and was actually quite pleased with self. Was almost there and back before had to take walking break. Now that is progress! :)

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