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04/10/2002 at 12:04
Can I follow Go-Slow's lead and just have a bit of an online gripe? Feeling a bit under the weather recently and could really do with a few words of encouragement!

I know you'll be fed up hearing about this, but have taekwon-do grading on Saturday and so that has had to be my main focus recently to the detriment of my running. :( Also :(((((( - and this is the bit I know I'm just being a big sourpuss about - Mr G has started running with me in the last month or so only, and has already caught up with me. And I've been struggling away since April and thinking I'm doing SOOOO well to be able to run 25 mins nonstop ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM ACHIEVEMENT. And he's a smoker and I'm not. And he's always been much more of a couch potato than me. One consolation, I suppose it was me who inspired him to get started.

Also other things in my life not going so well so just feeling generally stressed out, demoralised and fed up. Sorry.
04/10/2002 at 12:12
Fiona - don't worry - every time you go out running, you are achieving something - you are improving with every run, even though you may not always feel like it. My legs are short and flabby - the Mr.'s legs are long, muscly and beautifully defined - he never runs - so how can that be??!! Grrrr!!! But look how far you have come - what were you like in April when you began? And now you can run for 25 minutes non stop!!!! Excellent!!! My Mr never runs, but if he came out for a run with me, I know that he would be able to run faster and for longer - and I don't know why!!! But don't worry about that.. you just concentrate on yourself and how well you're doing and maybe start entering some 5K's to have something to aim for. Keep at it!! Good Luck.
Michelle x
04/10/2002 at 12:28
Thanks Michelle, I just needed that this morning! Think because have niggly headache too. I'm probably most hacked off because I took up the running just for me, with no competition, just the aim to get better and better in myself and be happy with that instead of comparing myself to others. And Mr G is very, very competitive, even if he swears he's not (he's the sort of person that won't play a friend at a computer game until he's practiced so much he knows he'll beat them, or go to the gym until he's already fit). Has taken some of the fun out of it for me. Maybe will have to assert myself and insist on running alone for most of my runs.
04/10/2002 at 13:30

Congratulations on everything you have achieved since April, that hasn't changed because of anyone else.

How far are you covering in your 25 mins? What are you trying to do run faster or further? What's your next running target? Are you keeping a record of your runs so you can see how well you're improving? On your last run, did you pass somewhere you couldn't get to on earlier runs? (You don't have to answer any of these questions in public if you don't want to.)

If all else fails, enter a Race for Life then Mr can't run with you :-)

04/10/2002 at 13:31
Do you think the weather might be about to change, I've had a dull headache all day too
04/10/2002 at 13:59
Hi folks
I've been away from the site a bit, but I've been reading all the messages and getting all inspired.

Nick I generally get headaches if its about to thunder, or sometimes when I eat chocolate. last week I had a headache like your which lasted 4 days, but its gone now, maybe there is something going round?

Fi - Mr Daisy has taken up running and suggested a 10k later in the year. He used to run a few years ago but has got a bit porky lately and so has taken it up again. he says hes not very good - but as he insists on running when I'm out with the club, I haven't actually had chance to form my own opinion on this.
I'm peeved in one way as running is my thing, but pleased in another because I don't feel so bad about the time I spend running wihtout him.
It would be sweet if I could beat him in the 10k though.
04/10/2002 at 14:06
Hi Fiona - I run alone most of the time - I love running alone - gives you time to think doesn't it! I think the only thing to do is tell Mr.G that maybe you should just do one run a week together, but that your other runs you're going to do alone - as you and he have different strides/speed etc.. and that when you are both the same speed, you can run together all the time (maybe, by then, he will have found another sport/hobby to do!!) Good luck Fi and don't give up!!!
Love Michelle xx
04/10/2002 at 14:19
Why so negative?

Just get out there, do your own thing and don't worry aboout anyone else. Some people are faster than others, some people can go further than others. Different strokes, different folks etc.

The important thing is that YOU are doing it, yes YOU, the one who couldn't do it six months ago.

04/10/2002 at 14:34
Howdy again folks

I know I'm being negative today, I'm usually actually quite a positive person, but I figured everyone deserves to let that slip just a tiny bit once in a while!!

I am actually really pleased with what I've achieved. Struggled to run a minute when I started in April. Took me ages to improve, but stuck at it, increased the number of runs per week from 2 to 3 and just persevered! It is a tad infuriating that I just seem to have to start from a lower fitness baseline than most other people (was always the same, even at school - couldn't figure how I was doing the same exercise as everyone else but struggling more and taking longer to improve) - but like you say, different strokes and all that.

Nick - I do keep a training log which I find really really useful. Can't remember how far I got in my 25 minutes because I don't have it with me! Not sure what my next running goal is, will have to sit down and re-evaluate after get the tkd grading out of the way tomorrow. Would LOVE to run another 5k and try and better my last Race for Life time - but finding it really difficult to find runs of that length here in Northern Ireland. Next race I run might well be next year's Race for Life! Do my timed runs on treadmill - so no nice landmarks!! Outside runs are set distance circuits and unfortunately on pavements, so give my joints a bit of a pounding. I try to vary my training so that on the treadmill I have a thing where I see if I can get further and further within a 20 min set time, outside I'll experiment with pacing myself better round the 5k, and/or I've just started doing some fartlek stuff which I quite enjoy but nearly kills me!!
04/10/2002 at 14:40
Oh yes, think another contributing factor could be that the last run I went on - with Mr - was a total total flop. Was very angry and tense beforehand (had had big row - not about this I hasten to add!)and found that I just could not get enough breath to run beyond 2 minutes. Was also premenstrual and have noticed that that can also affect my breathing during running. (Wierd but true). So guess I need to get out there again soon and have a more positive experience.
04/10/2002 at 14:46
Some days I have good runs, some days I have bad runs, some days I have indifferent runs. The thing is that I never know what it's going to be like until I get out there. Until last night all of my bad runs were in one pair of shoes so I was blaming them, now I've had a good run in them I'll have to look for something else to blame.

Last night, running up hill after about four miles, fifteen year old boy runs past me fast showing off to girlfriend, get to top of hill, he's bent double gasping, I say "ask your girlfriend whether she'd prefer someone quick or someone who can keep going". Much smugness.
04/10/2002 at 14:54
Brilliant. :)

I actually do feel a bit better now after offloading! Will have bit of a rest to recover from tomorrow's exertions and then get stuck in properly next week again.

Thanks again everyone.
04/10/2002 at 15:02
Dragon-Breath - loved that put-down!! By the way, I've just come back from running and I was running past a woman with her little boy (aged about 4) as I went past he said to her, 'Mummy, why is that little girl running.?' 'Little Girl'?? I'm 38!!! Bless him!
Michelle x
04/10/2002 at 15:06
Except, now I feel like a thirty six year old man who has destroyed a fifteen year old for the rest of his life. Burdened him with my problems etc. etc. It's all my fault if he fails with the ladies for the rest of his life. He was full of himself and I may have ripped all of his elf confidence away fom him.

Sod it. He had it coming.
04/10/2002 at 15:07
Yeah, cheeky little bugger won't do it again will he!!!
04/10/2002 at 15:09
Now who's being negative!!!??? ;-)

Part of growing up is learning that being too cocky always has a price!
04/10/2002 at 15:10
You've positively helped him grow!!
04/10/2002 at 15:18
Hee Hee!

Might go out looking for him again tomorrow, this time take him on up the hill and then wisecrack as I head off into the sunset. (Unless he's got his mates with him).
05/10/2002 at 10:35
Hi Fiona,

just seen this thread, hope the grading goes ok today, what level are you going for?? I practically sh#t myself at every grading, so don't blame you for feeling a bit negative. You're right, offloading does help, and there's always someone out here ready to listen...

05/10/2002 at 16:00
Hiya Slowboy

Have I found a fellow tkd-er?? I am going for my green belt today so need to break for the first time. (Aaaagghhh!!!). Get more and more nervous with each one. Starts at 6 pm and could go on all evening so I will come back here and let you know how I go. What level are you at yourself?

Lots of apologies to everyone else, I know this is a running board!!!!
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