Any brand new runners out there?

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06/04/2008 at 18:05

Well done Andy, you've acheived such a lot in a short space of time.  And you're right, running's not all about marathons, it's about enjoying what you do.

Hi Lisa, is it a Race 4 Life you're doing - I've entered 2 this year, one at the beginning of May, which I'll be walking with some friends, and one at the end of June which I hope to be running - depending on how the training/rehab go.

06/04/2008 at 18:10
Just wanted to say well done to Andy!!!!
07/04/2008 at 00:19

Hi kwala - I'm not doing the Race for Life 5k this year - have done them the past two years, but just as a walk/run type thing. I've always raised a fair bit in sponsorship for them, but I've decided this year that the 5k I'm going to do will be a local non-charitable one at the end of May. Basically now that I've got really into running, I still want to raise money for Cancer Research (same charity as Race for Life) but I'm aiming to get fit enough for one of their 10k ones they do in Autumn, and I'd rather push myself and go that bit further. My theory being that if I'm working harder and pushing myself more than in previous years, hopefully people will see that and I'll be able to raise even more charity money if I go for the 10k.

Saying that, I've enjoyed the Race for Life so much in the past, I'm tempted to do both the 5 and 10k. Such an amazing atmosphere and a brilliant day. I did the City of London one last year. Fantastic day

07/04/2008 at 13:31

Lisa-Marie - good that you have some longer term goals - normal advice is not to increase by more than 10% per week, so you have plenty of time to build up to the 10k slowly and sensibly, and injury free.

I said I wasn't doing any more R4L after last year, but always end up going back - just love the atmosphere, and no need to worry about being slow!!  I did the City one too last year.  It was the first time I'd ever run the full 5k with no walking - great feeling of achievement.  I did one of the CR 10ks last year (run/walk) over in Wilts where my friend lives, and met up with some girls from another thread I post on, which was really great.  Completely different atmosphere to the R4Ls but still good.

07/04/2008 at 19:35

I imagine I'll probably end up doing a R4L again this year if I'm honest. A lot of my friends do them and it's a great day out. I don't like to pester people too often for sponsorship though - I know it's all for a good cause though. I might just end up entering the R4L and doing a personal donation instead. I've never managed to run the whole way though - that must have been fantastic.

One of my friends is running the marathon this year and she says the same thing about increasing by 10% each week. It's hard because I'm just so impatient.

07/04/2008 at 21:45

big well done andy - that is amazing achievement!

hi jen - how's it going? how is the rehab?

big hi jo!

lisa-marie - i so know what u mean about being impatient to increase the distances! i can never wait to start clocking the miles! the R4Ls are great - good way to trach progress and get u into racing. thinking of doing the City one this yr with my housemate - she not impressed with me at that idea!!

mart - if im not on before sunday - GOOD LUCK!!!! hope u enjoy the day and have too many blisters!! 

08/04/2008 at 00:03
LM- you're right with the personal donation thing, I did that last year.  People do get fed up with all the sponsor forms that go around.  I always get a lot of 'oh, only 5k, that's not very far is it' - this always from the laziest slobs in the office. 

G - rehab going well, s'posed to be doing lots of jumping and hopping on the trampette but it's under heaps of carp in the garage and will be a workout in itself trying to dig it out!  Hiring a skip next week so will clear out the carp and get boinging!!  Still doing a bit of running, but tend to do it as circuits in my PT seshs at the mo, and really wary of doing too much.  Will try and get an extra sesh in at least once a week to start building up distance/time starting this week though.  
How's the <whispers> studying going?

Mart - I'm gonna be at Fetchpoint (mile 22) come and say hi!!!
11/04/2008 at 20:35

I will do!

 I'll be wearing a white tshirt with Martin on it and a picture of my mum on the back!    

11/04/2008 at 21:11

wow Jen a trampoline - ive always wanted one of those - such a kid at heart!! sounds ur rehab going well - r u looking forward to getting distance back up again?

sigh - studying going ok but am nearing burn out!! have got 12 hours of exams over monday and tues - safe to say i dont intend to get out of bed on wednesday!!

good luck on sun mart - shall keep an eye out for u on the tv!!!!

hope everyone has good weekend! 

12/04/2008 at 15:13
Martin, good luck for tomorrow
13/04/2008 at 22:18

Martin - hope you got on okay today. I was in the crowds.... such a brilliant atmosphere, despite the rubbish weather!

13/04/2008 at 22:23
Oh man, what a day, had a bit of doubt when I got to the frigging tube station and my trainers were killing me, needed a pish 5 mins before the start but held it in till the first set of bushes and peed for England.

First 5/6 miles were fine, didn't feel any discomfort, huge credit to the crowds, at times they got me through it all, shouting my name, chanting my name, then I was high fiving them, such a superb atmosphere, only had my ipod on a bit of the time and even then it was just in the 1 ear. Again, crowd handing out oranges/bananas/mars bars/malteasers/digestive biscuits/water.

The last 3 miles my feet were ready to fall off, managed to run the last mile and a "sprint" over the finish line.

Superb day, just my feet are reallly hurting and I have chafing issues.

Oh and entered the ballot for next year too  
14/04/2008 at 11:55

well done mart - only realised it was you when you left fetchpoint

Keith - didn't even realise you were there!!  Think we were on the same tube to the pub (with Stumpy/john66/hanneke) but didn't find that out until later but by then you'd disappeared

Good to finally meet you EB, hope you're having a good break dahn sahf!!

14/04/2008 at 13:15
Top 100 race finish plus FLM
Yep managed my first top 100 race finish over the weekend, as i was down in London to support a mate on hi first marathon i decided to head over to wimbledon common for the tme trial on sat moning.

Was a bit aprehensive about how fast i could do it being i've barely ran for 2 months due to shin splints which are hopefully gone. Before thew race i knew what my targets for a 5k were but also knew i'd be unlikely to reach them.

Two targets are
25:41 which is my predicted pace and 26:22 which is CanaryYellows PB time.

Personally i knew that zero proper running and no speed work meant it would be a slow run with little chance of reachng either of those targets. I was hoping for a non painful run and a time under 30 mins ieadlly. Then i thought 9 min miling is 28 mins so under that would be nice.

Anyway got the tube to wimbledon and walked upto the windmill and got there at 8:10 so ample time for a pee and a warm up. Quick look at a map and a 2 mile warm up run was undertaken. A little bit of discomfot felt in the shins during this run but nothing major.

Onto the race, never saw or was approached my any fetchies despite wearing my red fetch top but oh well. Set off at the back of the pack in an attempt to be sensibe regaring going off too fast which seemed to work. Settled into a steady 8:30sh min mile pace which i was comfortable with and managed the first mile in 8:20 which was surprisingy fast. On the latter third of this 2 lap course you go through a wooded area coplete with tree routes and large muddy patches to go round so the pace was slower around this bt. Managed to cover mile 2 in 8:47 which was still a decent pace plus i'd used the 2 lapness to figure out when to push for the line next time round.

Mile 3 was clocked up in 8:36 with me picking a different route through the wooded area (basically went down the right hand side which althouh being slighlty longer was easier to run on) then, gong by my garmin, the last 0.18 mles were covered at 8:04 pace.

Total time 27:13 by my watch one second slower off there time. Very pleased with this run.

Half mile splits (more sensible for a short race)
4:22 wooded area
4:26 scouting out were to push from plus the hairpin bend back round for lap 2
4:26 wooded area again
1:29 for the last 0.18 miles

Garmin says 3.18 miles in 27:13 @ 8:32 pace

Wasn't able to push that hard over the last half mile or so as when i tried the left quad was giving a dull ache but then i always knew i'd not bee too fast here. Give me several weeks worth of training and i'd hope to be able to do it faster.

Finish position was 81st out of 99 (yes ok there weren't over 100 runners but its still top 100 )

Jogged back dwon to Wimbedon station as a warm down with minimal aches or pains. Did forget that sitting on a tube for 30 mins or so straight after running a little under 7 miles in total whilst sweaty leads to a sore arse, espcially when i'd had thw wrong pants on and they'd rubbed a bit.
14/04/2008 at 13:17

Back to the hotel to find my mate up so a quick shower and off to the Expo it was. Got to the RW/Fetch stand to disocver Hippo blogging on Fetch, what a surprise ;) Ambled round there for a while, collecting leaflets for various races including one for Comrades which due to my injury spell i think will revert to 2010 and 2011 for the back to back attempts. Laeflet says i can get a first timers medal for doing it both ways with te up rn frst which is 2010 on top of the normal finishing medals which sounds good to me. I might be faster by then too.

Didn't really do much after the expo just vegged out n the hotel watching telly and surfing the net. Made sure everything was packed the night before though so that when we got up in the morning there was nothing that needed doing. Well apart from me lugging two heavy bags to Euston so i can get to Watford to bring the car into london.

Straight down to Fetchpoint from Euston via jogging down from Liverpool st as the circle line was rammed. Managed to reach tower bridge before the elite women went throuh which was good. Fetchpoint itelf was loud, mad, and noisy ;) Oh and fun when not raining.

Been blogged by others so no need to add any more but the sheer volume of noise when Mick and Phil went pat both times was just awesome, tears in my eyes despite having run several races with them before. Heres hoping it'll be made a permanant thing. Perhaps getting Team Hoyt over too is a possibility.

Pretty much it for the weekend and back to work in a hour (getting out of bed might be an idea then ) a coupl of short runs during the week then Hawkshead trail race on saturday woohoo.

14/04/2008 at 13:18
Kwala - aye i headed off to find martin then we went home
14/04/2008 at 18:07

you've bored everyone now   

17/04/2008 at 22:19
Going for a run tomorrow YAY
17/04/2008 at 22:39


How are u

 i was going to paste my Award and London blog on here - but i don't want to bore everyone


17/04/2008 at 22:48

Hiya Mick, not too bad pal, legs now fine so can go for a moderate run tomorrow!

Get it posted! Was really happy to meet you on the day  

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