Any brand new runners out there?

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17/04/2008 at 23:10

Ok here goes

17/04/2008 at 23:11
Proud to be HEROES and run /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]howGlossaryDefinition('FLM');][b]FLM[/b]
My dear Fellow Runners

Little could i have invisaged what was going to happen in our lives !!! ( created by all of you )

How do we ever THANK all of you ahh ??

It really is just an HONOUR to know all of you - ( whether in person or on the forums ), you have ALL in one way or another taken a Sick and disabled young man and his dad, from the depths of wanting to end life, to being at the TOP of our tree

What a few weeks it's been, In January, i had an E mail saying we'd been nominated for the Prestigious Jane Tomlinson ( Heroes of Running award ) - I thought it was just fabulas, but i knew life had to go on, and i thought, well, really, there's going to be hundreds, maybe thousands nominated - and quite rightly so, so what chance will we have ??, so, i just never gave it another thought did i !!

On, i went with our life - Gloucester Rural tough undulating to hilly marathon,3 laps of it ( our 26th FM it was ) we cruised it in real style in 4.41 - so i knew there was a bit left in the old dog yet

Then came Draycote marathon - all 5 laps of it, stupidly being complaceant, i thought we'd more than likely cruise it in abour 4.10 - 4.40 - WRONG - LMAO
It was to become a bloody nightmare - 11 miles my calf and thigh went - i was in desperate agony, desperate trouble - not only in this marathon, but i felt my world had fallen apart - i was dragging my leg, hopping, i had to find a comfortable way to walk or run

Then i kicked my self right up the arse as it where - i though, come on Mick, your gifted my son, there's not 10% of men in this country that could or would want to do what your doing - but it still hurt, i had 14 or so miles to go, i dug deep into all my mental reserves, all my pyhscological strategies as it where

So, we battled on as you know to a 5.25 PW that day - but we stood PROUD

Then , just a while later, not sure what day, my nerves and head and legs and stomach where to turn to jelly, I had been sent an e mail to look at the Jane Tomlinson Shortlist of 5 - oh my god, we were on it

my heart thumped, i had never felt like this i don't think in my life - i was in floods of tears, it was like we had already won - but nothing had changed with London -for the next few days, i became a bag of nerves, proud, but nervous, could'nt sleep right, could'nt focus on anything, food, drink, it was a struggle - and i became depressed as you all know -

My wife's care, her constant pain, My son Philip, his daily needs, got to me, i felt mentally ill - oh i had plenty of support off Fetch and Runners World - You where ALL just fantastic

i was on my way to 50 i thought on the 1st June, what a way to celeberate, IF we won-

i knew the JT awards where Thursday 10 April in London, - it approached, come Monday 7 April i suddenly come alive, win or lose, were 5th - i was ice cool, on top of things, i had my new suit, pink lining, pink waistcoat, pink tie
17/04/2008 at 23:12
GOSH, i felt PROUD - so very proud- so, Off we went to London - a taxi came to the hotel, and took us to the Imperial war musuem, there was all sorts of people there, Former London winners, ( Mike Stroud - SAS TV Doctor ),we were asked to move to the other side of the stage near the ramp, in case we were called up - i thought, STRANGE, why do that, if we've NOT won !! - anyway
so we waited just slightly nervy, but patiently, as the awards were been presented one by one, i thought are we going home bridesmaids, or what- i noticed people kept looking at us and smiles of joy, Then came Mike Tomlinson, to present The Jane Tomlinson award for ( Heroes of Running ), i clutched myself, and Phil, i listened and just could'nt take it all in as i was simply on another planet- but then i heard something said which i thought, MY goodness - It's US

i screamed out - WE'VE Done it - WE've DONE it - i cried, and my heart thumped, i thought all the work was'nt for nothing after all

BUT NO London, - there where poeple there who where going to talk to David Bedford, but i made it clear, i'd written to a lot of people in London including mET police to say - were running FULL STOP

So, back to hotel we went, next morning, we thought, lets go to the marathon expo, so we did- we had about 3 hours there, it was good, some knew us, congratulated us etc - i spoke to Steve Seaton while i was there, He's been very supportive at /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]howGlossaryDefinition('RW');]RW
So, off home we went - took us 3 bloody hours from Docklands to M40, then 2 hours home, we just got home and my mobile went, - it was Steve Seaton, - " Mick, good running news for you" David bedford has given permission for you and Phil to run London - It's a H& S Trial run, experimental run, to see if it can be done safely, we must not be inside 6 hours, we must stay within the back -- THANKYOU Steve i said !!


We've done it, we've done it

No time to mess about, we had to get back to London the following morning-

So, we did, arriving in London at around 4 pm, i had my instructions, we prepared everything meticulously, we had a meal and went to bed

We arrived at Greenwich Park - i was totally relaxed, i was the master, i was in charge, i felt PROUD

We got ready, people stopped us and said So pleased for you, even offiicals did - THEN i put on my Famous Mick n Phil VEST - gosh i felt good and proud - NO nerves NO nothing, just could'nt afford to mess this up

We were going to party, and i mean PARTY - and party and wave , dance and scream we did -

i knocked off the early miles, i got our food down us, and our fluid- this was it, we were running London, not watching, i was just extacticly happy, i must have been grinning like cat cat licking milk , the party was on- all i could here was

GO Mick n phil, go on marathon lads - go Mick n phil

i responded with Easy, easy, easy - i heard go Mick n phil - Go mick n phil- 26 miles of it, i never got tired once, i was in top form, i celebrated where we could, i acknowledged people that i knew

it was great to see FLANKER, he was just fantastic, i was in tears nearly all day, i screamed and partied all day, singing, shouting dancing
17/04/2008 at 23:13

BUT then, THE BIGGEST MOMENT of my life - MUDCHUTE, i saw it from 13 miles, before returning to it on 22 miles,- Oh my god, did they make me feal proud, human real - i can't describe it-

i put my hands to my ears to say " Louder, i Can't hear you " LMAO, we danced we jiggered around, no tired ness at all, FETCHES were in full vocal chorus, of EASY- EASY-- EASY , they made me feel SO PROUD, i creid when i went on, then i met people along route, they hugged me, they kissed me, they high 5'ved me,

Then i was heading for 22 miles, i was happy, i knew exactly what to expect, WE were there HEROES, gosh did we were feeling proud, then we arrived at FETCH 22, it was chaos, it was simply wonderful, i laughed, i shook hands, i had kissed, i partied, as we went along route, i felt even fresher, could have done it all again NO trouble, i was in TOP physical Form and Mentally bubbling - i meant hundreds of well wished on way to finish

I met georges dad and family at around 25 miles ? , that left me really feeling OH YES

We then rounded Big ben, from then on well, i waved my hat all most all the way in -the marathon was NO Problem , they roared us on to the finish line

H & S wise - from the back, ( There isn't one ) but i'll discuss that again

i have to thank everyone so much for making it ALL happen

you all turned our life around, out there running week after week, and at home on these forums, YOU have ALL done us so PROUD -

THANKYOU for making us your RUNNING HEROES and for getting us in London marathon - Thankyou for making my 50 th Birthday on the 1st June so , SO SPECIAL

i will never ever forget what you have all done - i am still very much emotionally tearful, my heart is pounding and my head is heavy writing this post

Dear Fellow RUNNERS - Bless you all so very much - you made our day happen - you made us PROUD,

just go out there and when you have a bad day, think, well, we've made a disabled lad and his dad happy, - go and get fit, feel mentally strong, - feel like i feel - because i'm going to be a PROUD 50 year old VET in a few days, made prouder by all of you

Thankyou and bless you all

Mick xxxxx
18/04/2008 at 12:53
Mick -reading that has brought tears to my eyes, so glad I was there to be a part of it.
18/04/2008 at 16:04
I wasn't even there but I feel I was having read this lot !!  Awsome posting. Well done guys.
18/04/2008 at 21:59
Feel so honoured to have met you both, reading that has my on the verge of tears, superb lads, utterly superb  
18/04/2008 at 22:08
Thankyou all kindly- you have made us all so very happy
21/04/2008 at 20:50
Felt so FREE and relaxed

Hi everyone

Tonight we ran for 1 hour on the track with Stratford on Avon AC

it was fun, people said on London and the award "well done the both of you , you deserve it "

we did'nt go mad, it was our first outing since London marathon - and plus we have to prepare for this Sunday's Shakespeare marathon

But we did feel most free, away from our troubled existence of a life that we lead- as i was running,it was'nt a race, it was there for us to just do our own thing - i thought about my " Bird of prey " , that hovers above us, wings at full span, hovering just so majestically and effortlessly

it felt good, so very good, that's how it was mean't to feel -

It was only 1 hour, but it give me some ME time and gave me the " FEEL GOOD " factor again

what more can you ask for, i will now seek to run Shakespeare FM in somewhere sub 5 - i won't get compleaceant, not in the marathon
23/04/2008 at 09:13

Wow that's really impressive!!

 I started about 4 weeks ago as well and I am only just running 2 mins and walking for 1 minute outside, a little faster on the treadmill and run/walk 3 times a week. So I am well impressed with your 1/2 mile!! Well done! I am doing the Race for Life at the end of June so just hoping to be ready to run it all by then


23/04/2008 at 10:28
Keep going with it Steph - you've got plenty of time to reach that goal.  don't try to do too much too soon, I learned that the hard way and ended up out of action for 4 months with tendonitis.  Slowly does it

MnP - sounds like you had a fabulous time at Stratford on Avon AC
Good luck for sunday if I don't catch you before then
27/04/2008 at 20:10
Our 29 th Full Marathon

Sunday 27 April- we celebrated 6 years together on the road-

It was our 29 th Full marathon, - 280 th race in total

What a 6 years it's been - conqueing races all over the UK

what a month of April 2008 it's been- one to remember with much pride and joy -

April 10 - ( Winners of Runners World ) Jane Tomlinson Inspiration Awards ( UK Heroes of Running )

April 11 - phone call from Flora London Marathon - giving us just 36 hours notice to get there to compete, what a day it was - i shall remember it for the REST of my LIFE

Then of course

April 27- Shakespeare Marathon - in 5.01 - our day to remember proudly in style of 6 years together on the road, we conquered Britain proudly

The organisers gave us a send off to be proud of, though sadly we never lived up to our expectations- the road was hard and long, and it gone harder - we clocked an ok 5 hours 1 minute

i was in desperate trouble fluid wise, could'nt get the fluid fast enough, i'm sure my levels dropped

I really knew from 6 miles on wards that it was going to be a long haul - needing me to dig fairly deep in to my physcologial stamina box - though we survived - proudly suvived - it was our 4 th Full marathon this year

But the support from fellow runners and spectators was simply fantastic

Just goes to show, what i've always said, and i'll always maintain- there's no room for complecancy in the marathon

we are very happy, but i'm also extremely sore and tired - Phillip really did feel top heavy - there was and is no getting away from it

Even with all my vast experience and skill - it was a battle,

But having said that- Like Draycote it can do you good

I'll rest now with Half Marathons and 10k's for a while

27/04/2008 at 20:39

wow well done MnP - you really are such an inspiration!! you've achieved things i cant even begin to imagine!!

big hi to everyone in thread - hope you all doing fab with ur running!!

04/05/2008 at 18:30
Exeter HM GRW

Well, we ran our 163 rd HM at Exeter GWR in 2.14 -

we did'nt try to race it or push the pace, we just went nice and steady and really enjoyed it all

we chanted EASY EASY EASY a lot, we chatted, we waved, we had fun - it was most enjoyable to be running and not be concerned about what time you might finish

so, now to Silverstone 10k Tuesday night
and DK 10k Wednesday night

then Tewkesbury HM on Sunday

Lovely Jubbly
04/05/2008 at 19:39

Keep on running Mick

Just got back from a 7 miler myself, rather warm out plus a pack of chavs drinking booze under the road bridge to pass, twice.

05/05/2008 at 16:33

Hi all, haven't posted for a while, I started running last August and 3 weeks before Ed mara I have had a motorbike crash and ended up with injured leg, cartlidge damge to knee. Looks like I could be out for a wee while. Things were going so good I was thinking about aiming for a 3 30, I had to pull out of GER and was aiming for a 40 minute. Road to recovery starts when I see knee surgeon later this week aand he tells me what is wrong and what can be done to sort it.

 Well done mick your story is heart warming

07/05/2008 at 12:29
Our Silverstone 10k run

On a simply wonderful Tuesday evening in May - the sun and breeze just so perfect, to perfect to believe to be honest - we ran the annual Silverstone 10k - 2 laps race

it was scintillating, relaxing, made you feel good, a feeling of - so sorry it's over

we met many friends and new ones as well, so many people congratulated us on our award and London marathon

so off went the race, we were thinking do we go for it , or just have fun, we passed hundreds of runners, a bit at a time, we chanted EASY - EASY - EASY on route

we chatted , we laughed, we passed the 5 k mark - i knew it was going to be the last part of it, i was sad, dissapointed - so we played , and had fun, we talked people through the pace barrier, we started to slow down and stop and watch the runners, just did'nt want to finish really - then at about 8.5 k - i decided to have a real party and fun, and turn around and doubled back and meet friends that we'd passed - we watched the self propelled chairs storm by

that really did make the evening fun and interesting, not just racing all the time, BUT helping and encouraging others

we finished in around 57 mins - though it would have been around 48 mins had we have pushed it

It was an evening ot remember, to go out there with others to run your own run and have fun and enjoy - just what running is all about

Tomorrow night we have DK10k
11/05/2008 at 19:33
Tewkesbury HM in 2.12 - It was HOT

Today we ran Tewkesbury HM in 2.12 - i can only describe it as hot, humid and sapping- sapping both physically and mentally - there was NO escape from it, and i cannot be in denial of it

But hell, this builds stamina, this is what is needed, a challenge in life - we did'nt get to wear we are in life without challenges beyond the limitiations

Having said that, ( Before ) i go putting myself down too much, we've had a busy week, last Sunday we had a long drive to run the warm and hilly GWR HM at Exeter- then Tuesday night we ran Silverstone 10k in 57 mins quietly, then Wednesday night we ran Hilly DK 10k in 57 mins, so perhaps my legs were heavy

Ok, we prepared for Tewkesbury - an interesting start and finish, ( but you cannot have it always ) we set off, the slow start i think was ideal to stop anyone going off to quick

we had NO problems getting fluid at all on route, and i was drinking lots, and spraying myself in water, but it was HOT and HUMID, both physically and mentally sapping, i really had to think deeply into my physcological and mental deep, as to what to do and how , and just settle best i could, but by then we were at 8 or 9 miles, we were on the way home,

We'd done it ALL before, today was nothing special or different

But, i knew from early on that any fast times were completely out - so it was - revert to fun and jog pace, but then i found people in trouble, so stopped several times to offer words of comfort and water from my bottles

then i was on the pavements more than once - which hurt my back like hell - all of which started to sap me even,

I freely admit, it was a hot hard run, - with ALL my experience and fitness and skill and strength , i had to OR decided bodly to revert to get there when we get there

i was just short of 12 miles, when my wife rang my mobile to say a ambulance was emergency on route - was we ok ?? YES, i said were fine

I found the finish tough, but satisfying, indeed it's made me think ( Mick you can still do it ) actually thinking back about things - i found the whole event satisfying, it really was the least of my problems with what every day life has thrown at me over 20 years

so, we move onwards in life to next weeks HM , maybe we'll go on the track tomorrow night - i'm not sure yet, it depends on what my wife might think

i do hope you all had a good day, and i'm really SORRY if things were NOT what you'd expect

regards to all of you and take real good care - NEVER say NEVER again and or give up hope, WE could have EASILY have given up today - NOT a chance !!


12/05/2008 at 20:00

Halstead Marathon.

Hmm i think this'll be a annual event being its convientant for visiting the relations too. Very handy having somewhere 15 mins drive away on a day as hot as this, espcially when i knew there was a paddling pool in the garden for the kids.

Had agreed to collect Little nemo off of RW from the train station on the way over and got there a little late but i had little kid problems (namely they were wanting to show me things like the wordsearch they'd done) then got to the mara HQ just before 9 with the car temperature gauge having risen from 18 to 21 in the 15 mins it took to get there. Not a good omen really.

Parked up and gathered stuff from the car and made our way over to the leisure centre where on going inside it was pretty easy to spot Mr Yellow and Mrs Yellow. Handily having the fetch top on i became the fetch beacon so to speak.

Outside a little before the start to gather with the peeps from RW and get in the photo as well as attaching camelbak and ipod. Mr Yellow was somewhat late on arrival and was then boasting about his low HR for the start of the race. I dunno i bet it wasn't that low later on eh .

Off we went at the start at a fairly steady and decently slow pace (this is a first for me) could tell it was gonna be a warm day even now and when i stopped for a pee in the corner of a field a little after 2 miles it was a case of a quick decision of run walking it as it was getting hotter by the minute.

It was getting hotter and hotter as the day progressed and i was soon down to run wal;king 11-12 min miles but still managed 1:50ish for 10 miles and 2:30 for halfway some how. Was going along with one of the 100 marathon clubbers that Shades probably knows (Pauline).

Got to about 15-16 miles in and reverted to walking only with the very occasionaly 'run' to loosen the legs up as it was just simply to hot by now. It was hotter than London 2007 as far as i'm concerned. Was also suffering from sweating out lots of salts i think as the quads were aching a fair bit, could just be lack of training too though.

At some point aaround 21-22 miles i'd recaught up with the Little nemo again ad we walkedc the rest off the way back apart from running in from the 26 mile marker. Didn't hang around long at the end as i was hot as hell, got my for goodness shakes milkshake (chocolate naturally ) got my goodie bag and t-shirt then back to the car and to my Uncles to dive into the pool.

Car was saying 28 degrees on the drive back which sounds about right as the tarmac was melting and going very springy in places. Had a shower fairly soon after getting back and damn near blinded myself with the salt on my forehead stinging my eyes.

Vegged around until later in ther afternoon and had a BBQ. Then once the little kids had buggered off went for a short walk with my cousin and his girlfriend before having a early night. I was blooming knackered by then. Was up early and set off at 6 to get back here to be in work on time at 2. Sat here sneakily blogging right now

12/05/2008 at 20:00

Time for the splits, not that they are good, then a little summary of the run.

5:27 for last 0.41 mile @ 13:12

Total 26.41 miles in 5:37:49



Completed it despite the heat.
Drank loads during and after and was pleased to be peeing and probably rehydrated properly inside 3 hours of the race finishing. Carried on drinking heavily for several hours afterwards.
Can still walk fast even in the heat.
Had some good heat and long distance experience.


Quads were aching early on, whether it was cramping or lack of training i have no idea. Still hurt somewhat now but at least if i move around they ease off and aren't as bad.
Suffered from the heat quiet a bit.
Seemed to have a achey stomache around 18-22 miles no idea why but increasing the drinking from my lucazade filled camelbak seemed to sort it out.

All in all so far i seem to have minimal aches and pains (a little early for DOMS to appear for me) and feel reasonably fine and awake. Have a slight case of sun burn but if i'm stupid enough to go out in that heat with no sun cream on its my own fault tbh.

hopefully it'll be somewhat cooler for this weekends district double.

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