Beginner to doing a 5km run in 40 mins is that slow

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27/03/2010 at 16:51

Well i feel happy today as I have started a run walk programme over the last four weeks, I fought i attempt to do my first park run today 5km and finished 38min but i finished.

and finished not last i was amazed how fast some of the other runners ran also it seem it was all about time for them, I just enjoyed the fact i had done that today from  someone who could barely run around the block. I have also entered a 5k race in 8 weeks to keep the incentive going.

My advice to any begginer like myself is to enjoy and not to worry about the people pasting you buy we all have our own goals and aims in life.

And in those few weeks i have drop a dress size but also with the help of my diet and good old fashion rest days.

how long did any one first 5km take? even though we have differen levels and ages

27/03/2010 at 18:35

Well done Jacky!

In July 2008 I did my first ever 5k in 38mins the same as you.

Today I did parkrun in under 25 minutes. I'm still not very fast but it's certainly an improvement and I'm sure you'll get faster too!

27/03/2010 at 20:32
You have a really good attitude jacky, to just enjoy the freedom of running and not be tempted to push your body too far too soon.

I too did my first 5k distance in 37-38mins and I now do it in 29-30mins. I only started running last december so I am pleased with my progress and am doing my first 10k race tomorrow.

Keep on enjoying it Jacky!
28/03/2010 at 14:24
Well done!  Have just started running and am hoping to do a 5k in June, would be very happy to do it in 38 mins!
28/03/2010 at 15:07

Thanks guys this site really keeps you going also good luck neilpeely with your 10k lets us know thats what iam aiming to do after my 5k..

Iam sure you will do it missfliss dont focus on time just getting to the end i did not give a monkey if i was last or walk it to the end.

I was gonna go for a run today but my body is saying rest i did do a Aerobic class so at least i done something its better to have a rest day between runs.Iam stating to learn that even though it can be hard when you need a baby sitter for a hyper 6mth baby....

28/03/2010 at 20:22
Hi Jacky - my first 5k Park Run was 36 min 37 secs so your not alone.
28/03/2010 at 22:44
You have to ask yourself what motivates people who can run a 5k in 15 minutes to bother entering a fun 5k?
I suspect a healthy dose of 'gosh look at me aren't I brilliant'.
Luckily I couldn't careless
Got my 5k time down from 44mins to 39.01 and I'm pouring with sweat at the end of it with a HR bouncing around 170.
Just glad to finish really as 6 months ago 1k was out of reach.
28/03/2010 at 23:11

Eddie -  there's no problem in doing that time for 5k - the running scene involves some of the best people you will meet, and compared to other sports probably some of the most down to earth people at the top of their game. Are you not inspired by them? I am and want to try and do what they do!!

I hope you continue to improve and enjoy it..just don't fall into the trap of sneering at faster runners..this unfortunately happens now and again on these forums.

29/03/2010 at 01:04
I can see that but it wasn't my point.
I see the distance, not the other runners as the challenge.

I have a heavy, muscular build and I have no interest in developing a runner's body; all thin limbed with no strength and looking in danger on a windy day. As that sort of body (and long legs) is required to post those sort of times then I have no chance of ever achieving it.
At 5'8" I also have no chance of ever being a world class rower, top sprinter, international basket-ball player, javelin chucker or any other of the myriad tall-person sports.

Bothered? Not in the slightest - I find my legs are the perfect height to keep my arse of the ground
29/03/2010 at 12:09

I wouldn't worry about other peoples times. What is important is your time, if you are posting just under 40 minutes now you have a benchmark for yourself to improve.

Getting the times down is obviously a goal but look at it as a benefit of hard work and persistance rather than the be all and end all.

29/03/2010 at 15:13

Bothered? Not in the slightest - I find my legs are the perfect height to keep my arse of the ground

Ok - well thats the main thing I suppose....although from my reading of your post, I think you're more bothered than you let on..

Anyway here's to improvement and getting your own time of luck

29/03/2010 at 19:11
Perhaps you're reading words that aren't actually there?

I *really* don't mind being slow and I would rather run further than faster. That was my only point really; slow doesn't matter

Perhaps I should invent a new term? Personal Best Distance rather than Personal Best Time?

Best of luck with getting your PBT down to what ever you're happy with.
29/03/2010 at 19:51

OK  - no problem, I have been convinced.......

Happy with my PB/PBT? Probably never - but i'll try

31/03/2010 at 09:59

Kenenisa Bekele is also 5'8". He holds the current world record for 5000m.

Those 15min 5k runners aren't there trying to impress anyone. They are working to improve their time. Just because they are fast it doesn't mean it is easy for them, they are working just as hard as you, just performing at a different level.

You wouldn't like it if they were disrespectful to you for having a different outlook/ goals to them, so you should be courteous in return, otherwise it could look like sour grapes

My friend regularly wins our local parkrun, but she is the one who got me (and a few others) into it and is keen to make it as inclusive as possible. She is a serious athlete using it as a time trial to gauge how her training is going, while some of us are just happy to get round, and others have specific time goals they're trying to crack. That's the beauty of parkrun. Ther's something for everyone

31/03/2010 at 11:46
I will be 56 in a couple of months so I guess that means I am an older newbie. Anyway, I used to be very active until about 12 years ago, running, squash and a myriad of other stuff, then it all came to a grinding halt. The arrival of twins. Now these guys are at an age when I need a lot more of everything to try an just keep up with them, failing frequently I might add. I started running on a regular basis last September, 09, and have manged to maintain 4 to 5 runs a week. The route I run is 5.6 Kms and I so far I have managed a best time of 28:51 with an average time of around 30 mins. What I am interested in is my heart rate. It max's aound the 170 mark with an average in the 150's. I am new to heart rate monitors and I am wondering is this ok for someone in my age group.
22/11/2012 at 07:22

I agree. Well done. I am also still at the stage where I take about 40 minutes to do 5km, mainly because I can only run 30 minutes continuously. I am regularly passed by much faster runners for whom I have nothing but admiration. Some folk seem so light on their feet, unlike me who plods along. But the fast guys are always nice to me.

22/11/2012 at 08:19
InspiredByEddie wrote (see)
You have to ask yourself what motivates people who can run a 5k in 15 minutes to bother entering a fun 5k? I suspect a healthy dose of 'gosh look at me aren't I brilliant'.

I would think more likely "Wow - a free 5k time trial". There aren't many fast 5k races around and a lot of parkruns are UKA certified now, which makes them ideal for the serious runner to gauge how they're doing. In my experience the faster runners at races are very supportive of the slower runners (like me) and I have never come across the attitude you suggest.

19/04/2014 at 14:53

I am totally with you Eddy. I get a little annoyed when so many people post on line that average times to run a 5 k should be around 18-22 min. Utter tosh! Average for who? Fine if your a top runner with a tall thin frame and 10 stone soaking wet and all you do is triathlons or something. I am a 44 yr old 16 stone bodybuilder, 5 ft 9 with thighs the size of tree trunks and very pleased with my average times of between 28-29 mins on my Saturday morning 5 k parcruns. I come near the back and smile to myself when all those stick insects fly past me and I wonder if they could bench 140 k in the gym like me. Doubt it very much. Its all relative, all of it. Keep plugging away mate,  your only  competing against yourself, be inspired by yourself and no body else and.        

15/08/2014 at 16:13

I shall be doing my first ever 5k parkrun tomorrow.  My PT reckons I should be able to complete it 40 minutes.  Wish me luck!

16/08/2014 at 10:18
I am at that pace too so go go go xxx
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