Beginner to marathon runner in 2010

Can couch potatoes run marathons?

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22/08/2009 at 21:19

Hellloooo everyone!!

Been away in France for two weeks which was bliss but so sorry to miss you all!

Nessie - brilliant effort - well done girl!

3legged - welcome to the group and I second everything that DP says.  As for puff etc, well we are all in that position, stiff, old and getting slowly back in, or in for the first time like I am!

Roundone - Have a look at the events, and the training timetables - they are really helpful!

DP - Welll done! How has August been so far?

I have to say I took all my gear on holiday, and then the temperatures were unbelievable - 37* and I couldn't face it!

So back to the drawing board - 5k booked for mid September, and 10k for November, so no excuse! 

DP - I think it will be September to be honest, so maybe 4 weeks?


23/08/2009 at 12:08

Welcome back Blithe - glad you had a good time!

September!!! OMG!!!

I have joined the Nike+ 10k Human Race for October, and the BUPA London 10000 next May, but I really must try harder to fit things in before VLM day!

Today I have planned a 5 mile plod with OH later. August has been a good month so far, I have done a total of   35 miles so far - mainly little 2 or 3 mile plods. Time to up the ante me thinks! I need to pick up a half and do the half training - properly!

I have now bought the POSE Tri book and am studying hard - results so far have been amazing - but maybe beginners luck. Friday I did 3.5 miles and actually managed a fair portion of that at 8 minute mile pace - which is a miracle for me! It felt good too - so getting the right form is important. Practice required!

Happy Sunday! 

30/08/2009 at 19:55

Wow - a whole week gone and no-one around!

I have managed 4 runs this week, most our usual 2.5 mile circuit around the village. Today we ventured a bit further and did 5 miles. Unfortunately the route home was all up hill, and pretty mean in places too. I walked quite a lot, but it's all miles under my feet.

Calf is sore, but I think is getting a bit better, being replaced on the hurt-o-meter by the Achilles. That's really sore now - just shows the uphill stretch worked!

That's a good start to upping the mileage week on week. Going for six next Sunday. 

How's everyone else doing?

01/09/2009 at 13:04

Hello everyone remeber me?!  I've been very lazy in the posting and running senses recently

Training was going quite well up until around a month ago; I did a 6 mile run one Sunday in a very slow 1:14  but it was without stopping which is better than I normally do.  Had a 7 miler scheduled for the following Sunday but I ground to a halt after 4, and that was including two stops to stretch out my calves.  That sort of put me off then and I haven't really done anything since...

You may remember that I entered the Bristol Half Marathon that's this Sunday, but there's no way I'm fit enough to do it now after a longest run of 6 miles a month ago and nothing since!  Anyone want my entry?!  I feel a bit rubbish tbh; I thought the half mara would give me a goal to aim for to stick to the running, but I couldn't even stick to that

So I guess I need a few shouts of "get your backside in gear" please!

03/09/2009 at 22:12


Sadly he's spammed a load of threads

05/09/2009 at 19:10

Oh Dear - some people have no manners do they!

I did my highest mileage so far in Ausgust - 54 miles! That'll need to improve then! Nonetheless, I am proud of it, I sweated every mile of it.

September has started nicely - I like this cool drizzle, it makes my face glow a slightly less fluorescent shade of red! I'm plodding on though, and counting the days until that envelope arrives and (hopefully) the real work starts!

How are you doing?

09/09/2009 at 13:15

*pops head back round door*  Have got my place for Edinburgh... Just need to do the training now... Tum-te-tum ♪♫♪  Have also signed up for the Kilomathon next October 26.2km...that should be fun.

How much longer have you got to wait to get your yes/no slips through the post???

09/09/2009 at 16:30

hey guys

Not be around recently loads goin on1  But have just found out that I have a chrity place for London next year  so thought I'd pop by and say hello- looks like there's been some great running going on!

Hope your all well

10/09/2009 at 20:13

Another few miles trodden this week - 2 today as a kind of loosener afer physio this morning.

What a lovely spell of weather! I think we are being spoiled ready for a cold old winter! I have never run through the winter, so I'm not sure how to dress and when to run when it gets dark, but I guess I'll work it out!

I'm going in search of events for motivation over the winter...

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

28/09/2009 at 13:56

Been looking in but no one around ????

Are you all still running? hope so, hope you haven't fallen by the wayside!!!!!!!!

I'm hopefully getting back to upping the mileage - have been nursing strained muscle due to doing leg yielding on horsie & it came out in my running - seeing physio & had to take runs down to 2 miles twice a week but last week managed to get weekly mileage to just over 10 miles by doing three runs of  3. something miles each.

Lets know how your'e all getting on

Take care Nessie

01/10/2009 at 14:26

I'm still here - and waiting - it seems letters have been popping through post poxes today - but not mine.

I may go back to biting the finger nails!

Anyone heard yet?

02/10/2009 at 13:28
Oh well, I am another reject. Now I have to try and find something else to do to motivate me through the winter.
04/10/2009 at 22:29
No luck for me either with VLM but have taken the plunge and entered for Edinburgh.... and have started running again - very very slow as still not recovered properly from being ill at start of year - but it is a start Not been on here for ages, but hope everyone has been okay.

How are things going for everyone else - good running? CazSoul - thought about doing the kilomathon as well but signed up for a half the week before so thought that would be enough! Hope it is good.

Take Care everyone

25/10/2009 at 14:58

Helllooooo everyone!

I was a reject for VLM as well, but have done so well with the running - way better than I ever thought I could!

Sooooo I havea 10k on Sunday which I am slightly nervous about as I am so slow - about 1 hour 20 that I am sure the marshalls will  all have packed up by the time I get around!

 So whoever said up there that they did a slow 6 mile, I am in awe!

I was amazed actually just running that amount, as my head kept saying that I couldn't.. What a strange combination!

Anyway, let's keep this going!  All love to ya'

 And what about Paris next April??


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