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02/01/2010 at 20:16
Hello all and Happy New Year. After years of saying I'll do it and putting it off `i've decided to take the plunge and take up running. I want to run the Sport relief 3m run in Leeds on 21st March.(for starters) I'm a complete novice and 55yrs old. Any advice?
02/01/2010 at 21:01
yeh - start walking, then jog a little bit until you're a bit out of breath and walk again. When you're completely comfortable, jog a little bit, then walk again. Do that for about 20 minutes, half an hour. Do it most days for a week. Then next week perhaps jog for a few more seconds before you walk again etc...

You probably get the picture.
Just build up - pushing yourself EVERSO slightly, but if it hurts, stop.

Of course you could do it more scientifically and follow one of the very good Runner's World beginner schedules.

Good luck, and enjoy your first three miles.
02/01/2010 at 22:21
All I can say is the above is very good advice. Don't try too much too soon - that way lies injury and disillusionment. The other thing is: well done. If you do manage to carry it on, you'll never regret it. All the best.
02/01/2010 at 23:07
Thanks Jj and Peter. That's just the encouragement I needed - even more determined to do it now! All the best.
02/01/2010 at 23:25

hello All, I am a newbie to this and have a friend who is a PT who i have worked with to loose 4 stone so far who is awsome and have now decided to set a goal - feel the fear and do it anyway! Still very overweight and want to run 5K in March.

Plan so far is:

Jan: (Week 1 & 2  - 3 x Hill Walking, 1 x Swimming, 1 PT workout, 1 x gym workout, 1 x rest day)  (Week 2 & 3 - 3 x Hill Walking with interval running, 1 x swimming, 1 PT workout, 1 x gym workout, 1 x rest day)

Feb: (Week 1 & 2 - 3 x hil walking with interval running, 1 x gym workout,  1 x swimming, 1 PT workout,  1 x rest day) (Week 3 & 4 3 x Intervals Hills and flats, 1 x swimming, 1 gym workout, 1 PT workout, 1 x rest day).

March: (Week 1 & 2 - 4 x Interval Hills and flats, 1 x swimming, 1 PT Workout, 1 rest day. (Week 3 - 4 x interval Hills & flats, 1 x swimming, 1 PT workout, 1 rest day)

Last week of March - run 5K.

Wish me luck guys - looking for virtual training buddies - positive & motivational only pleaaaase.......


03/01/2010 at 00:06
Good Luck prettyinpink.Sounds organised. All the best -I'm sure you'll do it!
03/01/2010 at 09:52

Thanks Ian, I see you are starting to train for a 5K as well. 

How are you finding it? any tips.

I am heading off to the park in an hour or so to do a couple of laps walking.

Edited: 03/01/2010 at 10:37
03/01/2010 at 10:51
Hi prettyinpink. I'm using one of the Runner's World beginner's schedules. It's my rest day today but it went Ok yesterday. Please to say that I'm not stiff today which may be a good sign! Weather's bad today - lots of ice so it's as well it's my day off! Hopefully it will be clearer tomorrow so I can get back out on the road! Don't overdo it seems to be the key. Remember that and it should be OK!
03/01/2010 at 14:16

Hi Ian,

I have just had a look at the beginners schedule, looks sound, what week are you onto now?

What do you find is good to run in? Hubby bought me some new trainers for Christmas and they really seem to make a difference.

Totally agree about overdoing it - I had a rest day yesterday, but I  do it often do too much, but then recover and get back in there!, never seriously hurt myself though, always stop if niggles or pains.

I just did a couple of hills in local park.  was planning to do three, but got a bit lightheaded, so stopped for a banana - don't think I ate enough before (diabetic).  Ha Ho!, lesson learnt for next time.


03/01/2010 at 15:52
Hi prettyinpink. I'm at thebeginning of week 1. just started I'm afraid si it really is early days! I'm using a pir of Adidas tariners at the moment but I'm going to get a good pair of shoes soon. I'm thinking maybe Asics. I'll probably make a visit to 'Up and Running' in Leeds and get fitted properly.
03/01/2010 at 18:48

Hi Ian,

Week 1, thats so exciting, the beginning there is so much to look forward to with new challenges and no formed misconceptions. 

My new trainers are ascics and I was recommended to get a gait analysis, (the way you run), they were were right as it does make a difference and the gel in the heal and toe helps due to my size.  There may be some in the sales at the moment, but def go to a specialist running shop.  

Let me know how your search goes and your run tomorrow.

I have a pt session with my friend tomorrow, always great fun! (ex royal marine) and does commando style training.

pretty in pink.

03/01/2010 at 18:59
Will do - looks like the roads are now clearing of ice - fingers crossed for no overnight stuff!
03/01/2010 at 19:36
Hey, Prettyinpink, I'm also a diabetic. I'm sure you know this, but it pays to plan ahead with running. I'm usually fine on anything up to about 10k so long as I've eaten the right stuff, but beyond that I sometimes need a little bit extra inside me (ooer, missus) to make sure. Sounds like you're well organised, though, so all the best to you too.
03/01/2010 at 20:30

Hello Peter,

Not a clue about running with diabetes!

Any tips and advice would be welcome.  I am type 2 on tablets.  Bloods are controlled well, although following a workout with friend (PT) I have to keep an eye on my bloods for upto 48 hours to keep them up.

 Any advice, welcome and most gratefully recieved - are you type one or two.

 pretty in pink.

03/01/2010 at 20:32

Hi Ian,

Fingers crossed for good weather.  If weather is bad, you were just meant to have that day as a rest!

pretty in pink

04/01/2010 at 14:44

Just back from Day 1 of RW training Schedule - Run 1 Min Walk 90secs  8 Times. Went to local park at the top of my street. Bit snowy but pleased with the way it went. Started to feel it a bit at rep 6 but finished OK.

Feel good now though!

Rest tomorrow and back out Weds (although running in the dark could be fun as I'l have to go out at night! - back at work tomorrow!)

04/01/2010 at 21:35

Hi Ian,

That is so cool - even in the snow.    You must be so pleased with yourself.

What kind of stretching did you do?

Running in the dark is cool, I would check the route first as I am likely to fall into a ditch or bump into a tree, but then thats me!!

Just had a session in the gym and wlll be doing a walk tomorrow myself. 

Good luck and let me know how Wednesday goes?

pretty in pink

04/01/2010 at 22:33

Hi prettyinpink,

Yes I'm quite pleased.

Did some of the stretches in RW but it was abit random so now worked out a planned stretching for the end of each run using their stretches.

Forecast not looking good but all being well will be out on Wednesday.

If you cant get to run tomorrow's walk should be better than nothing9unless you've been out for a run today of course!)

All the best - keep on running!

05/01/2010 at 19:33

Hi Ian,

Have been told cant run for a couple of months so wont be signing on this thread again - good luck with your 5k.

best of luck

pretty in pink

05/01/2010 at 19:42

Oh dear - sorry to hear that.

Good luck for the future and all the best.

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