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30/08/2005 at 18:26
Just had to post this as I'm coming back to running proper after 8 months (and a stone and a half weight gain!) of being lazy - hope to lose the weight by Christmas.

Anyhow, on Saturday August 6th I was feeling incredibly stressed. The culmination of the last five months of moving house, looking for a new job and organising a wedding had finally got to me. I had 3 options - chocolate (lots!) cigarette (no no no!) or a run.

I went for a run in an area completely unknown to me running wise, and soon found myself running down a bridleway. I just leant forward and trusted that my feet would keep up, and they did! I had to wave my arms around like a loony though!

Then something occured to me. I was feeling really, really happy. To express this happiness I let out a shout of joy, much to the suprise of a farmer in the next field. I ran for 20 mins, then turned round and headed back to the hotel.

2 1/2 hours later I was married to the most beautiful woman in the world!

Just thought I'd share.
30/08/2005 at 18:33
Awww, lovely story.

Congratulations on the run.

(And the marriage too of course :O)))
30/08/2005 at 21:08
Running can indeed make one very happy, shame about the marriage though...another lamb to the slaughter.

Only yoking! Congrats on both camps. I think I might do a bit of a yoddle or sommat when I'm out running tomorrow if I'm feeling happy! ;-)
31/08/2005 at 12:50
That's lovely, many congratulations
31/08/2005 at 13:48
Great story, congratulations to you and of course to Mrs Chubby Bloke!
01/09/2005 at 18:37
Awww - what a nice story!

When I'm out running and it's all going well, I sometimes feel like letting rip with the odd "Wooo hooo!".

But then I remind myself I'm not an American, to pull myself together and I tuck my chin back down into my neck and keep on grimly plodding.

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6 messages
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