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22/02/2012 at 22:36

Well I got the icing and the cherry.

5.52 miles run today to be precise.  I'm delighted, and was grateful the last half mile was downhill, lol.  Happy days.

22/02/2012 at 23:09

Evie May don't let your experience with that club put you off not all clubs are like that. 

 It is  shocking that they left you like that

We always have a back runner to look after anyone new and would never leave anyone on their own.

This week the last lady had about 5 of us as her own entourage encouraging her along.

24/02/2012 at 00:50

Hi Flo Po,

I'm sure there are more supportive clubs out there and they aren't all likely to leave me in the dark, on unfamiliar streets, lost.   (To think they promote themselves as an "all ability club". )

But I think the experiance has helped me decide that clubs, at least for now, are not for me.  I'd rather have my dog for company, he who cheers me on be it running my fastest ever or trotting beside me as I crawl up a hill dying.   For now, that makes me happy and what I'll continue to do.

Your club sounds wonderful though!  I think it's wonderful that people come together like that to encourage each other, no matter what the ability, in a positive way.

29/02/2012 at 17:02

Runs this week were supposed to be 2 x 45min and a 10km recording how long it takes.

Instead I did 4.5miles (43min), 3miles (29min) and today 5miles (52min).  Just didn't have any energy on the day I headed out the door and decided to do the 3mile (better than nothing) run.  I feel I'm still not right from a stomach bug I have, then other times I wonder is it me hesitiating cos the 10km mark is coming up.

Felt fine coming home after my run today, though quite tired now.  Not sure what distance I'm gonna run now on Friday, wether to go for it with the 10km or stick to a 45min (4.5mile) run.

12/03/2012 at 00:15

At the risk of being accused of talking to myself.....

I'm delighted to say that I ran my first 5k race today (along with the dog, who I'd obtained prior permission for) and we did it in a time of 29min 57sec.  I was well pleased as I've had a very rough week, esp this last few days with my diabetes up the left and sugar levels ranging between 3 and 30 mmol/l thanks to my usual medication being discontinued and having to adapt to the new stuff.

Still haven't reached that magical 10k mark, but once I get the health back on track, I hope to make it!

My knees have been feeling tight the day after running.  If anyone can offer advice on stretches or other tips on what might help I'd be really grateful.

13/03/2012 at 09:27
Hi Evie.

Just spotted this thread and wanted to say well done and keep going. Shame about the club thing, but clearly not put you off, which is great!

Well done on the 5k! There is loads on the site about stretching, have a look about.

Again: well done and keep going!
13/03/2012 at 15:04

Thanks BoDuke!

Yes, I've been reading up a bit more on stretching and think I need to adapt my routine to include a bit more.

5.5miles done today, last 2miles of which felt pretty good, so I'm well pleased.  Another local 5k race planned for this weekend.  Fingers crossed I don't pick up the cold my kids have before then!

13/03/2012 at 17:21
well done Evie, Jealous
14/03/2012 at 14:02

Thanks Tobyloby,  This time last year I had no notion of running any distance, never mind racing.  I used to look at runners and say "Where the hell are they in such a rush to get to?" thinking they were all mad.

Only started running to help keep the dog exercised and fit for his competitions, ended up becoming addicted.  Won't be long till you are out running 5ks and beyond.

14/03/2012 at 14:22
Guys I got addicted to the distance. Breaking the barriers gets me. First 5k, then 10 on to halfs and then.... Seriously tobyloby, stick with it and those runs that seem to break you don't make you break a sweat offer a while, but there is always another challenge to do: maybe quicker, smoother or better recovery.

Or, just a run for the hell of it... Liberating!

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