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09/07/2008 at 21:14

My back is still not back to normal yet so not been running for 2 weeks now & to add to that i had a stinking cold for the last 2 days. Do i sound stupid but i am actually scared of running again cause i don't know how unfit i will feel but at the same time i can't wait. Paid my membership money & money for my new club vest last night so i am now a fully fledged member.

10/07/2008 at 23:23
evening all, can't believe nobodys been on
11/07/2008 at 10:20


Oh my its been quiet on here! Im only on a single shift today so thought id pop in.

Hope your feeling a bit better now Ady, poor you hun. Ive also not been running and wont be able to over the weekend due to you know im supposed to be resting the old shins, but i so need to do a little run...think i may try on monday *gulps*.

Hope everyone is ok xxxxxxxxx

11/07/2008 at 22:47

WOWEE my back is finally starting to feel better & my cold is going too so i went out for a quick 10 minute jog to see how my back would hold up. I could still feel it a bit but it went well so i am back running again, WOO HOO. I am gonna give it 100% from now on. Sorry if i am going on but i am buzzing & i have my next 10K race next sunday in st.ives, can't wait

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11/07/2008 at 22:51

Strump- it has been very quiet on here, it really is very strange, missing all my mates on here too

You make sure you are looking after those shns too babe xx

12/07/2008 at 08:24
I have been lurking around - got another cold which has settled on my chest again!  Not impressed!
12/07/2008 at 09:35

Ady, glad your feeling better hun, but dont go over doing it.....*god ive started nagging you now lol*.Do you live in Cornwall then? Good luck with the 10k xx

Oh Kate, poor you, your suffering alot at the moment, hope it clears up for you soon.

I know our Plods is away, but where are all our other mates? Missing them all xxx

12/07/2008 at 15:36

    Im here - Lots of colds about - still not quite right after mine - only felt up to going out for a run  last night -  I started too fast  as is always the case so had to slow right down about half way through and that is when moi gets dispirited.        Still not so bad a time 3.5 miles in 41mins. 

Get better soon Kate

Go for it Ady -  Lovely  St Ives I am dead jealous.      Gonna be a bit hilly?    Spent a lovely holiday there some years  ago - those pesky seagulls though!!!!!!    Have you got to travel very far???

We are wobbling  (I'm speaking for myself here, and yes that is what the race  is called ) in Wivelsfield tomorrow.  Looks like a nice wooded 4.5 mile run  Wish me luck?

Take Care


12/07/2008 at 17:28

Hang on a mo, there is something i have to clear up. Running in st.ives in cornwall would be fantastic but as i live in peterborough i am running in st.ives in cambridgeshire

Kate my cold went to my chest but it is clearing up slowly, able to breathe better now so i hope yours clears up soon.

Strump i will take it slowly but i am on a mission now

Red you are right what you say. I used to go off to quick & you have to curb your ambition & start off slowly even though you probably feel you can run a lot faster. That way i guarantee you will run further very quickly. Good luck with the "wobble in wivelsfield" tomorrow, i will be with you all the way in thought.

Signed up to 2 more races this morning, 1 in thorney in august & the 2nd in spalding in september.

13/07/2008 at 14:59

Hey all, hope everyone is well

Couple of questions - is anyone doing the BUPA Great Capital run next Sunday? And any tips on training this week? I ran 6.37 miles today, just to make sure I could actually go that far. What should I do during the week? Presumably I should have a couple of rest days before Sunday?

13/07/2008 at 16:01

Oh lots more back, great, ive missed you all.

LM, you must have some rest or youll burn out, l was told you should have two rest days before your main race/run.

Sorry Ady, thought you were a cornish lad then, was going to start calling you pixi lol.

Good luck MRF and LM xxxxxxxxxx

13/07/2008 at 22:16
LISA - my advice would be to do a couple of 3 mile runs in the week & make sure your last run is on thursday. Have a good carb meal saturday night eg, spag bol/lasagne then you will be raring to go come sunday morning. Good luck hun xx 
13/07/2008 at 22:19

6ft 3in so i'm a bit tall for a pixi, more like the jolly green giant lol

Went out on a 3 mile run tonight & managed 24.46 which i was quite proud of as i had not really ran for 2 weeks but i am back with a vengeance now  

13/07/2008 at 22:52
Go Ady! That's a great time - sometimes having time off - even for illness or injury can help, I think. When I couldn't run due to my stupid cold, my legs felt so strong and rested when I went back. I'm filing that thought at the back of my mind in case I'm forced to rest again in the future
14/07/2008 at 09:49

Woohoo Ady! Well done hun.

LM, think your right, my legs feel alot stronger for resting them from running. I was hoping to do a short run today, but im on a double shift, so maybe its not a great idea to (we have 3 people off at work and im doing their shifts as well as my own), hopefully i can get out later in the week.

Who else suffers with heyfever? Gawd mine is bad today. Mine affects my eyes and throat, cant stop coughing today.

Right, best get ready for work....sees you all later xxxxxxxx

14/07/2008 at 13:38

Very pleased you're back running again.
Good luck with your races...running 3 miles in 24 minutes is excellent.I'm still trying to do sub 35 minutes!
14/07/2008 at 23:30

STRUMP - I remember you saying to me about not doing too much, you work too hard but they are lucky to have you.

SUSIEBE - Have faith & you will reach all your goals & we're all here to encourage you all the way.

LM - it did feel good, just hope i do a good time on sunday. Back running with the club tomorrow night & i get my official club vest too WOO HOO

15/07/2008 at 10:35

Ady,i admit its all killing my poor back and the hours im putting in at work arent healthy, once the others are back, i will go down to 30 hours a hubby has forgotten what i look like lol and because its not sociable hours really i come home at midnight and he is in bed. Ive taken to watching corrie and emmerdale at midnight lol.....BUT.....i love the work and the customers

Susiebe, we will all encourage you, we may not know each other in person yet, but we are all good mates who support each other.

Hope everyone else is ok *a bit worried about BS not being about*

*sobs cos i havent got an official vest* xxxxxxxxx

16/07/2008 at 17:09


Well Done Ady - Crips you are so speedy keep up the good work.
I'm breathless just hearing about all of your fab times - trying to get below 40 minutes round my usual run (no hills) of 3.5 miles.

Hey...Did the fun run in the woods last sunday in 55.01 which ain't bad, there were one or two hills and it was VERY muddy in places AND had to clamber over a stile!!

My legs are feeling tired pretty today. What with monday running club - coach worked us hard. Will rest up tonight and go out tomorrow I think

BS Hope you're looking in

Take Care all

Edited: 16/07/2008 at 17:17
16/07/2008 at 17:11

    Pretty tired (I wish I could say pretty)

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