Complete newb; over 40, very over-weight...

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12/05/2013 at 18:07

Walking will definately help with the early fitness and it will also stengthen your ankles.

I was not your weight but i was 14st 4 and in 20 weeks i have lost 2 stone, and can run 10km in 62.54 mins ( i swear in January i could run for 1 mins only and had to hoble home), Not great time i know but from where i was i am delighted and it hasnt been without the advice of people on this forum. Indeed i am still asking for help and advice now.

All what is said above is true, start slow and dont panick of you get sore knees, sore shins, sore feet, you will get them as you havent trained. But stick at it and i bet you in 10 weeks time you will see a HUGE difference.

Swimming early on is good for you, build the muscles up, WARM UP and WARM DOWN.

Most of all and this may sound crazy....but enjoy what you are about to do, i have loved it, but i dont want to do it again, basically change the way you run your life and you will feel great, i promise you.

Good luck.

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13/05/2013 at 08:05

aww so lovely that people are so encouraging. A great post John Jenkins!


16/05/2013 at 14:35

Started running in March weighing in at well.....a lot (my BMI was in the 40's).......way too much for a 5'2" girl.   I can now run 5.6km in 44 minutes and have lost just 8 kilos.   Was hoping for more but I will take any gram I can get.

I started walking 2km to and from work every day for 2 months before running!   Now I have started I don't want to go back down the slipperly slope of sitting on my f**, lazy bottom on the couch every night drinking wine!

I now run 3 times a week, one night of rugby training and 3 rest days!  

Sore thighs today; well more stiff than sore....after 2 weeks of indulgence in Italy my Tuesday night run floored me!   Short, slow run tonight me thinks!

Hope it is going well for everyone else!  

25/05/2013 at 01:35

I have just started at a running club about three weeks ago on an introduction to running course and I get all of those symptoms that you are experiencing.  They have started me on walking and I have been walking 1.5 miles at the running club at least twice a week and 2 other sessions at the gym.  I am in the same boat as yourself and want to feel good about myself.  The people at the running club are really helping me along, they have given me goals to work towards each day and also breathing exercises which I can feel I am getting a lot better now.  Hope things are still going well for you.  Hopefully with me being at the same level as yourself will give you some encouragement and work towards this as all of the people on here have shown that we are not on our own and that it is lovely getting advice and encouragement from those who have been there and done that.  I really want to start running with the others but my calves tell me that I am not ready but I will not give up (I know how you feel).


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21 to 24 of 24 messages
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