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23/10/2002 at 13:55
Hi all. I'm just starting out as running, aiming to do a half marathon in the spring. I currently commute to work Monday to Friday on my bike, totalling about 12 miles a day. Would this be sufficient as training for running? I know it uses different muscle sets so I will be going out running on weekends (Saturday probably with Sunday off), but am not sure whether I should be cycling home, then going out for a run of an evening after that too. Any advise welcome. Maybe a half marathon is too much to start with, but i feel my general standard of fitness is pretty good.
23/10/2002 at 17:01
Hi Doofer,

I cycle about twice that (when I can be bothered to get up early enough!), and don't find it does that much for me, fitness wise. My heart rate when I cycle is about 140, compared with 170 on an easy run, so I'm guessing that cycling might replace the very slow running sessions, as a way of getting the blood circulating.

Maybe a couple of short evening runs would help, if you can see where you're going!

Watch out for finding some muscles completely un-used to work though! It's easy to over do it to start with if half of your body is fit and the other half isnt!
24/10/2002 at 04:44
Cycle fast, or up hills, or in a high gear (tho still turning pedals fast - don't struggle in *too* high a gear), or all three, for the best fitness benefit. When I'm haring along at 20mph up a half-mile hill, my heart is certainly not pumping slowly, and my quadriceps are feeling the effort!

Clearly, cycling is not a substitute for running; however, it's good cross-training to combine with running. :)
24/10/2002 at 09:17
cool, thanks guys.

my cycling is commuting, so pushing it hard on the way in isn't really ideal for a non-sweaty day at work (there are no washing facilities), but I guess I could slog it on the 6 mile return trip.

I think I'll start doing a couple of easy runs at the weekend and step it up from there - I guess I'll need it if I'm going to be ready for March.

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4 messages
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