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25/02/2004 at 19:47
I joined a slimming club back in november 03 weighing in at 19 st 2 lbs.While i was there i spoke to someone about walking to lose weight.So one colds winter morning off i went on my first walk (all 20 min).Since then i become fitter and started to get in to running/jogging and now weigh in at 16 st 12 lbs.I run about 30 miles a week at about 10 min a mile, but the broblem i am having is after running i cant stop eating.Is there anyone out there who suffers with the same problem? and how do i overcome this eating problem.
25/02/2004 at 19:56
well done on the weight loss

Do you want to lose more?

are you putting weight on?

if you are where you want to be, then dont worry


make sure you arent mistaking hunger for thirst--drink plenty

and look at what TYPE of food you eat, you should not have to be hungry

(hippo returns to her crisps balanced on her belly)
Someone sensible wil be along soon
25/02/2004 at 23:27
Hell Fire Kev, 30 miles a week and you only started in November! You should be patting yourself on the back.

If you have started on a diet, OK. If you have introduced some new moderate exercise, OK.

To me it seems if you have cut down your intake and have immensely increased your output it is only natural that you are hungry. When I started running I only did one thing at a time. Started running then looked at what I eat to help the weight and the running.

I agree with Hippo - look at what you eat. You are re-training your body to burn fuel and so you need to be eating stuff that loves to be burnt - not sugar and fat. Carbohydrate is the runners fuel and it is OK to eat it as long as you are going to burn it. Coz if you don't burn it, it goes around your middle.

Due to time, or lack of it, I used to have my meal and leave it for 2 hours then go for a run. Like you, when I returned I was hungry. I can now go for a run before meals or delay my meals (apart from breakfast) then when I get back get a drink, get a shower and tuck into my tea. For me, problem solved

I have a very limited understanding of diet but at this stage I would not worry about it too much - If you are feeling fitter and loosing weight there is no need to tourture yourself in the process.

Hope that helps - come on folks. There must be others who know loads more about it than me and Hip'.
26/02/2004 at 16:37
Kevin, well done on the weight loss. Cat's right in that your running will burn carbs, but this tends to be at high intensity. Normal jogging for longer periods will use up body fat which is good news if you want to lose weight. But you'll still need some carbs to promote energy (banana for example). I think you should time your runs so that after showering it's meal time. You can always peck away at some fruit or veg appetisers to keep you going until the meal. That is if you want to sustain weight loss. Another tip is to eat a slice of cheese, which is a good appetite suppressant.


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4 messages
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