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10/02/2008 at 22:30

Patootie, I hope you've had some of the lovely weather this weekend that we have! Even if you can't get out much yet, just having the sunlight streaming in is such a a lift!

When you have time, do let us know more about the process of getting your new accommodation organised, and what it'll be like and all. We love all the little details!!!~

Hope you're continuing to get over that horrid lurgy, and that in the course of this week you'll really be feeling a lot better! xxx

10/02/2008 at 23:00

Spent all weekend on Ebay trying to buy a cheap digital camera .. blimey .. so many folks trying to buy a bargain .. in the end I got a really nice VIVITAR 3945s 5MP DIGITAL CAMERA~RRP £169.96 ..

It cost me £35 .. but I had to buy something so I could take pictures of all the things I am going to be selling on Ebay .. it does proper close ups .. and has a HUGE 2.5" preview screen so I can really make sure before clicking that I have some decent shots of all the things I am selling .. and I reckon it was a very good price for what I've got .. and I get a camera bag, extra memory chip thingy, PhotoSuite & PhotoVista Photo Editing Software too ... I just hope I can fathom out how to use it !! And I hope it's as good as it sounds .. it was from one of the E-shops so it's all brand new goods and with guarantees ... and even has a rechargable battery and charger unit ..

We have indeed had some very beautiful weather this last 3 days .. really smells of Springtime .. I've even had my heating off all day today (but just put it back on to make sure I stay warm enough before bedtime ) .. I wrapped up and went and sat outside for a while and did a few deep breathing exercises .. that certainly got things 'moving' on my chest anyway .. hahaha ..

So you can see I am starting to get to grips with moving .. well at least I have a camera coming so I can sell a lot of things ..

Edited: 10/02/2008 at 23:02
11/02/2008 at 08:36


Glad you're back Patootie and that your cold is finally on the mend.

I'm quite sure you are making absolutely the right decision and that now you've made your mind up about the move it all goes as quickly and smoothly as possible for you. As GC says we like to know all the little details so we're going to need to know what the view's like,  what your neighburs are like, the colour of the curtains and all of that stuff, LOL 

We stop off in Cambridge on the way to see my parents who live in St. Ives and it is a town with a nice buzz - you'll love it.

I'm really quite excited for you!

11/02/2008 at 08:52

I used to live in St Ives many years ago .. a small flat at on the road just at the back of The Royal Oak pub .. it used to be an undertakers .. and my bedroom was the old laying out room .. it even had the old Undertakers painted sign up on the brick wall .. I never did see any ghosts .. but my goodness was that flat cold and damp ..

 Have to admit .. I am excited myself hehehehh

 Can't wait for the camera to come and get started Ebaying my stuff . I'm going to try and have a nice fresh start .. this week I'm going to take a whole load of stuff to an Ely antique shop .. nothing of value .. just odd bits and pieces that seem to have come my way and been gathering dust for years .. but even a few £££'s willl help with curtains and carpets for the new place ..

11/02/2008 at 08:57
Today was Simply so perfect
Today we headed for Wokingham HM, it was to be our 161 ST HM together,

The weather was just so perfect, little did i know just how perfect the day would end up being... we met friends, had lots of laughs with people,

I knew today we could NOT race as race, as we have Draycote FM of 5 laps next week, so we set about hoping for anywhere around 2 hours or just under...

things started off just nice and quiet, could'nt move for 2 miles or so, which completely suited me, but i was to find gaps and soon get into my grove, and find what i am good at and enjoy doing.. i felt so happy, i felt free

it was very short lived though sadly, before we knew it we were through half way, never really noticing anything pace or distance wise, it was another day were we could have gone on and conquered 20 miles

trying to support fellow runners etc

i knew in our early days together we were clocking for HM's 1.43 onwards, but i really thought that that had gone now, what with Phillip being 6 years older and heavier, and of course me being an old git now

so, we smelt the finish in the distance, we pushed on remembering every time we picked up pace we had a FM next week, so i held back best i could

we eventually crossed the line on our watch at around 1 hour 48 mins , i knew we crossed the start line on about 4 plus mins, and the finish clock was on 1.52 , so yes

i felt so good, so really good, could'nt quite believe what i'd done

We went back to about 2 mile mark ish, cheering runners in, it was good to help others,

it's left me feeling just on top of the world again

So, i ain't finished yet !!!

There'll be more of Mick n Phil to come i reckon
11/02/2008 at 09:11

Ooh gosh Patootie, that's given me the right creeps

Well done Micknphil  fab runnning weather  the last few days.

11/02/2008 at 09:20


 Good to hear that you are making positive moves, it doesn't matter what the moves are.  It's about having a positive approach to things that makes everything so much more acheivable.  The move is a 'opportunity' to review what stuff you have and why you still have it after 25 years!

I assume that you and Scream are not meaning theSt Ives in Cornwall.. or are you? becasue that is not exactly close to Cambridge?

Let us know how progress on the accomodation goes.

Mick 'n' Phil - well done on your 'leisurely' 1:48 half, that's not far off my PB! <note to self... must try harder>


11/02/2008 at 09:25

I grew up nr St ives ( Cornwall )

 There's a big banner up over the road as you drive in

it reads

How we destroyed it all. signed   ...       Maggie !

11/02/2008 at 10:21

St Ives Cambs .. or at least that's where I meant ...

 Fantastic run micknphil .. if I went flat out on my disability scooter all the way .. it would take me at least 3 1/2 hours  .. and that's without using any energy or getting failing leg muscles .. streuth .. the way you run is hardly a jog in the park ... for me that would be a full pelt panic filled flight from danger speed  .. and I'd still be trying to trying to catch up with you ..

 And what Maggie may or may not have started .. this flamin' Labour Party have completely finished off .. no wonder folks are leaving in their droves to go abroad to live ..  

11/02/2008 at 10:47

I'd still be trying to trying to catch up with you

You wouldn't be on your own Patootie, most us have had Micknphil overtake us in a race at some point 

11/02/2008 at 11:33

I'm really feeling super energised today .. sun shining .. smells like Spring .. birds are singing .. and here's me pulling out 25 years of 'stashed trash' from the very back of my wardrobes ..

 My aim for this week is .. 'get it out' .. 'sort it' .. 'put some back' .. I'm surprised my floors haven't fallen through .. sheesh there is soooo much piled up in there ..

BIG collection of pristine brand new boxed Eddie Stobart trucks and ephemera .. hmm may need a specialist auction for those .. set of 1936 Encyclopaedias anyone .. they make wonderful reading .. you should see some of the pictures .. you have to remember many animals and birds hadn't been properly discovered in the 1930's .. so many of the diagrams are 'artists impressions' of what the animals might look like .. some are sooo funny hahahahaha

 Ohh .. and while I was doing all this  .. I noticed that price-drop tv channel were selling those 'fat scales' .. the ones that tell you how much blubber you have .. and these also say how much water etc too .. so .. I got a pair .. they were only £6 .. and now I have even more incentive to 'get going' and lose some weight .. ready for my new home .. blimey .. am I ready for that 'fat to weight' ratio ..

11/02/2008 at 12:22

Hey, Patootie, it's great to hear you sounding so energised! Like Colin says, a positive approach makes all the difference, and you've deffo got that for sure!

(Just like Mick---totally fab performance from you two there!!!)

Although it can be hard to start with the sorting process (I always put it off as long as possible!) once you actually get started it's SO rewarding, isn't it? AND fun---wish I could see some of the 'artists impressions' you were talking about. And with a hint of spring in the weather, it's a great time to be starting in on a mega project like a new home! As Screamy said, we will want ALL the details, right down to the colour of the cushions you choose for the sofa!  Oh, and well done on the new scales, too--that's the sort of info one doesn't always WANT but it can be very, um. motivating )

Any idea at all what kind of timeline you're looking at? You said there were some nice new flats, are they available pretty soon? Cambridge seems to have a lot of new building going on at the moment. And it's a great town, some good shops, lots going on with all the students around, and with the semi-pedestrian city centre it should have good accessibility for the scooter. You'll love it!

11/02/2008 at 14:08
Don't overdo it now Toots
11/02/2008 at 16:27

Hi Toots,

we re here for you !

12/02/2008 at 19:45
How's it going, Toots? Are you well enough to enjoy the wobble board again yet??
12/02/2008 at 22:28

Started back on the wobbler at the weekend  .. I really missed it .. but had just felt too lousy to want to do it .. it's still fun .. and I was up to 5 minutes .. but have dropped back down agian to 3 minutes .. no sense it rushing it ..

 Today I have cleared out 3 of my kitchen cupboards .. very ashamed to say I found a number of items that were past their sell by date .. my only excuse is that they were right at the very back ot the higher up cupboards .. but I think a use by date of Jan 2002 is a bit bad

 It feels good having a big sort out .. and at least it will be a lot less to do once I get an apartment allocated to me ..  

13/02/2008 at 16:12

Hey, that's great, Toots! On the wobbler, you're quite right, there's no rush and especially as you're just coming back from that lurgy it's a good idea to take it slow and easy.

As to the kitchen cabinets----if you're only back to 2002 you're doing well! I just dread the day when I have to move house (not imminent, luckily) cos there are probably things on my shelves that go back to when the kids were small (and youngest is now 17!!!).

Most of all, just starting gently with the clearing WILL mean that you can move more quickly when you get your new place. And that might be a real advantage, since I imagine there is a lot of demand for special housing, and if you get an offer you'll want to take it up asap.

It's great to have you back and to hear about all your new plans---good on ya!!!

13/02/2008 at 16:33

Hi Toots

just cought up with this - great news on your impending move, I'm really excited for you!

14/02/2008 at 08:56
Good going Patootie, clearing out is very therapeutic
14/02/2008 at 11:22
Screamapillar wrote (see)
Good going Patootie, clearing out is very therapeutic

Sigh .. and also shows where you've 'wasted' money buying things I didn't really need ..

  Had a very strange thing happen this morning .. went into the kitchen when I got up (10.30am ) and there .. in the middle of my grass .. as bold as brass .. was a female green woodpecker .. I stood and watched her for at least 20 minutes .. she was digging in the grass for worms I suppose .. you could really see the power in her as she struck down .. thunk, thwack, thunk ... honestly her whole head was disappearing down the holes she was digging ..

Bits of grass and dirt where flying in all directions .. she was like a mini pile driver ... the blackbirds were looking at her in amazement .. rocking back on their feet every time she drove down .. bang, bang, bang .. deeper and deeper .. it was fascinating ...

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