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16/12/2008 at 19:05
 someone has given me an early 'Christmas present' .. got a raging viral infection .. can't stop coughing, fever, sore throat, sore chest from all the coughing ,,, thank goodness viral infections usually only last 48 hours or so ... 24 hours more to go ..
16/12/2008 at 22:09


So sorry to hear you've got the lurgy---I think it must be spread through the RW cyberspace, cos lots of my forum friends are down with it!

But as you said, it's usually short as well as sharp, and hopefully by this time tomorrow you will have the worst behind you.

So don't be a hero, just settle in with lots of warm drinks and hot bottles and vitamin C and be very, very kind to yourself, OK?

Really hope you will be able to sleep tonight and will find that tomorrow you're back on the way up!!!


17/12/2008 at 10:19

Got through the night .. just .. think I was a bit delirious for a while . . I'm sure I remember sitting on the end of my bed and chatting to Ian Botham ...

Ribs really sore with all the coughing .. head feels too big .. and I generally feel spaced out .. weak .. really weak ... BUT .. tomorrow is another day .. and by then I shall be much better ...

18/12/2008 at 13:30

The nasty raging effects of the 'virus' seems over .. but I have the worst sore throat I think I have ever had .. damn near choked on my medication this morning .. just couldn't get the pills down without breaking them up ... and I am weak ... weak as a newborn kitten .. just getting out of my chair is a real struggle .. been sat slumped with my feet up all morning .. and that's exhausted me so much I may well have to go back to bed in a few minutes

 Ohhh ... and I've lot my voice ... phone rang a few minutes ago and when I went to answer . nothing much came out ... just some weird squeaky noises hahahah

18/12/2008 at 22:45

Oh Patootie, that's not good! If you don't feel better by tomorrow morning, hadn't you better contact someone? At least the warden or supervisor or whatever? If you're this weak you may need some help.

A really severe sore throat is horribly painful. I had never had one til about 3 years ago, when I sat in the kitchen most of the night drinking scalding hot tea. I can't imagine how tough it must be trying to take pills with that! If it's not getting better by tomorrow, perhaps you should at least consider seeing a doctor, if only to be sure that it IS viral and not bacterial?

I wish I could rush right over and make you a nice hot pot of tea and something soft but nutritious like some porridge, and fill a hot water bottle for you! I really do hope you find that in the morning you've turned the corner, but if not, do call someone, OK


19/12/2008 at 10:20

Awwww Chuggle Bells you are kind .. pot of coffee and a malted bikkie would be lovely ... giggles and incidentally reading your new name set me off laughing and into a good old coughing fit from which I now feel much better as I've had a good 'clear out' all round ... which has done me the power of good ... breathing easier, sinuses cleared, eyes well flushed out, etc etc

Please trust me when I say this is a virus .. with over 50 years experience of the various infections you get to know what to watch out for ... I have a pump thing to measure lung capacity and even with the worst of the coughing times that has stayed well within my 'safe' levels .. yes my temperature has been higher than usual  (always keep a thermometer handy) but it hasn't been 'raging' ... and all the coughing action has come from the throat level not the chest level ...

One thing I don't do is take any risk with my health (I hope) ... but I do appreciate your concerns ... I've been doing all my breathing exercises day and night (a series of extra deep breaths, holding and blowing out techniques to make sure all the air gets changed in the lungs and that bronchial fluids get a good churning round) ... and that helps to prevent a viral bug having the chance to change to an infection in the lungs .. I've topped up regularly with fluids .. and made sure I get enough rest ...

'Pamper' a virus .. 'attack' an infection has always been my motto ..

My throat is heaps better ... all the really nasty dark red bruised look has gone this morning .. it's still a bit swollen ... but a natural colour which is very good .. my temperature is down .. and I actually feel a bit hungry this morning ... first time for 3 days .. I've been forcing soups down myself .. but I am about to go and make some toast ... lovely dry crisp crunchy toast ... excellent for scraping off the last of the virus ... and sending it out my body through err . well .. natural processes

Right .. it's coffee and toast time ...

Edited: 19/12/2008 at 10:21
19/12/2008 at 15:41

Hi all, 

My everyone is getting very festive  I had to stop myself buying a snuggly red fleece dressing gown with a snowflake lining and matching slippers in M&S yesterday, although I may still succumb before the Big Day - someone talk me out of it please! 

Hope the toast did the trick Toots. Just about everyone I know has been or is ill, my OH my Dad, a couple of friends I was meant to be meeting at a Christmas concert on Tuesday -  anyway the good news is this: if you're poorly now, the likliehood is that you will have recovered in time for Chistmas!

I am just trying to keep the running ticking over at the moment although I did do 6 miles last weekend. I find over Christmas that trying to counteract all the eating and drinking of stuff that just doesn't  fuel running by going out and actually running just makes you feel awful - so best to do at least one in moderation - guess which one?


19/12/2008 at 17:47
Heaps better this evening .. thank goodness ... the toast has done it's usual trick on my throat ... all signs of redness have gone ... those nasty bugs scraped right off .. only downside is they have to go through you .. literally ... if you see what I mean ...
20/12/2008 at 18:04

Oh, GOOD NEWS, Toots! Clearly you are a lot more expert than most doctors would be, and have done all the right things. When you can eat toast again it means you really are on the way up. I'm so glad! It's total grimbo to have to face Christmas feeling carp. And as Screamy says, there is so much lurgy going around this year, it may almost be a blessing in disguise to have it out of the way!

And by the way, Screamy, hats off to you for that 6 miles! I find this a very hard time of year to keep going. I was planning to run last (mine are usually only about 2-3 miles, but better than nothing) but it was a very heavy weekend at church, with Lessons & Carols (I'm a choir singer) and all the kids home, so no time. Then it was going to be early in the week. But it was really cold, -3 C during the day, and I just don't enjoy it. Then I should have gone today, but the last 2 days I've not been to bed before 2 am cos of driving kids to Christmas parties, so now I'm whacked. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow---cos in the middle of the week it's going to get cold again. Oh well.

Patootie, what are you doing for Christmas? Is there some kind of celebration in your house? Whenever you do celebrate, as you raise your festive glass, stop for just a minute and drink to YOURSELF, OK? Do you remember starting this thread just a year ago? And LOOK at what you've done in that time! A whole new world----new house, new activities, oh and you've got US of course now too )) You've moved mountains this year, and you should feel SO proud of yourself, cos you've done it all!!!!!!

20/12/2008 at 18:05
Erm, by the way, I am not in a witness protection programme, RW is just taking its time about loading my Christmas picture!
20/12/2008 at 20:16


3am ... I was absolutely fine ... yeharrr I thought ... shook off that nasty virus ,,, gave my sis a quick 'Happy Birthday' phone call ... (we always seem to be ringing at odd times due to the time difference between England and Australia) ... went back to bed ....

Woke up at 8am .....  ... blasted virus had changed into a chest infection in just those few hours ... so I swung into action ... checked all my vitals .... not good ... spent from 9.30am -12.15pm in a PACKED doctors emergency surgery .. got seen .... came out with a shopping list of medication ... steroids, antibiotics and yet  more inhalers ..  .. but the doc did compliment me on doing all I could to have kept the virus changing into an infection and that I had done the right thing seeking urgent medical help

Got to the chemist ... only to realise my prepayment prescription card had run out 2 days before  ... a total of EIGHT meds .... £56.80 .. YIKES !!  Fortunately I will get that back once my new card comes through (costs £100 but means no more 'scrip payments for a year!) ...

So I am dosed up with numerous meds .. staying in the warm ... and I think it's time for another cup of coffee .. I've got various meds to take every 3 hours ... ohh well ... at least it's not any worse ...

21/12/2008 at 10:33
I feel absolutely fine this morning ... so the steroids and anti-biotics seem to be doing their job thank goodness 

Had a strange nights sleep mind you ... or rather lack of sleep as I was sooooooo hyper with the mega dose steroids .. I just couldn't lay down and relax ... my mind was simply buzzing .. and I got dozens of paperwork tasks sorted out .. redid all my filing and sorted out all the 'old' papers for shredding ... then got started on sorting my clothes into summer/winter sections in my wardrobes ... all my handbags put back into their old pillowcase covers ... and even sorted out a nice 'hospital basics' kit should I ever need to be whisked away quickly ... 

Finally slumped down on the bed around 7.30am ... and slept like the proverbial log until just before 10am ... 

Just drinking a cup of coffee then I am going to pop up to the local Tesco Express and get some eggs, cheese, a little bit of meat and some fresh fruit ... after a full week of just the odd cup-a-soup and a tin or two of mandarins my body is crying out for some protein and fresh fruit .. sun is shining ... I feel soooooo much better .. and all is going well in my world this morning .. 

Edit: Oh .. and before you tell me off .. I will be resting for the rest of the day once I've been out .. mustn't overdo it however good I feel ... still got to be sensible ...
21/12/2008 at 16:13

Patootie, you are AMAZING!!! When I read your first post above from yesterday, my heart sank. You are not the panicky type, and if you felt you needed to go to an emergency surgery, I was feeling quite anxious. Although good to hear that the doctor complimented you on the way you were managing.

Then I read about your night, and I HAD to laugh! Only you, Toots, could make a chest infection an opportunity for doing all your paperwork, sorting your wardrobe etc! I've heard about people who make the best of situations, but you seem to THRIVE on them! I think that's just fantastic. I would have been laid there in been snivelling and feeling sorry for myself, while you got your whole world put to rights!

And how good to see the virtue is its own reward andyou are starting to feel better! Great that you feel well enough to get to Tesco---and after the week you've had, I just bet some proper food will taste good!

I know you will be sensible (if for no other reason than that you know what will happen if you don't ( but you clearly did just right to get the meds when you did, and hopefully you really now are over the worst.

Will you be able to get together with friends or fellow-residents over Christmas?

21/12/2008 at 18:25

Not amazing ... more ... stark raving bonkers ...honestly steroids for me are like 'speed' to other people ... I can almost feel my cells bursting open in a chain of micromini explosions ... steroids really 'mess me up' .. but they are the very BEST thing to stop a budding infection in it's tracks ..

And what else do you do with a ton of nervous energy you weren't expecting ... middle of the night so you can't go racing around with the vacuum cleaner waking everyone up ... so you do all the jobs you'd been putting off because you didn't feel up to it before ... !

I bought simple things like cheese and eggs ... some nice fresh Satsumas .. Cornish wafers to have with the cheese .. and a pack of cumberland sausages for some reason  .. not sure what my thinking was behind buying them ... as I'm not really a sausage fan .. but obviously my body must think there is something in them that it's short of ...  .. and a BIG bottle of fiery ginger beer ... really good for sorting out the stomach ... and with all the meds mingling around every few hours gotta keep my stomach well hydrated ..

My Christmas's have been very quiet for many years ... it's one of the few disadvantages of being a singleton .. you don't really fit in with other peoples Christmas plans .. but then I am quite happy spending Christmas on my own .. I can eat what I want, when I want, have full charge of the remote control .. and generally speaking never get let down with hideous Christmas gifts you instantly hate as you don't get presents in the first place .. but of course you don't need to buy them either  

Not sure what's happening here at Christmas but I dare say I won't be the only one spending Christmas on their own ... just got to avoid the 'sherry anyone' crowd

21/12/2008 at 18:54

Hmmmm....never had steroids, but the effect sounds rather alarming, rather like an electrical charge going through your body. But you are obviously very experienced with this, and if they work well to stop the infection, then they're probably just the right stuff. I hope the meds don't have a lot of unpleasant side effects, though? You talked about getting dehydrated...

And even if I were supercharged (via steroids or anything else)  I still doubt if I would be 'together' enough to use the energy as sensibly as you did!!!!

Your trip to Tesco's sounds like a success, though. All good stuff! And even with things like sausages, if your body looks at them and says 'yum' then probably you DO need something that's in them. So enjoy ))) I reckon that when you've been poorly, you should indulge yourself with whatever sounds good to you, and if you want to live on cumberland sausages, ginger beer and satsumas for a few days, go for it!

I'm glad you have a way of enjoying Christmas that suits you. For many many yhears we've been the ones who made Christmas for everyone, but now that we have no parents living, it seems a bit quiet with just the 5 of us so we usually have at least one or two friends join us. The whole thing is very traditional here, starting with the crib service on Christmas Eve afternoon, which we all love even though the kids are far too old to be sheep any longer! We have a traditional supper of a big puffy oven pancake filled with hot spiced apples, with a table nicely set with candles and all that, after which we watch Home Alone 47 and Murder on the Nile (which are ALWAYS on) until it's time for C1 and me to go sing for midnight mass. Christmas Day we always have the same breakfast---sliced oranges, followed by toasted pannetone---then we spend a long time opening presents cos everyone has to watch as each one is opened so we can all see everything. Then a traditional lunch (with vegetarian option as two of us are veggies), both Queens (Beatrix and Liz), sometimes a little waddle, and an evening spent just oozing around like overripe cheeses.....

So I can see the appeal of being totally free to do what you like, AND to have full possession of the remote!!!!

Are you starting to feel better yet, Toots? You seem to be on a lot of meds, are they actually helping now?  

23/12/2008 at 11:40
Well blow me down with a feather ... just had my shopping delivered from ASDA .. and guess who brought it for me ... yup .. SANTA ... 

The drivers name is Brian .. he's worked for ASDA, Peterborough for quite a while .. and he really is one of those rare 'caring, sharing, generous' human beings .. always makes sure he puts heavy bags where I can get to them ... makes sure I know just where the frozen goods are so I can get them put straight away ... unpacks those really heavy shrink wrapped multi packs of sparkling water for me and splits the plastic so I don't have to struggle to get them open .. and does it all with a lovely cheery word and an infectious smile .. 

So today when the ASDA delivery van pulled up and I saw Santa sat inside I just knew it had to be Brian ... he came up the corridor wheeling my groceries and singing "Jingle Bells" ... what a lovely man ..
23/12/2008 at 21:36

Awww, Toots, what a lovely thing to have happen! It really makes you realise, doesn't it, what a big effect people have on others. Someone like Brian, who is thoughtful, kind and cheerful makes everyone feel better. And you know, when we get to heaven he's going to be at the head of the queue.

How are you feeling? It sounds as if the worst might be receding into the distance now, which is great. It's always nicer to feel well at Christmas, even if you spend it quite quietly.

Pandemonium here, with all the kids home. Went shopping with C1 (lots of sales on already!), and this evening we all went out for a drink to celebrate C3 getting 2 more offers of university places. Most of all we just enjoy mooching around together. The repartee can be a bit groan-making, but it's so nice when everyone is home.

Time for me to get back to wrapping---lots of tiny things, mostly, but they ALL must be wrapped. It's traditional!!!

25/12/2008 at 18:42

A very traditional Christmas here, with midnight mass (C1 and I sang in the choir), stockings, traditional breakfast, prezzies (less money but lots more imagination than in some past years!), Christmas lunch with all the bits (+ veggie option for C1 and me), happy time with a friend who came for the day, listened to both queens' broadcasts (Beatrix and Elizabeth), watched Willy Wonka, now subsiding into a gentle sort of Christmas jelly ))

I hope you're having a happy Christmas in your new home, Patootie, and that you're indulging yourself a bit and feeling well enough to really enjoy that!

26/12/2008 at 06:59
Very quiet here .. as per usual for me .. had a lovely selection of cheeses and nice biscuits for my Christmas dinner .. watched a bit of tv ...
26/12/2008 at 09:05

That sounds luxuriously indulgent, Toots, and I hope it felt like that. Has the lurgy finally left you, so that you could actually enjoy the day a bit?

We're going to venture out to Madurdam for our usual Boxing Day visit. This is a world-famous minature version of Holland that covers about an acre and has literally hundreds of famous buildings all built meticulously to scale, with a miniature airport, and motorways with cars that really go, and all that sort of thing. It is a great tourist attraction, but in fact the better you know the country the more you enjoy it because the more you recognise. It's the sort of place that you, with your eye for detail, would just love. Look here.

They actually do a sort of son-et-lumiere in the evenings, with the story of Hans Brinker and the silver skates, and we had thought of going, but it's turned very cold here (it's -2 C at the moment, which is 10 am) so I somehow don't see us sitting outside for 2 hours after dark!

Hope you have a happy day, Patootie, with some nice treats and that you are enjoying your first Christmas in your beautiful new home. xx

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