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24/06/2012 at 14:53

Hello Maam! I'm here - watching the grand prix in bed that I recorded and waiting for the footie later!!!!

Didn't do my 8 miler this morning - I have not yet got out of bed *almost 3pm* - aaah bliss 

When you've had your knee op, how long after that before you can put your running trainers on again???

24/06/2012 at 17:18

Here but busy.

24/06/2012 at 21:22
Hello All - just watching England and wondering why we can't pass and why we can't hold on to the ball. It's so poor. If we win with a lucky late goal I'll take it but would we deserve it?

Done my bit for the Cubs this weekend with overnight stay at London Zoo then trip to Brit Museum. I was really nervous about it beforehand - too many boys, too much potential for losing one or having an accident but in the end they were all good - generally - and it passed without incident.

I wouldn't recommend sleeping on floor of Bugs house though. My back is killing today and I reckon I only really had 3 hours sleep.

Didn't run anywhere but walked - and this is no exaggeration - over 5 miles in last 24 hours. No wonder kids were falling asleep on train back.

Early night for me and trainers in car for tomorrow lunchtime - cant wait.
24/06/2012 at 23:11

Hi all.

Think England got what they deserved. Second best all over the pitch.

Sounds like a fun weekend Silver! Think I would have chosen Emma's day myself though

I have been mad busy over the last few days. Working hard at the sinking ship because my partner is away and then fitting in two hospice visits to my OH's Dad.

Managed two five mile runs Friday morning and this evening to take my monthly total up to a paltry 24

25/06/2012 at 11:37

Hi everyone, sorry I forgot to say I was off friday as took my mum for a spa day which did mean I did some swimming

Race yesterday was abit of a disaster, I did it but only 5K  the conditons were appalling to be honest after a very heavy nights rain.  Weather come 11am was ok but the damage to a mainly trail race had been done  water logged, mud, cow sh*t and running on stones was not ideal, to say I was plastered is an understatement  so whilst doing the first loop I made the decision to only do the 5K and not risk any injury, I was not the only one who did this.

So my running total is terrible about 39 miles I think  my arthritis is giving my knees some problems so I am not happy  got the Weedon 10K race tomorrow night which is race 7 in the EMGP series and wondering if knees will hold up  I do want to do it though


25/06/2012 at 12:31

60.5 miles done so far this month.

seems like there's a few of us struggling with their knees at the moment!

Booey - don't blame you for stopping at the 5k mark - i'd not have gone that far - I would've been cursing and swearing all the way round!

Stripes - you can catch up on your mileage next month after you drink-a-thon. Your OH's dad in a hospice doesn't sound good.  Hope that you and your OH are ok - its always tough when nearest and dearest get very ill

Silver - did you get out this lunchtime?

england were rubbish last night. i'm not suprised - they've been constantly complacent of late.  The best players in my opinion were terry (boo) and parker (yay, spurs).  Rooney was a complete let down.

Maam - I hope that your nail varnish has been stripped of the england flag out of disgust of our poor performance

Mal - 5 more sleeps......

26/06/2012 at 00:14

Feels like forever since I last went for a run. When this wedding is over I'm looking forward to getting out lots! LOL Emma, I'm excited and scared now.

Shame about the 5k Booey but risking injury isn't worth it.

Stripes lovely to have you back again.

Maam, how are you feeling? Holiday?

Overnight with the cubs sounds adventurous Silver!

26/06/2012 at 10:15

My whole body ached so much this morning, my knees my hands  god its really getting to me  I know first thing in the morning is the worse with arthritis but it slows me up so much.  Am just going to see how I feel later whether I do the 10K race  if I dont I shall get out on my own.

Mal - not long now  how exciting

26/06/2012 at 14:06

Hi everyone.

Boo - sounds like you are really suffering with your arthritis.  Is there anyway your Dr can bring your appointment forward to get seen and reduce pain for you quicker?  I know my Dad has been put on Tramidol for his arthritis as got so bad that diclofenic wasn't working enough. Really hope they sort it out soon for you.  Good luck with the run tonight if you go.

Mal - Not long now till the big day, try not to let the nerves and excitement make you worry or be ill.  Look forward and enjoy

Silver - you are a braver man than me spending time at London Zoo with kids, or is that just the spending time with kids? Sounds like you had fun though and hope the back has settled down again for you.

Em - Full of busy and running well as always - when do you start the new job?

Stripes - you recovered from your trip yet? Sounds like you are having a hectic time with the hospice visits, hope all is well x

I've had a busy and fun weekend for a change. Went out Saturday night to see a friends band play, was really nice to get out, even if couldn't dance or sit comfortable, but nice change. Sunday my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin came to visit which was great as haven't seen cousin in about 12 months.  We went to a marshland area near where I live and had a walk (on the crutches) along the front, they stopped for fish n chips while I had ice cream Rum n Raisin and Banana Choc Chip nom nom nom.  That isn't forgetting all the footie and the grand prix. As a result spent a lot of yesterday asleep They are coming over again on Saturday after I get back from the hospital for my MRI so will be another great weekend

Oh, last night I did a workout too was great, sit ups then weights for my arms while sat on the bed. Still can't do anything with the lower body, but at least it is something, and it felt great

Looking forward to going to Cuba, I'm planning on going and if hospital say no they will have to give me a really good reason.  As got the all clear to dive, my OH is going to drive me next Friday so that I can have a trial dive using my new gloves as I've never dived without using my legs before. Should be interesting and fun

The monthly total to date are:

Silver : 15.8 miles

Em - 60.5 miles

Boo - 39 miles

Stripes - 24 miles

Mal - 7.5k and wedding planning and party planning

Have fun everyone

26/06/2012 at 21:02

Hey Maam - should start the new job 2nd August - fingers crossed.....

Just did a tempo run at the local running club.  still feel like i'm trailing behind by several hundred meters but you got to do it for yourself and not compare yourself to others (that have been running for years so clearly have an advantage) 

Mal - 4 more sleeps!!!!!

Boo - how you feeling now?  Did you limber up enough to do the 10k or just a gentle run by yourself?  Hope it settles down soon for you x a miracle cure would be nice eh!

Gents = all quiet on the western front?  have the kids got the better of you Silver?   Stripes - you been busy on the family front?  

Got given a bottle of beetroot juice tonight from the running club.  i'm not sure.  it does have the disclaimer on it that if you drink too much of it it could turn your wee pink.  must be worth a try surely.....


26/06/2012 at 21:48

Em - let me know what it's like, it's meant to be really good for you x

27/06/2012 at 11:23

Didn't do the race but went out on my own and did 6.25 miles, I took it steady and my knees were aching  this morning they ached but no more than before.  I think as my knees have not ached since the very beginning when I started road running is has to be the arthritis  I loved being out though and just alone running, love that feeling

Maam - the meds they are saying they will put me on are Methotrexate  I have a booklet to read which tells me all the side affects  to be honest, the way its crept up on me the last few weeks I will try anything to get rid of the discomfort.  I have my ultra sound scan on my hands next Monday at the hospital then my local GP said call him and he can see the results and maybe push for a closer appointmernt with my specialist, which is currently Aug 31st  we will see

Em - beetroot juice is very good for you and yes it does make your wee red

27/06/2012 at 16:21
Hi all.

Are you all set for the wedding Mal?

Well done on the tempo run Emma.

Hope the knees are okay Maam and Boo.

I'm afraid the inevitable happened early this morning and my partners Dad passed away. He suffered so much in the last few days that it was a blessing in the end. She has just gone to bed for the first time in almost 48 hours and I am sat here not sure what to do with myself.
27/06/2012 at 17:00

Stripes - Sorry to hear about OH Dad.  My thoughts and love is with you and your partner, take comfort in the knowledge that he will no longer suffer and that he will always be watching over you.  Take time to relax, time together, and try to sleep yourself.  xxx

27/06/2012 at 20:57
Stripes I'm really sorry to hear about your OHs Dad. I lost my father in law 4 years back and it's difficult to know what to do afterwards isn't it. He suffered a lot too and as sad as it was at least in the end he was free from all the pain. I hope your OH can get some rest tonight.

Mal - I'm well excited for you and the IPhone is telling me there could be sun on Saturday - just one thing aren't you leaving it a bit late to send the invites out?

Boo - you sound in a bad old way. What happens at the ultrasound if they find anything - will they change your treatment/ drugs?

Maam - good news on the dive hope the MRI this weekend goes well.

Emma - you're as reliable as ever - Boo used to be the machine on here but you are putting us all (especially me!) to shame!

I'm over the cubs outing now but I've spent the last 2 days in central London so running has been impossible. We really are getting very busy again after 12 quiet months. All good but even my lunchtimes are being squeeeeszed now. Thurs and Fri I'm in the office so at least one run planned. It's sad to think I was running 20 miles a week at one point with the club runs but I'm not stressing about it as priorities change.

Off to get my suit out ready for the big day on Saturday - Taraa for now.
27/06/2012 at 22:56

Oh Stripes, I'm sorry to hear it, I hope you and your OH are ok. It must be a difficult time for her and for you.

Maam, I hope you are ok, how are you feeling?

Booey, sorry to hear you are suffering too. You have my sympathy.

I'll invite you all, are you getting us good wedding gifts??! (actually we've told everyone we dont want gifts because they're all helping us such a lot on the day and we're happy they'll be attending instead)

Emma, update on the beetroot juice?



28/06/2012 at 08:36
Morning All it's going to be 28 here today - doesn't feel it at the moment but you never know with this crazy weather. I've woken up feeling strange this morning,not unwell, just a bit strange like my heads in a different place to my body - With the busy weekends and all I think I've been overdoing it maybe - either that or I'm losing it!

Can not wait to run today - really it has to happen or I'm hanging up my running shoes. Have a good day.
28/06/2012 at 10:49

Stripes - so sorry to hear your sad news   I hope you are both ok *big hugs*

Well I ran again last night in the heat, and boy was it hot  did 3.4 miles.  My knees are fine today more or less so defo arthritis, kinda eases the pressure that its not the running as no way could I give it up  its obviously moving around as my wedding ring finger joint has today swollen for the first time   I had to take my engagement ring off a few weeks ago and need to get wedding ring off for ultra sound on Monday  I think I am going to struggle to get it off and its panicking me abit to say the least  also upsetting as I think it will have to stay off until I get this all under control and I have only been married 2 years  boohoo its also very very sentimental to me as its my mums wedding ring and has her mums melted into it too, so 3 generations. The uncanny thing about it all is, my mum had to stop wearing it years ago because of her arthritis

Mal - really excited for you

Prob have a rest day today and run tomorrow, so that will be the last contribution to my monthly mileage.  Which I have to say will be rubbissssssssssh haha

Silver - you manage to get out?

28/06/2012 at 11:10

Morning all

Boo - try icing your finger to get it really cold to help get the ring off, understand what you mean about not wanting to take it off, but if it is for the best then that has to be a better thing. Maybe wear it on a necklace until you can wear it again on your finger, that way you still have it with you

Silver - Hope you have made it out.

Mal - Bet you are so excited now ??? Thinking of you and sure you'll have a fab day

Em - How is the juice? Taste any good?

I've done another weights/sit up circuit last night and again this morning.  Feels good to be doing something but it isn't running.  I'm trying to work out if can do any cardio without my legs and without having to travel - I'll swim on holiday (if I'm allowed to go), but while I'm in the house could use doing something. Any ideas?

Hope everyone is having a good day x

28/06/2012 at 15:57
5.3k run at lunch chaps. Usual cross country route in the mud with the grass now chest high. Boy was it hot though - hot and humid! Felt like I'd had a sauna when I got back.

Definately out of shape though as I needed a breather on route and it took me a good 5 mins to recover. Just need to make it more regular and the fitness will come back!
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