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10/09/2012 at 19:58

Why change the habits of a lifetime Silver? We love your ramblings on

11/09/2012 at 09:12
Hey what about Murray! I watched the first set but it took an hour and a half to complete so I went to bed after - good job too as I don't think it finished til 2 o'clock. Good in him though - I've always been a fan and knew he'd win a slam at some point.

Picking up the tready at the weekend so can't wait for that. I should admit that the bit about it being in Aberdeen wasn't true and it's only in Surrey so about 45 mins away from me - thankfully. Shame really I fancied a trip to Scotland.
11/09/2012 at 11:57
Hello......hello.......hello (echoes!)

Where is everyone?

If I told you Id just run 10miles in 50 minutes would you be interested and come back?

11/09/2012 at 13:33
Ha. Nice run Silver
11/09/2012 at 17:10

Hi guys

Sorry I been so long but my bloody phone has packed up and I cant do without it boohoo

Anyway the half mara was completed in 2.17, better than my last time but am I happy with that to be honest I wanted under 2,15 but hey ho.  I found the last 3 miles a struggle and also my newish trainers gave me a couple of small blisters BUT not moaning, it was a beautiful place round the lake, the weather was kind and wasnt over warm and also very shaded.  Really enjoyed it and would defo consider doing again next year

Just using dads laptop, home from wales tomorrow back to work thurs so catch up with all your news then

Stripes well done great time

11/09/2012 at 18:31
Thanks Booey. Well done on the PB. Sounds like a great race.
11/09/2012 at 19:36


Well I've been to work and it was rather boring, long and tiring. I guess that is partly to do with not having access to any of the systems and spending most of the day ready the last 3 months worth of meeting minutes and the rest of the day photocopying! Deep Joy. Good news is I have tomorrow off to recover

Silver - hope the trip to get the machine is a good one and that you give it a good going over once you've got it, just to make sure it works of course

Boo - brilliant run and excellent PB, you should be proud

Stripes - is it this weekend your HM? If so good luck for it

I'm hoping to run soon, ish, hoping that the physio will give me a better idea on Friday but with after the news from the hospital think it may have to be some time away Looking up though shouldn't be too much longer

12/09/2012 at 07:29


First of all, what a funny read.  If everyone just left Silver on this forum alone for a couple of days, I reckon we'd have a really good comedy sketch.  Especially if we'd got his sloshed on a bottle of vino!

Booey - great time!  setting the bar for silverstone next year?  

Maam - good to hear that things are bit more positive.  You'll be running soon enough!

Stripes - when are you going to change your name on here?  (unless you wear stripes in other places than on your trainers...)

I got a full day of lunch with customers and then dinner with friends tonight. Tomorrow its up at early doors to get a 2.5 hour train to take me to Birmingham for the day - not getting home until nearly 10pm tomorrow night.  Not massively looking forward to that.  Still done a run and will have a spin class a bit later before I go to dinner.

Mal - helloooo - just in case you're too busy but still reading x

12/09/2012 at 08:24
Morning All - sorry again for my drink induced silliness - its a combo of the post holiday blues and being back at work. Grrrrr!

I'm beginning to wonder if I've done the right thing with the treadmill now. It is a bargain but will I use it enough and how unhappy will Mrs S be when she sees it. Could be a proper doghouse moment which may last weeks. I'll just have to move into the garage with the treadmill my tools and my radio that's stuck on Radio 5. Not sure what I'll do for eats though as all we've got in there is the deep freeze and my wine collection.

Been up since 6.30 making Lego this morning as its my 5yo actual birthday. I managed to make his vampire car by 7.30 but the vampire castle will have to wait til tonight as its huge. I hate Lego!
12/09/2012 at 12:16

Em - good to hear that you are getting on well even if very busy and well done for still fitting in the runs and spin class Roll on Silverstone, the hospital are hopeful of me still doing it too

Silver - Well what can we say, dog house and stuck in the garage with the vino, this could lead to some serious comedy sketches on here  Sure all will be fine, after all I'm sure Mrs S knows what a tready looks like when she said you can have one.

Happy Birthday to your little one too, sure the lego is going down a treat, I love lego it is great fun Always makes me feel like a big kid when I play lego with my nephew

Stipes - Glad you are still about, is it this weekend that your race again? I really am suffering with memory loss and nausia with all these tablets it isn't going good Good luck just incase it is this weekend.

Boo - Congrats again, good to hear it went well

Mal - how are you and the family doing? Good I hope and diet going well from what I see on mfp xxx

12/09/2012 at 14:43
Hi all.

Hope you are all well

Silver, we will have to bring back the pictures of dog houses

Emma, I tried SWOOSH but its already taken.

Maam, HM in Macclesfield but not until Sep 30th. I may need some of your tablets afterwards!

Miles behind in work because I stopped to watch Camerons statement about the Hillsborough Independant Panels findings. Hopefully now justice may finally be done.
12/09/2012 at 21:32
It's shameful Stripes - the whole coverup and blaming the Liverpool fans. And to think its gone on for so long.
12/09/2012 at 22:23

Sure is. I wasn't there but have many friends who were and vaguely know people who lost relatives. Hopefully today will be a catalyst for the inquest to be reopened and some closure can be given to the families.

How is the situation re: treadmill?

I have finally bitten the bullet and joined a gym after much messing about with trials at various different places. I plan to improve my swimming and general cardio fitness which should help my running.

I have also got a vague idea of attempting a sprint triathlon next year

Crazy I know since the only bike I currently own is a cheap mountain bike which I haven't ridden for over a year

13/09/2012 at 10:59
Wow - look at you go - sprint triathlons no less! I know a couple of Dads who regularly do triathlons and they love it. My swimming is pants and my bike is a load of rubbish (the front wheel fell off when I went to the Spar a few weeks back - seriously!) but that's what you get for ??80 from Halfords. I love the idea of triathlons though so best of luck.

Still waiting to pickup treadmill from the bloke in Surrey. He's away on business this week sonircwill probably be at the weekend. I can't wait to give it a try though.
13/09/2012 at 12:17

OK my official time was 2.18.05 it wasn't chip timed so thats why my garmin read 2.16 something but I always go by the official.  Its only 4 minutes better than Silverstone so I am a tad disappointed but still thoroughly enjoyed it.  Two things I would say now I have had time to reflect.  Firstly my new Mizuno trainers gave me a couple of small blisters and I could feel this start from around 8-9 miles, I have ran in them plenty before the race and they were good but lesson is stick with Asics as never one blister with them.  Secondly, I struggled the last 3 miles  so in training do 13 miles dont be happy with around 10 ish

Also would be interested to do a HM in the cold and see how I perform then, am looking for one

My phone is still out of action and I have to drop into a shop for repair later, maybe get it back tomorrow if I am lucky.

I have had terrible acid stomach the last few day, I think my tablets are playing me up  not funny, couldn't even have a glass of wine with my mum whilst away

Silver - treadmill ah  I will leave you to see how you get on but all I know is, I never use mine

Maam - hope work went ok even though boring, gradually you will get back into things

Stripes - you are on fire  keep up the good running

Em - how was the busy day in Brum

13/09/2012 at 16:01
Hello Booey - well done on the race and good feedback on the shoes.

Now about the treadmill - I only bought it as I thought you had one and used it a lot!! Im worried it's going to become a bit of an ornament now! . Still I reckon I could get my money back if I didn't use it and decided to flog it.

I guess I could always use it to exercise the dog .... If I had one ... or a small child that would keep em quiet.
13/09/2012 at 22:11
Hi all.

Booey, I have suffered with blisters since day one. On third pair of shoes and tried numerous types of sock but still get them. Currently got a terrible one on a toe

Silver, the treadmill will come in handy when the weather gets bad, or as something to sleep on when its dog house time

Did 14 miles earlier. Furthest I've ever run and longest time on feet, feel pretty weary tonight.

Went and got some swimming goggles afterwards. Look a prize pratt with them on thats for sure!
13/09/2012 at 22:41
14 miles!!!! Well done mate that's a serious distance. Are you thinking of trying a full Mara Stripes?

Good luck with the swimming. Don't worry about the goggles - as long as you don't wear Speedos you'll be fine!
13/09/2012 at 22:48

Booey - those last 3 miles are a killer!  I always now do over and above the race distance but ALWAYS struggle if the weather is warm.  Silverstone was horrific - all that heat bouncing off all the tarmac - I was literally running and stripping off clothes and disgarding them at the side of the track.

I run much better in the cooler weather.  Because I get so hot.  Try not to be disheartened by times.  It's all nice to do quicker, but if we all just took a step back and looked at our achievements, we should be really proud of ourselves!  

I know that on the 23rd I have a 10k race, but its multi terrain and I doubt i'll do a PB - so i'm not even going to think about it.  I'm really about the achievement and not so much the time (although its nice to have something to aim for).  I think 4 minutes off the previous half marathon (half bloody marathon btw!) is a really great result!  so well done!  Hope your acid stomach goes  not fun is it....

Silver - honestly, the treadmill is a great idea.  You never know, Mrs S may have a little plod on it too.  You could encourage that your family use it too and get everyone involved (are you doubled up in hysterics now?)  But really, its all good and like you say, if in 6 months time its just been used for hanging tools and rags on then stick it on ebay!  

Swoosh/Stripes - well done on joining the gym.  My running club suggested x-training and spinning.  Can I say that the spinning has definitely helped with the running but truly knackering.  Give it a go - you'll love it (take a towel and bottle of water!) 

Maam - will be great to have you at silverstone!  I'm looking forward to it already (got the winter to get through first!) Must be nice to be getting to some sort of normality with going back to work? having lots of time off work would be fine if money was no problem and you didn't have a dodgy leg!  Oh the things I would do if I were rich.....

Anyway, better go - been painting the small bedroom since I got in from work - so much for chilling out tonight...

14/09/2012 at 08:18
Definitely no speedos

I am a long way from a full mara. Couldn't have even contemplated another 12 miles yesterday. Not sure how far to push my LSR after Macc half?

Spinning class is a must I know Emma but it sounds incredibly difficult. Not sure when I will take the plunge.
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