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14/09/2012 at 09:14

Silver - my treadmill only cost £50 and its not in my way and I can fold it up  so I wouldnt get rid of it.  You may find at first you use it a fair bit and also with having children you can use it whilst being at home with them  keep us informed how you get on

Stripes - well done on the 14 miles   Give yourself a rest after your HM then start increasing your mileage slightly and just see how it goes  I reckon the way you are going we will have an annoucement soon that your doing a full mara  really pleased for you though as I know you had a couple of set backs

Em - your words are very true and I do feel proud that I can even consider entering a HM, and 4 mins is an improvement.  My Mum cried when she saw me at the end haha she is so funny, she still sees me as her little girl and doing something amazing  OH said when she saw an ambulance go past she really panicked, bless her

I have my monthly hospital appointment next tues so will mention the acid stomach then and see what they say  still got it now boohoo

Might have a little run tonight to get the legs working again  

14/09/2012 at 09:37

Morning all,

Stipes - Very impressed and proud at the 14 miles!!! Such an acheivement, and as a training run not a race. That is awesome.  I don't think it will be long before you are doing a full mara, but then again the triathlon will be a good part way.  I said I wanted to do one before I turned 30 and that has been and gone, maybe if knee improves will try before I'm 40, let me know how you get on.

Boo - sorry to hear about the acid, it can't be easy.  I know I've been feeling really nausia with the tablets but trying to get on with it, but for you knowing the tablets are a life thing it must be really tough. Hugs to you xx

Silver - if I were you I'd be so giddy at the thought of getting the treadmill like Boo says even if you use it little but often.  I got my x-trainer and hardly use it, was using it for warm ups/cool downs for my run rather than a full work out.  Plus like Em says it might help get the family involved.

Em - like your idea of a chilling night, but painting, I'm sure the vino and a film could of been had instead, with the box of chocs

Getting back to work is starting to put normality into life, but I'm still not on the computers so doing fill in work rather than my work which makes me feel like a bit of a fraud like people are finding things for me to do just so I'm there.  I'm doing 2.5 days next week by the end of which I should know if they have agreed to change my hours.  I've asked for a compressed week so I'll do longer days but will get every Wednesday off  to rest which will suit me better all round. I'm still having bad days and quite a bit of pain, but hopefully today will be the start of the recovery as I'm off to see the physio soon! Nervous but happy so guess I should go get ready, wish me luck

14/09/2012 at 10:49

Good luck Maam  come back and let us know how it went

14/09/2012 at 12:54
Good luck Maam. Hope it goes well.
14/09/2012 at 12:58
Thanks Booey. Love what you put about your Mum.

Think I am going soft. Spent most of the Olympics and Paralympics welling up and was in floods when the Hillsborough announcements were made the other day.
14/09/2012 at 13:05

Hi all

Well I'm back from physio with mixed emotions .  The physio has said that my knee is in a bad way and that he expected me to have more movement than I do based upon the notes that he had been given.  He is not committing to how much activity I'll be able to get back to and didn't look so encouraging when I mentioned running especially when I mentioned Silverstone

The good news is that the treatment has started with 2 appointments per week plus stuff to do at home, ice packs needed and I've been given a walking stick! Just what I wanted

So after today I'm not convinced I'll be reporting any more runs which makes me really really sad

You will now have to all do extra and count some of it as runs for me to keep my running dreams happy

14/09/2012 at 13:46
Oh Maam that sounds really frustrating but don't rule out the runnIng altogether. Maybe you should try some low impact sports like swimming.

You could join Stripes in his budgie smugglers!

Sorry - just trying to make you smile. You can still be on this forum though - look at me I haven't run for weeks and I'm still on here all the time.
14/09/2012 at 13:58

Silver - Thanks for the encouragement. Swimming will be an option and he is happy for me to cycle.  I just need to get enough movement in my knee first to be able to peddle! Will give it a go though, and your posts always keep me smiling.

As for getting rid of me, you don't that easy, I can be a virtual kick up the bum when you need it remember

Fingers crossed for running again, but will be a few months off yet if today's appointment is anything to go by

14/09/2012 at 18:28

Oh dear Maam. Sorry about your news. Swimming is the way to go. Sure you must be a really good swimmer with all the diving you do.

You have got to be better than me. I've just got back having swallowed most of the pool

14/09/2012 at 20:03
I told Mrs S About the treadmill and a picture says a thousand words......

Edited: 14/09/2012 at 20:04
14/09/2012 at 21:28
Thanks Booey. Love what you put about your Mum.

Think I am going soft. Spent most of the Olympics and Paralympics welling up and was in floods when the Hillsborough announcements were made the other day.
14/09/2012 at 21:28
Good luck Maam. Hope it goes well.
14/09/2012 at 22:22
Sorry. Bloody phone.
16/09/2012 at 12:35

I'm having a sad day knowing that today I should have been running the GNR with my cousins while raising money for a brilliant cause. Instead I'm sat on the sofa still learning to walk straight

Bright side, I'm Christmas shopping!

Roll on Silverstone and being able to run/walk/jog that

16/09/2012 at 15:53

Looks like the spam has taken over again

Good news to report my cousins have done the GNR both in Sub 2 hours! I'm one very proud girl at the moment

16/09/2012 at 19:03

Hey everyone!

I had a bath today. Shock shock horror.  The point being I was able to catch up and read some of the running magazines that I had.  The womens running one (sorry boyz) was saying about one of the editors being told last year, that she would never be able to run again.  

But what do the medical profession know?!!!!! right - so with the right attitude and the will (that you have by the way maam) you will be running again.  Give me your address and i'll send you the magazine.  She's basically done a few 5ks and has a 10k booked for next month.  You'll do silverstone and the GNR - don't know when but hey - what an achievement that will be when you've done it.

Soft-Stripe - your new user name stripes?  I cry at insurance adverts when the mood takes me.  

Silver - that dog house picture was really sweet.  My brother sold his treadmill today for £100.  Its done him proud.... I don't suppose Mrs Silver was joking when she said about the treadmill?  maybe she just has selective memory (hee hee)

Mal - hi!!! hope you're well.

I just gorged on small pizza hut pizza garlic bread with cheese and potato skins.  I am beached now watching the rerun of the GNR.  Oh yeah, because this morning I did the Victory 5 mile in 45 minutes.  5 minutes off my expected time.  Don't really know what to expect with my running anymore!!! 

16/09/2012 at 19:51
Well done Emma. Great time
16/09/2012 at 23:24
Emma your brothers not called Chris and lives in Chertsey does he cos I picked my treadmill up today and paid 100 quid for it - spooky!

Anyway it's a beast of a machine - huge and very solid - a real bargain at the price. It took me ages to set up so I've only had a 10 min run but it feels great. Had to dissemble it to get it in the car which was a bit of a palava but the eBay sellers were lovely and helpful. Mrs S has been surprisingly, no amazingly, cool about the whole thing and even asked how it felt to use! She's after something I know it!!

Only downside so far is the bloody scratch it made on my bumper as I took it out of the car Grrrrr!

Caught a bit of the GNR and thought of you Maam. I'm sure you mentioned it when you first came in here ages back. Hope Emmas article gives you some encouragement.

I'm a soft old git too when it comes to weeping. It's worse when you have kids too - if there's a injured child in Holby City I'll be in floods! Really!
17/09/2012 at 14:46

Maam - sorry to hear the news is not particularly what you wanted to hear  dont get to dispondent, I reckon you will be running again  its still early days and you sound like your positive enough to fight to get yourself right again.  Silverstone can always be planned for the following year if needs be

Stripes - your random double phone posts make me chuckle

Em - great 5 mile time, well done

Silver - enjoy the tready and I love the doghouse pic

Well I have now had a week rest from running so will have a little run later  got rid of the acid tum for the weekend so had a couple of bottles of wine to celebrate from the week before  cleared all the garden furniture away, tidied the garden up and got all the wood out ready for the winter fires, oh and did about 5 loads of washing  such an exciting weekend haha


18/09/2012 at 15:01

Hi all

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