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02/11/2011 at 18:50
If you get permission go for it if you feel its right for you but from what I was told last night the tip is to go as slow as you can for the first half and then see how you feel and take it from there.
02/11/2011 at 19:02
Good advice Stripes. I always start slowly on a longer run to make sure I conserve some energy. I'll probably start at walking pace for a HM.

Subject to the royal approval I think I'm going to give it a go.
02/11/2011 at 19:12

Here's hoping.

Hello Mal by the way from earlier

02/11/2011 at 21:39

Hi, thanks Stripes and Silver. Sorry for the short posts. I sometimes feel like I haven't got anything very interesting to say so I say nothing.

Hello Booey too.

Exciting things have been happening for us, we got a beautiful Dalmatian puppy this morning. She's lovely and has been really good so far. Hopefully I'll be able to run with her when she is old enough. For the moment I'm dying to get her vaccinations sorted so I can go for some lovely long walks with her and the kids.

I've had a go at planning a little route for tomorrow so lets hope I didn't miss any glaringly obvious problems and end up wading through streams etc! I'm excited to be running with my lovely twin sister on Friday, she has to slow her pace quite a lot to run with me but we're always more out of breath from laughing than running by the end.

Is that a bit better?!

02/11/2011 at 21:58
Well I tried but the response was, in this order;

You can't run that far yet

You'll be out most of the day

I can't be bothered to wait around for you for 2 hours to give you a lift home.

I think that's a no then unless I take the boys with me and get the Bus back.

I could now put my foot down and say I'm doing it anyway and suffer the silent treatment for the next week or I could try to slowly bring her round to my way of thinking but then I'll be forever in debt and get it on the neck for everything for the next month OR I could just forget it and have a quiet life. Oh decisions, decisions and to think all I wanted to do was go for a run! * holds head in hands and pours another glass of plonk*
02/11/2011 at 21:59

Hey Mal, I've never got anything interesting to say but I don't let it stop me

Great news about the puppy, my partner and step-daughter keep dropping hints that we should get one but we are all working full time at the moment so it just isn't practical.

Its must be good that you can plan a run with your sister, hope it goes well. Sure that having someone you are close to to run with must be a great help.

I am hoping to do a race with my brother who is 7 years younger than me and very fit but he managed to break his ankle a few weeks ago so its not gonna happen for a good while. Can't believe the lengths he has gone to to avoid me

02/11/2011 at 22:04
Hi Silver, sounds very frustrating. Don't think any of us can give you advice on that one. Could just go a glass of wine myself now!
02/11/2011 at 22:16
I'm on my third glass now and for some reason I've stopped caring about it. Hiccup!
02/11/2011 at 22:22
Mal - I would love a dog but like Stripes we just don't have the time to look after one properly. Hope he settles in ok.

By the way don't worry about writing interesting stuff - just read the rubbish I write - everything is interesting in some way.

Great you are running with your twin sister. My brother is 3 years younger and also runs but he lives in York. In fact most of his runs are around the racecourse there. We dont see each other often but when we do we have a laugh - wish we lived closer really.
02/11/2011 at 23:02

You two made me laugh!

Stripes, your brother's showing some fairly impressive dedication to avoid running with you. Or is it an evil masterplan to train lots while your brother can't? Just how competitive are you??

I'm lucky that even when I go back to work I work nights so they'll still always be someone here for the dog.

Sorry to hear your wife didn't want you to go Silver, no advice for you but have you explained how much your wife's continued support means to you? Sorry, probably been done to death but I can't see why she wouldn't be supportive of something you're working so hard to achieve.

I hardly ever get to run with my twin because we both have such busy lives but she only lives an hour away so try to every now and again. She's the one who got me into running. I've had cabin fever tonight with a clingy baby wanting to feed lots so can't wait to get out there and run for a bit tomorrow. I'm enjoying it a lot more now I can do a 15 minute stretch at a time, seems more worthwhile somehow.

03/11/2011 at 07:47
Morning All!

Sorry about the rambling messages last night I had had a few glasses and eventually finished the bottle.

Mal have a great run with your sister. I think if you are now up to 15 mins continuous you will find it very easy to stretch this out to 30 mins over a few weeks. That's how it worked for me anyway.

Stripes have a good run if you get out.

I'm on school drop off and pick up duty again today but I may have found a window of opportunity to get out this afternoon. I may even manage a whole hour to myself. Joy!

03/11/2011 at 09:26


Blimey don't you lot talk alot haha took me a while to catch up

Newquay was great, we got out loads and saw quite abit although the weather was very hit and miss.  We arrived there Friday and it was a beautiful day, had a coffee at costa sitting outside in t-shirt  unfortunately that didn't contine.  Saturday was my Birthday and it was drizzling all day really, we went to a place called Gwithian to watch a windsurfing event, lovely place down very narrow roads.  Went out for curry and drinks in the evening  the next couple of days were spent at various places we had marked to look at, Surfing going on on Fistral Beach.  Hubby windsurfed at two lovely spots, Stitians Lake and Loe Beach.

Without to much detail I had unexpected womens probs (sorry even thats to much detail but don't know how else to put it)  which totally messed my plans for running as I felt like rubbish for 2 days  but like I said I had a good time and its always good to get away

Felt bad once I got home for not doing anything but got out with the club last night, we did about 5K and I really enjoyed it  so the weekend I will get back into it and push on

03/11/2011 at 09:35

Thort I would post that then do another one about you lot

Silver - you have been doing some running in the last few days and all sounds good  so whats the decision on the HM?  Why don't you just drive yourself there then its easier you don't have to bother your wife?  My hubby doesn't always come with me and I am ok driving, although I have not done a HM yet.  I think you could do it ok as long as you really do pace yourself and don't mind walking etc

I still think for your first race you should do a 5 or a 10K just to get the feel of what its like, then there will be no stopping you

I hope you are not hungover today, all that wine  

Stripes - so pleased you got out with the running club and it went well, will you try and keep going with then now.  Nice there is so many people aswell as you can always slot in better where you are comfortable  and the garmin is going well  I always use mine even with the clubs as do a few others.

Mal - your new pup sounds lovely, like the others I would love a dog but not while we work full time

03/11/2011 at 09:52
Hi Booey Glad to hear you enjoyed Newquay despite the weather. It's a good time to go after the masses have been in the summer. I love that part of the world although we usually end up a bit further North in Croyde or Woolacombe which are also big surfing beaches.

I'm really enjoying my running again and itching to get out at every opportunity. For me it's so related to the weather and the surroundings so the beautiful trees at the moment and the mild weather are just so appealing. I feel totally revived after a run in the countryside.

Still deliberating on the HM next week as I'm feeling pretty fit and trim at the moment (my 5ks are feeling v easy - I think it's the longer club runs that have helped) I know I won't make the whole thing in one go but with a couple of little walks Im sure I could do the distance.

Had some womens problems of my own last night (not quite the ssme thing Im sure) which you've probably read about earlier but I'm determined to win this one even if it means the dog house for the next month!
03/11/2011 at 10:07
Hello, I thought I'd post as I'm new to this place and new to running. I did a 5km park run the other day as my friend persuaded me to go and I was horrified by my slow time!! I do a fair bit of exercise but I've never been a a runner I much prefer swimming or kayaking. I have always maintained I hate running because it hurts too much and I never enjoy it however I need to get fitter and so I am going to try and run.

Did anyone else hate it at first and grow to love it? Or am I doomed to dislike every run I force myself to do. It's lovely to see other people on here who are just starting out, hopefully I'll get some inspiration!

03/11/2011 at 10:16

Silver's soon to be new home  haha


03/11/2011 at 10:20

Morning Ellie and welcome to our thread

I was treadmill running to start with, but gotta say once I went out on the roads I loved it and have got the bug

Give yourself time to get use to it and see how you feel then

I am a great believer in doing what you really love doing, you just won't keep it up if you don't enjoy it at all

03/11/2011 at 10:20
Hi There Ellie and welcome to our friendly thread.

I hated running too at first but I always had a desire to do it. There's something great about getting from point A to point B under your own steam. I did lots of long distance walking when I was younger too ( through the night stuff 30 to 40 miles) do I missed the connection with the great outdoors.

I started in April with a view to getting fit and at first it was hard work. 20 mins of 1 min runs with 90 second walks just about finished me off and I was shattered after each outing. However the stronger and more confident I got the more I grew to love it and now I know I can usually get round without stopping and keep up with other people I love it even more.

Stick with it and share your highs and lows on here as I've found that a real motivation when I was beginning to lose the enthusiasm a bit.

The club runs are a great way to meet others who are enthusiastic about running.
03/11/2011 at 10:46
Booey I have missed your cheeky sense of humour but if I force the issue with Mrs S you're probably not too far off the truth

That's a fine looking dog house too. I'd be proud of it if I'd designed myself. Maybe Mal would be interested in something like that for her new Puppy? Although if I'm in there already it might be a bit cosy for the dog.
03/11/2011 at 10:49
Hi all I've enjoyed reading ur thread so thought I'd pop in if u don't mind!
I keep attempting to get 'into' running first time after my daughter was born 4 years ago, my neighbour wanted to do the run for life for her aunty so I trained with her but then it sort of fizzled out and I found I didn't like running on my own started again in Jan this year, on my own and was really enjoying it! Was doing my 5k in 30mins and started on trying to run longer after an itb (think that's what it was called) issue Then in June I went away with pals on a boozy wkend and started smoking again and stopped running! Seems I wasn't as committed as I thought!!
Now I want to get back into the running, I have missed the time doing something for me (and to loose the last bit of weight I put on when I stopped smoking) also I'm hoping it will make me want to stop smoking again and if I do I might be able to avoid gaining a stone in wks like last time!
I've become obsessed with a local race I'd love to run, it may be do-able but I'm not sure I'll push myself enough to try so I've decided to check out the running club tonight if they don't think it's wise I can always run it nxt year and do it in a decent time lol
My last run was 3.09m in 33mins so not the fastest pace but I only started back in Oct so I'm sure I'll pick up soon..
Running clubs probably gonna kill me tonight!!
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