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09/10/2012 at 19:07
Nice one John. 4.4m in half an hour is excellent and well above my pace. What speed did you set on the tready or was it in intervals?

Like you I can't wait for the kids to go to bed so I can have a run.

Like you Maam I've picked up a cold from my little one but Iim determined to keep running to keep the lurgy away. Hope you feel better soon.
09/10/2012 at 20:07

I have found my comfortable jogging speed is between 9-10km/h, I do tend to vary a little bit depending what songs comes on.

I wanted to try and keep running for 40 mins tonight, did 40mins 57 secs and clocked 5.74 miles.

My dad seems to think that my jogging speed should be 12km/h+ but not sure if I could maintain that for long distances.

Think I better have a rest day tomorrow as dont want to overdo it, which I probably already have done.

Hope you get kids to bed soon, mine are pretty good and only disturb me if they have to, although my son peeped his head through the door tonight to ask me how far I had ran, got a fright and nearly fell off !

09/10/2012 at 20:59
Haha! Those darn kids get everywhere don't they. My 5yo insisted on having a go on the tready before he went to bed. I got him up to 3.5mph before he began to slide slowly backwards.

My two generally go to sleep pretty well but I always give it half an hour before I dissappear into the garage just in case they are a bit restless. Its all quiet upstairs so I'm off to do a few miles now. I'll let you know how it goes.
09/10/2012 at 21:02

hi hi!

Did 4.3 miles in my lunch hour today along the sea wall and around the big lake! in the rain.  (not at your speed though John - wow!)

Great South is looming so have to do a long run this weekend (no more lazy mornings in bed for me on sundays!)

Just back from prezzo (oops) so not only stinking of garlic but nursing a 'carb baby' also!!

Where's Booey and Mal gone?  Are the boys going to take over!!!!???

09/10/2012 at 21:17

Right you lot have got me wondering if the distance is actually in kilometres, the manual does say miles but now Im concerned, have e-mailed the guy that installed it for me , anxious wait now ha ha.

Legs feel very stiff now.

09/10/2012 at 22:16
Well that was another great 30min run. Covered 3.2m at varying speeds and varying gradients. I love the excitement of not knowing what's coming next - will it be a steep gradient change or a faster pace! Sooo exciting. Anyway I burned 400+ cals which was good and did the last 90secs st 9mph which is break neck speed for me - well it would be if I came off!

Em - No idea where Mal is but Booeys in Fuertaventura - lucky bugger!

John I had the same confusion when I got my tready as the presets are shown in km on the keypad but when you press them the digi speed reads in mph - well confusing. I know my km time on the road is usually always between 5mins and 5.30 so from this I have worked out I'm running in mph. - have I confused you enough yet?!?
09/10/2012 at 22:45

The more I think about it Im pretty sure its going to be kilometres which is a bit gutting but much more realistic, thought things seemed a little to easy too soon. Just need to crack on now, 3.56 miles in 40 mins if thats the case, seems slow but something to work on. I feel really quite embarrassed now . Will wait and see but im pretty sure.

10/10/2012 at 00:29
Hi all. Hello John.

Hope Booey is enjoying her Hols.

Think the inside LFC prog is stunningly awful Silver but still watching it

Have you recovered from the homecoming Emma?

Just back from Slash gig. Great night. My favourite band supporting.

Managed ten miles in Paris on Sunday but not had chance to run since. Had a toilet incident near the Eiffel Tower but the rest of it went well
10/10/2012 at 12:00

Hi all

Sounds like you are having fun and clocking up the miles.

I'm not up to much other than feeling rough as... Went to be at 6:30 last night then woke up at 10 with a killer migraine Head has gone from feeling like being caved in to tryin to explode, nose is a tap and someone has shoved glass down my throat.  Prob too much info, but I feel so bad.  Can't remember last time cold made me hide in bed.

More hot lemon and back to bed for me.  Someone have a run for me please

10/10/2012 at 16:44
Hi all sorry i ain't been on EMMA just to say I did 11 mile run sunday and today did 8 mile. I hope your running is good too. Well done to us all and lets keep it up. x
10/10/2012 at 18:38

John - don't worry - regardless of what times you're clocking up - you're clocking up miles which is all that really matters!  You made me chuckle when you said about your little un asking you how it was going and you almost coming off.  Its like a comedy sketch.  You should set up a hidden cam *just in case* 

Margrit - good to hear you back again - that mileage is pretty good - i'll be doing 11.5 on sunday so will think of you!  Keep us posted with your mileage and how its all going!

Tripes - (still loving the name) - toilet incident made me chuckle.  I share your pain - I always seem to have these situations too.....

Maam - you know there's no nutritional goodness in glass so you'll have to stop chewing on it.  I did a run for you this lunchtime.  Past loads of people (men) I work with so a bit embarrassing.... hope you feel better soon tho x

Silver - well done on the timings on the tready.  You say break neck speed - I think I probably would die at that speed!

Booey - hope the weathers good in fuerteventura

Mal - hope the hubby / studying / kids / job are ok!  no wonder you're not on here too often xx (we miss you tho!) 

10/10/2012 at 22:34
When you say toilet incident are we talking number 1s or Paula Radcliffes? Not sure you can that sort of thing in Paris without getting arrested.

Now dilemma for you all. About 6 months ago when I was running like a gud un I entered the Oxford HM with one of my running Dad mates - the one who ran Reading with me. I offered to drive as I work near there and know the area. The problem is I don't reckon I'm doing enough training to run a HM at the moment while t'uther Dad is still running 10m regularly. I saw him at school this morning and while he said I shouldn't feel pressured because of him I felt bad saying I wouldn't go.

SO should I do it or not? I'd feel a right drip walking half of it but feel a let down if I don't go at all?
10/10/2012 at 23:01

A case of the Paula's. As it was early in the morning it was fairly quiet and I eventually made it to one of those pod loo things(first one I went to near Place De L'Alma was out of order) It was touch and go though. Then the bloody flush wouldn't work and I had to come out and attempt to explain this to the people waiting I certainly picked up my pace at this point!

When is the Oxford HM?


10/10/2012 at 23:08

Just looked Silver. This Sunday. If you are feeling good from the tready runs go but treat it like a training run. Set off really slowly(10 min mile?) and see how you feel.

11/10/2012 at 08:12
Feeling pretty good in myself Stripes so I think I'm going to give it a go. Ive paid ??30 for the privilege so I should my waste it.

Bad luck on the toilet trouble - at least you found a loo - for a minute I thought you were going to say you did it in a hedge!

Now I have to get into race mode. All chicken and pasta for the next few days then.
11/10/2012 at 09:05
Tapering should be easy as I've not got anything to taper from!

Am I mad doing this with so little running? Oh sod it it's a day out without the kids and Mrs S so what if I don't finish. Oxfords full of pubs too so if I've had enough I'll just stop for a pint! Haha! I'll look a right plonked sitting there with my racing gear on, number, iPod etc and a pint of Guiness in my hand. Roll on Sunday.
11/10/2012 at 09:46
If you have time have a little run outside tonight just to reaquaint yourself with the feel of it.

Had a good day out in Oxford before an awful cup game at Reading a couple of years ago. Some excellent pubs as I vaguely recall

Not really mentally prepared but have entered my local 10k on Sunday. Its the first race I did so want to do it to see if I have improved in 12 months. May not take much off my time as I ate too much in Paris and havent done any exercise since I got home
11/10/2012 at 11:34

Silver - go for it, I'm sure that with all the work on the tready you'll do just fine.  Just take it easy as Tripes says and plod start to finish, don't go for the breakneck speed

Tripes - sounds like a good plan re-doing the 10k, will be good to see how you've got on.  I think you'll surprise yourself when you do it

Good luck to you both

I'm off work today as not feeling 100%, but feeling bit better than I did n Em I've stopped eating the glass, forgot to take into account the nutritional side of it.


11/10/2012 at 16:57

Well I've given in today and been to the Dr's to be told that I have a sinus and chest infection. No wonder I feel like rubbish! Yet more time off work Really need to get a job closer to home.

11/10/2012 at 19:08
Oh dear Maam. Hope you feel better soon.

What have you decided Silver?
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