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01/11/2012 at 20:17

Coconut ones done, almond ones in the oven.

Next is exercise peddle bike for some knee pain.  The physio is going well, but pointing out how weak my knee is.  My quads don't work, the hamstrings are doing the job for them so it is hard work. Due to the exercise my knee is more wobbly again. kept nearly falling over at work today I'm told this is normal and sign of good improvement, but isn't feeling good.

Oh, does anyone have any ideas how to sleep all night? Since I did my knee I've had about 5 full nights sleep problem now is I'm so restless during the night that 1. I'm exhausted, but 2. I'm keeping Carl awake Help please

01/11/2012 at 21:50

hash macaroons?

01/11/2012 at 22:14

Oh Maam, you poor thing, I'm so sorry.

ps. I've never had macaroons.

02/11/2012 at 10:34

Hi Guys,

Maam, sorry to hear you're still in pain, I used to partial to a macaroon bar as a kid

Hash Macaroons indeed Emma that will help with the sleep and the pain, sounds like a good run too, I bet it felt easy.

Booey, sounds like a cracking birthday weekend, now its back to the training have you managed to find a half.

Silver, I wasn't happy with the pool's result should have done better, Goals galore this round eh!

After Tuesday's easy 3 miles, last night was at the other end of the scale, a tough 6 miler with the now mandatory hill, 56 mins and I was blowing all the way round.  I'm going out this evening for a few beers with a mate, but I'm going to get in a run before hand easy 4 miler is on the cards.


02/11/2012 at 13:49

hash macaroons would defo help  

Maam - do you read in bed? thats meant to make you sleepy.....you can get little book lights so it doesnt bother your OH

Stewart - not had chance to look for a HM yet  maybe next week

Have a great weekend everyone  I am finishing early to get a run in before darkness

02/11/2012 at 19:32

Thanks for the ideas guys, I try reading, sleep for about an hour then wide awake again My OH is so fussy any light annoys him! Even the time on my alarm clock is too much, what am I to do.  Maybe try hash macaroons

Hope that everyone has a good weekend, I'm planning on a long one, a nice long one as no work till Thursday

02/11/2012 at 19:44

Another vote for Hash Macaroons

Finally used the HRM that came with my Garmin. Only had it for a year!

Tried to work out my Maximum at the Gym last night and then used it for my run today. Not really sure what I am doing yet but readings for today were much higher than I expected.

I like your style Stewart, running allows you to have beers I reckon

02/11/2012 at 21:58
Red wine and Ice Cream in my case which is what I'm doing now while I watch Leeds play Brighton. OH is out with her Mum as its her 76th bday not the OH her Mum, so I'm home alone and enjoying the piece now the boys have gone to bed.

Took them swimming today and my little one is now away. He can only manage about 5m but it's a start. His big brother puts me to Shame as he's like a fish. Good exercise all round though esp after yesterday at the activity place. I should have treadied tonight but too knackered and need to veg for a bit.

More plonk anyone???
02/11/2012 at 23:29

Hi Guys,

Not long back from the pub I only had a few, honest 5 miles earlier this evening while the bairn was at her dancing class, did 5 miles in 50 minutes and it felt fairly easy, like you Stripes I'm kind of interested in HR training, but not sure how to utilise it in my training

Silver chilling is good everyone need to recharge their batteries

Maam, hope you find a soution to your sleeping issue, listening to a recording of rain falling or the sea maybe?

Wow I just looked back on last months stats and can't believe I ran 92 miles

I thought with all the races I've done that the volume would have been less!

03/11/2012 at 10:00

Good run Stewart and great total last month

Silver - swimming is great, especially when you have a fish, just watch out as he gets older coz if he decides he wants to learn to dive it can get expensive.  Having said that it is great great fun for fish like people

I'm please to report an early night with OH and I've had a fairly good night sleep, lie in and well rested Or is it the knowledge that i'm off work till Thursday chilling me out

Have a fun weekend everyone, hope those that do bonfire fun and games have a great time. We are having a bonfire street party tonight organised by one of the neighbours so should be fun Fire, beer, fireworks and booze

03/11/2012 at 10:34

Hey all.

Weird day yesterday but did go out for a run last night - the first Portsmouth 'Ghost Run' through the woods - head torches, flashing lights, fancy dress and dogs in flashing collars!!!  5 miles of muddy darkness.

Day off today - keep on looking at the 'prezzo' vouchers on the fridge.   For every £5 of tesco vouchers, you can trade for £20 worth of prezzo vouchers.... nom nom.  

03/11/2012 at 15:19

Go for it em, nom nom indeed!

04/11/2012 at 14:59

hee hee - we saved our vouchers for another time!  opted for pasta with chunky chicken and it smelt like cat food...!!!

not been for my sunday run (yet).... i'm still in my dressing gown chilling today. totally disgusting isn't it...!!

04/11/2012 at 20:20

It's always good having a chill out day. I had one yesterday.  Paid for it today though as been boarding out the garage loft to start sorting the house for christmas, cooked a full sunday dinner, entertained friends, watched the grand prix and did the dishes. Now to chill!

Tomorrow - finish sort the garage as the Lotus is outside till it's done Needs to be tucked up in the warm away from the bad weather.

Knee is getting a big workout, but feeling good with it.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and got some great runs in too

05/11/2012 at 23:43

Hi all,

Maam glad the knee is starting to respond a little better and it sounds like you had a busy weekend.

Emma, It's good to chill, I must remember that mantra myself from time to time

13.14 miles on Sunday ran all off road through Daviot Woods above Inverness, looped the trail run twice, total elevation gain 1,036ft elevation loss 1,029ft what goes up must come down , almost two and a half hours, definetely going to run that route again.

Today I went for a gentle 4.5 mile run just to stretch the legs 49 mins 10:55mm, you see it was gentle and only a small incline.

06/11/2012 at 07:22
Great run Stewart - the hills sound hard work but I bet the countryside was beautiful. I think I need to make more effort to get outside a bit more as I'm getting countryside envy!

Still loving my tready though - ran at 10.30 last night after working for a bit in the evening - so convenient. Actually even superfast running Dad has been questioning me on the tready - he's seriously considering one after all my raving.

Off to Huntingdon today again - regular meetings there for next few weeks - bit of a trek up the A1 but the countryside is lovely - just a shame I'm in the car!!
06/11/2012 at 09:57

Stewart - that sounds like one hell of a run! Beautiful too.  You do need to remember your rest days.

Silver - Huntingdon is a lovely area, you should pack the running gear just incase you find you have a spare half hour before having to drive home

Em/Boo/Mal - How you doing?

I've finished sorting the garge, done an ikea run and today am building a bookcase! Knee is feeling it, but keep plodding on.   Curtains to buy, spare room to sort all before the new bed arrives.  My work is never done, and I'm working harder than I do at work! The good news is I'm finally sleeping

06/11/2012 at 11:43

hash macaroons Maam?
I'm ok - had the day off yesterday (was planned) but ended up baking for my dad some of my famous cheese straws.  super cheesey and very very bad for you!!
This morning, I did a 5 mile run at 6am today before work, which was great. I really need it at the moment.  Was chilly but great in my long sleeve top, hat and gloves!  i much prefer running in cooler climates than in the heat.  I'm terrible in the heat anyway - I'm ok on a beach but having to actually do anything I find super draining.

Stewart that run of yours sounds great.  I actually quite like hills now - I used to hate them but they make you so much stronger (as does spinning - anyone taken it up yet?)
Silver - have you considered selling treadmills in your spare time - I reckon you'd get a good commission!!  I think it is an ideal addition to your running - especially those days when you do go travelling and get home late - perfect for a quick wind down or 20 minute session!  Has Mrs Silver had a little trot on it yet do you think?

Going back a few months - what mileage is everyone going to achieve in November?  I've signed up for 80 again though last month I managed 91 and the two months before that I was up over 100.... it won't be this month - no big race to prep for so my sunday runs are a bit shorter......

06/11/2012 at 11:55

Em - sounds like you've had a lovely rest day and a nice wake up run. 

My running target is NIL still, physio has said a straight no running for me yet, knee not strong enough or stable enough.  I am planning on getting out on the bike but will be only little bits as my knee can cope with.  My Novemeber aim is just going to be getting my diet back on track (well all bar the magnum in the freezer calling my name).  It's odd coz I eat great when exercising, but eat like crap when I'm not Must do better or I'll pile back on the pounds.  Going to get back into my sit ups too

So far today I've build a bookcase and done some general housework.  Now just to fill the bookcase, but feeling more like making cup cakes, but that goes against the healthy eating bit.  Also nerves are kicking in again as today is the revised closing date for the job app I've put in. 

Need more money too, to finish the changes I want to get through for Christmas. I've already eyed up £125 worth of curtains!!! Plus bedding, bed, bookcase.  That's before I finish Christmas shopping.  I just need to win the lotto, about a million would be nice, here is to fingers crossed for tonights Euromillions

Looking forward to hearing what targets you have all set

06/11/2012 at 18:22
Your runs sound amazing Stewart. Am very jealous. Most of my runs involve an Industrial Estate

Wish I could motivate myself to run more of a morning like you do Em. I managed it once last week and its great once you get going but I struggle with the getting out of bed bit

I am keeping up the base building with all my runs slow this month. Did 111 in October so would hope to reach 125 in November.
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