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13/02/2013 at 19:12

hey hey - 2 people out there 

Maam - you've always remained so positive - don't stop now. You'll come out smelling of roses!!! or running past them!!!

Booey - not really thought about a time.  It can't go any worse than last year for me - upset tum, toilet stops, too hot and stripping off layers as it was so bloody hot!  If the 10 mile GSR is anything to go by then I should the half in about 2 hour 10 but i've got this residential course the next 2 weeks and i've not got my long sunday run mileage up enough yet. However, I run often and i'm not worried about completing it.  I'll prob find the last mile or so pretty hard core.  

Should we meet up before hand?  or keep an eye out for each other?  maybe we could find a pacer at the start and say hi there (so loiter near the 10 min mile lollipop or something) x

14/02/2013 at 11:38

Em - if I was to be honest I am aiming for 2.10, last year it was my first HM and did it in 2.22 and I suffered as you say with the heat.  Then my second HM in September was 2.18 which I was pretty disappointed in.

My aim over the coming couple of years is to do a sub 2 hr HM  not sure if its achievable but its great to have goals  and kindof my reckoning with thinking, just thinking  about maybe a full mara if I ever achieve it.

Would be great for us to at least say hello and maybe the pacer lolipop person would be a good idea  I think OH and Mum are coming along to cheer me on haha bless them will arrange near the time with you 

Oh BTW my pack came yesterday and my number is 930 I think

15/02/2013 at 19:37

Good luck to you both, wish I was with you.

Only 7 months today till GNR this year and I'm still not able to train Fingers crossed can get there, even if means walking x

18/02/2013 at 11:09

Thanks Maam, I cant even begin to imagine what its like to be out of action for so long  I really do hope things work out good for you

We are looking after a friends dog at the moment so I have been running and walking all weekend  really loved it although we were all shattered last night hehe I was up early this morning to take her over the fields

My running mileage is suffering to be honest, not done a LSR for a while  Silverstone a week on sunday so not much chance now.  I feel fine about it as I know I can do it but I would have liked to have got a half decent time and am not so sure now  also for some very strange reason my weight has gone up  I feel great though


21/02/2013 at 19:04

Hi all, glad it is the weekend finally.

Wish was going on a long slow run but guess TV and takeaway will have to do instead

23/02/2013 at 18:18
Hi All sorry Ive not been around but work just got manic a few months back and it's been relentless ever since. Spend most my evenings at it too.

Runnings been almost none existent as I did my back in a couple of weeks back and have barely been able to walk let alone run. Believe it or not I had to virtually crawl into A and E on Sunday pm with tears in my eyes as the pain was horrendous. A sign of getting older and being less fit I guess.

I've also got to wear glasses as my eyesights gone downhill! I'm falling apart!

I have every good intention of getting back on it as soon as my backs better but I can't see that being for a few weeks. For now Ill just enjoy the Diazapan!!

Hope you are all well Ill have a read through the posts later. Has anyone completed a marathon yet?

By the way out new office manager is running Silverstone next week so Ill get the race report on Mondsy morning! Good luck.
24/02/2013 at 09:40

Silver - Welcome back, sorry to hear that your back isn't doing good for you. Just take it easy and get yourself well before you get back to training, and try not to get frustrated - believe me it doesn't help

24/02/2013 at 18:47
Hey Maam. How's your knee doing these days are you able to exercise again yet?

My brothers asked me to enter the GNR with him this year which I'm thinking about doing. Going to start outdoor running again at lunchtimes all being well once my back clears up. Need to lose a bit of poundage and a couple of mini moobs too!
25/02/2013 at 10:48

Silver - sorry to hear about your back  I hope you are soon better and able to get out on the roads and do abit  at least spring is around the corner  hopefully

Em and I are both running Silverstone this sunday so will report back how we get on no doubt

I have to confess my running has dwindled in the last week as we are looking after a dog  so although no running I have been walking miles  and I mean miles  loving every minute of it and wish we could keep her  we have her for about another week  so not sure how the half mara will pan out sunday, I am going to have a little run when I get home tonight then I think that will be it so really the tapering started 2 weeks ago haha also because I have been wearing wellingtons alot I have got a blister on my shin  so hope and prey this does not affect me on sunday  am just going to go and see how I get on and not worry about my time to much


25/02/2013 at 20:27
Good luck Booey!

I'd love a dog but working long hours would mean Mrs S would have to do the dog walking and, well I don't need to tell you that Mrs S and exercise just don't mix! At least I'd have a real doghouse to sleep in when it all goes wrong! Haha

I'm really getting the urge to run again now the weathers improving. Our new office manager is dead keen so for once I may have a running buddy. And we seem to run at a similar pace which is good. Just need to get my back sorted and Ill be off!

Have a great day Sunday - wish I was there!

Where's everyone else gone? Did Stripes do his Mara?
26/02/2013 at 15:08

From what I remember Stripes fell outta love with running for a while or was he injured  oh I cant remember, but because he wasnt running he felt he shouldnt come on here  or summat like that  or, you know what, I may have got it totally wrong haha

Well I didnt have a run last night after all, maybe the running rest will make me go extra fast on sunday haha  NOT


27/02/2013 at 14:34

Hi all

Good to see that people are back about.  I'm still not running, trying to walk a bit more and hopefully will get back on the bike again soon but have been dieting and feeling really good for it, watching what I'm eating and it is giving me the want to do more

Em/Boo - Good luck for Sunday, really wish that I was there with you, fingers crossed for next year.

Silver - here is to hopeing you make the GNR, will be good to see you there. I'm going this year even if I end up having to walk it!

Stripes - if your watching, lurking in the background let us know you are ok x

Mal - hope all going well and that the family isn't driving you too mad xx

28/02/2013 at 09:05
Last I heard Stripes was doing lots of running at a slower pace and thinking about entering a Mara? I've been away a bit though so maybe the wheels came off that one. You going to be ok for Sunday Boo?

Hi Ma'am. GNR is a strong possibility if my bros entering too. We can have a good night out in Newcastle after!
28/02/2013 at 23:30

Hi all

SO I finished my two week intensive training course and I passed!!! yay!!! so now I can think about silverstone. My brother (aka my lift) is now injured (achilles) and won't be going (grumpy about being injured!).... I've not done enough running or concentrated enough on it since i've been training so I may struggle (AGAIN) on sunday at silverstone.... I wonder if its going to be a freak boiling hot day like last year or super cold........

Booey!  I'll let you know my race number.  Also - with regards to starting - we should meet up near the lollipop people!  i'll message again saturday....

I thought stripes was doing serious mega mileage (slow pace) and thought about some european marathons.  And Stewart was doing lots of mileage too..... do we think they've gone off on some dual mega run and are somewhere running across asia together?  Seriously though, hope they're ok!  And Mal

Just ordered me a little gift for completing this training course.  A jacket from warehouse that I can't wait to receive.  Such a consumer!!!

01/03/2013 at 11:44

Em - well done on passing your training course

You and me both looking ahead to Sunday  my last run was a week ago last Thurs  I have been walking miles with the dog we are looking after and just not had the time to do both  so, I am not stressing and just going to do what I can  I think the weather is going to be kind to us, around 9 degrees and overcast no rain (thats at the moment) so could be fairly pleasant running weather

Yes lets meet at one of the lolipops and I will also let you know my number  I am defo taking my ipod this year to kill the boredom lol will msg tomorrow

Everyone else - keep your fingers crossed for us  

01/03/2013 at 13:02

Good luck for Sunday ladies, wish was there with you xxx Will be thinking of you

01/03/2013 at 21:47

Hi all,

Sorry I've not been on for so long.

Hope everyone is well.

Not been able to run properly since a problem that developed in a short run just after Christmas.

Thought it was a groin strain but not sure as I rested it for a month and it didn't seem to improve. Read lots of crap on the net which suggests it may be a Sportsmans Hernia but not been and got it checked by a pro yet because I really don't want it to be!

Bizarre thing is that it has only given me trouble when I run. I can cycle, swim, row and even cross train with no trouble.

Seems to have improved a little in the last week or so and I managed a gentle 5k on the treadmill on Wednesday but being very cautious as it could flare up again at any time.

Good luck for Sunday Booey and Emma

Got my Liverpool HM Pack through the post today, shame I can't use it

02/03/2013 at 10:11

Stripes - good to hear you are still alive and with us, but sorry to hear that your having a tough time of it. Keep your chin up and GO GET CHECKED OUT!!! It is better to know and get it sorted than risk it keep flaring up and ending up with stop start training

I've decided to come off my painkillers to see how I'm really doing and how much the drugs are just masking it, a need to know thing  I hate taking tablets!!!

I hope the training goes well and that the HM tomorrow is great, I'm very jealous, but next year I plan to be there and really hope you'll be there with me xxx

02/03/2013 at 15:49

Woo Hoo  I've made progress, did 5 minutes on cross trainer today followed by all knee exercises and sit ups Feeling happier now

02/03/2013 at 17:16
Em my number is 930 for tomorrow, I will meet you somewhere behind the 10min mile lollipop
the sun has been out lovely today here but kinda hoping not to full on tomorrow
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