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04/11/2011 at 13:50
How about this for Friday afternoon fun. I'd definately be keen to get passed him if I was in a race.


04/11/2011 at 13:58

Yuk that would seriously make me run faster to get past  hehe

04/11/2011 at 14:12
I saw a fella walking through Liverpool town centre wearing one of those a few weeks ago. Not a good look
04/11/2011 at 14:16

 I think we should all buy one of these


04/11/2011 at 14:30
So they wear those in Liverpool do they? I tell you the male derrière is not a thing of beauty in anyone's book is it?

Love the Run Sin hat by the way.

04/11/2011 at 14:37

Sure the character wearing it was a tourist

Off now to visit my Nan in hospital, will be fun trip back later from Solihull to Tamworth in rush hour traffic.

04/11/2011 at 14:43

haha I like the run sin hat

Stripes hope your Nan is ok

Am off soon, really looking forward to run  I will prob go online at somepoint over the weekend so catch you all then

Off to the Fireworks at the Sailing Club 2moz night

04/11/2011 at 14:56
Defo running sometime tomorrow before fireworks at Amersham CC tomorrow evening!

Hope your nan's ok Stripes. Have a good run Boo.

Will check in over weekend. Be safe and have fun all!
04/11/2011 at 15:31

Booey, the pup is demanding better quality living arrangements now! Sorry to hear about the arthritis. Really crappy that you're suffering.

Stripes, I should get my gait checked too but am too skint for new trainers anyway! Have you noticed a big difference in yours?

Silver, sounds like you have got some fantastic running in, well done. Whichever event you do you'll be fine I'm sure, though perhaps turning the half to a full marathon is a little ill advised!

Hello to everyone else saying hello, I couldn't keep up sorry, just sneaking on here while baby and puppy sleep and preschooler is engrossed watching Peppa Pig.

Going for a run with my sister tonight, I'll ask for advice on stretching the time up to 30 mins or so continuous running since that's much more enjoyable.

04/11/2011 at 16:42
Hi Mal

Did your pup have dog house envy at Boos pics. They are bigger than a lot of houses I've seen.

Don't know how you manage with 2 bubbas and a pup esp with a new born. You deserve a medal. I remember the time they napped duting the day was very precious.

I've done the childminding and school runs and dinners and cleaning for 3 days this week. (Did I mention that already - several times?). I've loved it with my boys but it's bloody hard work and I havent had a minute to myself apart from yesterday's run that is. I don't know how working Mums manage to do al of that and still go to work.

Enjoy the run with your sister tonight hope its not too cold or wet out there.Let us know how it goes.

I'm taking the boys to Pizza Hut in a min as a treat and cos I can't be bothered to cook in my tidy kitchen. Mmmmmm Pizza!

04/11/2011 at 21:55

Brrrrr! My twin cancelled so I went on my lonesome, cold and miserable, had to run along the main roads and got jeered at twice by idiots. No idea what they were saying but it is intimidating. It makes me wish I'd skipped it altogether.

I don't know how I manage sometimes either, I'm lucky that I don't mind hard work at all. I'm finding accomodating (and house training) a puppy a little restrictive but hopefully it won't last long. Can't wait til she has her 2nd vaccinations and we can get walking. Silver, I'll post a medal for you, or a sticker for all the excellent child-juggling you've been doing!

I love running because nobody is talking to me!!! Nobody is demanding my attention, time or talking at/to me, blissful.

I was attacked by an enormous bag of Cadbury's Giant Chocolate Buttons a few minutes ago, don't worry though guys, I fought them off with my Pac Man moves. Phew, it was a close call for a while there!

04/11/2011 at 22:40
Hi Mal. I'm still laughing at the attack of the Giant Chocolate Buttons - very funny!

I'm regularly attacked by Haribos and they are tough little buggers to fight off. I often just give in as it's much easier!

Sorry to hear your sis didn't make it. You were brave to venture out in your own this late at night too. I completely understand the getting away from it all but please be careful out there when it's dark you don't know who's around late at night. Sorry I sound like my mother!

We get comments by youths when we go on the club run on Tuesday but there's strength in numbers so it's easy to laugh it off. If I was on my own I'd feel intimidated too. What with all that and the bad weather I'm not surprised it was a miserable run.

As for the kids - I don't mind running around after them at all. It's all part of being a parent so no medals required! I do a lot of stuff on my own with the boys too so it's actually nothing out of the ordinary.

Hope you and your sister get to run together soon.
04/11/2011 at 23:00
Aww Mal! That sucks about ur run being pants I've been lucky enough to do my runs when not many people are about (before everyone gets up) or when the only people I'm likely to see are dog walkers! and they're not really heckling types
Glad u got the better of them buttons

What sort of dog is it? dogs walks are another good escape
04/11/2011 at 23:37

Hi all,

That's bad about you getting hassle Mal. I got called a freak by some fella a couple of weeks ago but that's the worst I've had up to yet. Hope it doesn't put you off. Its not the dog walkers that are the problem its the dogs who decide they want to play, one nearly tripped me up the one day

Sounds like an awful battle with the buttons, I've got to fight off several pints of beer tomorrow

My Nan was in good spirits, she has got to have a pacemaker type thing fitted but you would never know she is 87!

04/11/2011 at 23:41

Thanks Silver and Sabbie. I'm sure the next run will be better so I'll try again, really I should've postponed it until the morning. I've recovered from the Buttons ordeal thank goodness, I'm just putting the experience behind me as though it never happened!

She's a Dalmatian puppy so we've got lots of fun and energetic times ahead. The idea of being heckled by every dog walker I passed made me smile. I'll sharpen up my witticisms ready for my own walks!

Thinking of doing another parkrun next week, quite fancy the challenge.

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05/11/2011 at 00:25
Awwww! How cute is she! Pongo sprang to mind beautiful dogs

Stripes glad ur nans doing well

I found I've got to know quite a few dogs in the neighbourhood with walking mine so sometimes I slow to a walk just before them so the dog doesn't run after me!

If I don't drink on sat I may try and squeeze in a 5k Sunday but not a parkrun, not ready for that yet Chances are though that work will drive me to drink once more!! ;D
05/11/2011 at 08:20
Blimey you lot were up late last night!

Stripes - good to hear your nan's ok. I hope I can get to 87 and still have all my faculties. Are you going to the home of football today? I'm gearing myself up for England Spain next weekend. I'm taking my 7yo who's been to a few friendlies at Wembley with me and my 66yo dad who's never been to any. Can't wait and hope Spain put on a real display (but England win of course!)

Mal - your pouch is gorgeous! . He's big though isn't he? I bet he's a bit of a handful until he's house trained? It must be like having another child in the house at the moment. How do you manage?

Sabbie - I know what you mean about work and drinking. Most nights I can't wait to get home for the first glass to calm my nerves. Clients, builders, bureaucracy drives me mad. It was the main reason for me starting running at lunchtime as I couldn't stand 8 solid hours of grief! If you get out on Sunday have a good one.

What with football and family stuff today I've decided to leave my run til Sunday am. Ive worked out that I can add a loop in the middle of my new route and stretch it to 10k That will also give me another 10 mins of freedom! Joy!

05/11/2011 at 11:37

*knock knock* Ahem, er..... Can I come back in?

I'm really sorry I stopped posting, a few days went by & I meant to post, but then a few more went by, and you know it gets to a point where it feels like too long has gone by??

Just caught up with the thread and wow, you are all doing SO well! Good work chaps & chapesses, keep it up!!

All going ok here, or at least it was til a few weeks ago, though it's now looking like physio is on the cards   This is gonna be a long one, get comfy!

3 weeks before the Great South, I went for a long Sunday run with a friend, 8.5miles, & during the last 2 miles, my knees started feeling a bit, umm, twingy. I fell ill a couple of days later, so didn't run for 10days, then went out with the Portsmouth Joggers & had a fantastic run! 6 miles no worries, I was so pleased.

The following Sunday, 1 week before the big run, I went for the usual long Sunday eve run, and we had a 9 mile route planned, but around 5 miles in, the knee pain started again, & quickly got worse to the point where I burst into tears at just under 6 miles, mainly because I thought it signalled the end of the Great South. It had started in one knee, and then the other knee started too - WTF?!  My friends husband had to come and get us as we were 3 miles from home & it hurt a lot....

So, for the next week I did nothing, well, no exercise anyway, & hoped that it would be for the best. I was unsure whether to still race, or just give it a miss altogether, but I figured that if I didn't at least attempt it, I'd always wonder 'what if', and I'd rather have to ditch out halfway through due to injury than that.

The night before the race, I was in bed at 9pm, which meant that, including the clocks going back, I had 10 hours kip!!  I don't think I've had that since my eldest was born 6.5 yrs ago!! I had abstained from alcohol for 2 weeks, and tried to eat sensibly (but I am a sucker for good food, regardless of the nutritional value!) 

On race day, I had a lovely bowl of syrup porridge for brekkie, and I felt really good, knee had been twinging through the week, nothing too bad, but I fully expected that I wouldn't make it round the full 10 miles.  And I was OK with that.  I had (when fit) set myself a target of 1h 40, but now if I could, I just wanted to get round, time didn't matter so much.

The atmosphere was fantastic, I was running with 2 friends, and one of them had her Dad, husband and sister running too.  A nurse friend had given me some strong anti-inflammatories, so I took those, strapped up both knees with a liberal slathering of ibuprofen gel under, took my place behind the thousands of other runners, and hoped for the best....

05/11/2011 at 11:42

Around 1 minute after crossing the start line, the pain started  and I knew at that point, I'd probably make it to around 3 miles if I was lucky.  But, as I went on, I think the pain relief kicked in, and although every mile seemed like 5, before I knew it, I had gotten to 5 (actual) miles!  I knew my husband and girls were at my friends house at mile 7, so that was a big spurrer on for me.  I passed mile 7 to loads of whoops and cheers, and I knew another friend was somewhere near mile 8, and my husband was going to try and get to mile 9, and that he did (and took a video of me too, erk!)!  I honestly didn't know if I'd make the last mile, I thought I was going to throw up when I passed the Jelly Baby stand, but then I remember my in-laws were waiting for me at the end, and much to my massive surprise, I only went and bloody did it!!!  I still can't believe it TBH, but it was fantastic, and I sobbed like a baby on my MIL when I found them over the finish line!  Oh, and my time was 1hr 50m 55s, so I was pretty pleased with that


And once I'd recovered.....


I'm gong to be completely honest and say that I'm not sure I actually enjoyed the run itself, but I think a ot of that was down to thinking that I wasn't going to get through it, so I felt pretty negative most of the way through, probably til I crossed the finish line!  It was much tougher than I thought.  However, I'm gonna have to get over that, as I've booked myself a place in the Milton Keynes Half in March, eeeek!

05/11/2011 at 13:39
Blimey Suzie! U went through the wringer! Congrats and well done I imagine ur right about the injury being the reason u didn't enjoy it so much, I think I would of probably pulled out of the race! Much kudos!
Get urself to the physio for sure, I had a little prob earlier in the year and luckily it only took 3 wks to sort out
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