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05/11/2011 at 13:53
Thanks Sabbie, that's good to know about your physio experience! I've got to pop to the GP & fill in a form, which I'll do on Mon & take it from there.

I'm thinking that, as it was in both knees eventually, it's either a support issue or an overuse injury. Up until 6wks ago I was doing 5k once a week, then that was instantly upped to 25k (or more) over 3 runs a week. My core needs work too, might break out the Davina DVD...

How's your running going Sabbie? Anything you're working towards at the mo?
05/11/2011 at 14:16

Love your photos Suzie, you look amazing after running, I'm instantly impressed you had the energy to stand and smile for a photo! Well done, you're obviously very determined.  You must be very proud of yourself. But I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulties, I hope you soon get back on top form.

I'm dying to get out for a run, I want to do my usual little route to see if it's got any easier than the last couple of times. I went out yesterday too but it was too dark to run in the countryside. It'll have to wait because I am in charge of the brood + pup so have to wait for Mr Mal to get back from escaping shopping! It's a stressful day at home if shopping on a Saturday sounds like a break!

05/11/2011 at 14:31
Suzie welcome back to your thread! I was only thinking yesterday about The Great South and how you had got on or even if you had run.

Mucho congratulations for completing the whole run despite all the problems. I would definately have pulled out with all those problems before I got anywhere near race day.

And you look so well at the finish and even better with the medal.

I guess you are going to take a bit of time off to get yourself right now in which case enjoy your time off. Hopefully the physio will be painless and put you straight again.

BTW we'll keep the thread going but feel free to pop in anytime while you are recouperating.

05/11/2011 at 18:13
Hey Suzie, I think ur probably right about the cause but I'm no dr!
I was cazily thinking of aiming for a ten miler that's 9wks away but it's pretty hilly and I'm not sure if I'll make it or not.. Always next year if not lol but u did it in less time than I've got so that may spur me on
Core is definitely something I need to work on.. Started a box fit class but it's the same night as the run club so not sure what to do right now! Would love a rowing machine but no room in my house!
06/11/2011 at 07:50
Morning All

Out the door at 6.45 this morning to do my 7.5k route again. No stopping this time as it was so quiet on roads and I managed the killer hill at the end without a breather afterwards. It was a cold start and I struggled to get my breath for first 2ks but then I got into the rhythm. Round in 39.39 splits were slower than Thursday initially but as I didn't stop they were much better at end so between 5.12 and 5.38. Consistent again if nothing else.

Best thing about this mornings run was the smell of last nights fireworks still hanging in the air and a bonfire still burning. That with the cool freshness of the morning was just fantastic. All sounds so daft but it really makes me fell alive!

Worst thing about the run was the smell of bacon coming from a farm house on the way round. Now that's just not fair.

Enjoy the day all. Hope you are able to get out and about.
06/11/2011 at 11:45
Well done silver sounded like a lovely run!
I didn't get out this morn cos my gear got washed and the tumble broke.. I only found out after I got home from work last night and didn't realise my stuff was wet! I've got spare stuff but only one running bra! *rolls eyes* so ordered another one today.. Can't use that excuse again now
Also gonna miss the next club run on tues cos meeting a guy after work in the hopes of getting a new/better job!! So will definitely get out tomorrow
06/11/2011 at 12:54
Fantastic run (escape) today, need to extend my route as ran out of loop for my run!
06/11/2011 at 14:51
More women's problems getting in the way then Sabbie! Shame you couldn't get out today.

Your job sounds like its really geting you down What makes it so bad? Probably a daft question as I don't know many people who enjoy working - full stop!

Hope the ingerview goes well and the new job works out for you.

Mal - well done for getting out. Did you leave the brood with Mr M today. It's been a great day for running here - overcast but mild enough to enjoy. Having said that my hands were freezing this morning.

How long is your loop? I'm expanding mine to increase my distance but I get a bit worried About being a long way from home if something goes wrong - with my body not with the house you understand. I don't think Mrs S would rush to pick me up even if I'd fractured something!

06/11/2011 at 18:05

Hi all,

Managed to complete the race today. 7 miles in 57.56. Results up already and I was 223rd

Great race, found the course much tougher than my first one though with school fields, farm tracks, lots of mud and a long steady uphill stretch coming home. There was no sprint finish today

No goody bag but instead everyone got a proper running T-Shirt as a momento which I am really pleased with. 

06/11/2011 at 19:01

Stripes that's fantastic, well done! Are you really pleased? Glad you got a proper memento of such a good achievement. What's next?

Silver I did leave them with Mr M, he was understandably terrified as he hardly ever looks after them by himself let alone with the puppy to contend with too. I did make sure all children were fed and settled first and pup tired out and didn't need to go out (ever so considerate!) I was only gone half an hour to Mr's relief.

The loop is 2.5k guess I need an extention since I'm running it pretty comfortably (YAY!) Does Mrs S not like driving? Hope you enjoy your new loop, I better get planning mine, I love running by the river so I'll keep that in there.

06/11/2011 at 19:54
Well done Stripes! I can't do even 5m in that time (especially uphills!!)
Good Ts sound like they're few and far between for races so treasure it

Silver I do actualy enjoy my job loads! I just don't enjoy working in the shop I do so trying to abscond to the opposition
06/11/2011 at 20:40
Stripes well done mate! Sounds like a grueller of a course and you did it in good time too. Result getting a T shirt at the end - better than a goody bag.

Well done on getting out again Mal. Has MrM recovered from his half hour with kids and dog or is he a quivering wreck now

Sabbie I misunderstood as I thought you were fed up of the job and drinking to relieve the stress! Maybe I just automatically assume everyone hates their job because I don't like mine very much.

*Mental note to self to be more positive at work from now on*

Update on the Grand Union Canal HM - it's sold out so I won't be going and my boy has a footie match next Sunday morning so he wouldn't have been happy if I couldn't take him.

Oh well one day I'll get to do a race but for now I'll just keep on running!

06/11/2011 at 21:01

Thanks all,

Mal, am very pleased, thats as far as I have been so far. I've got another 10k in two weeks, can't wait

Running by the river sounds great but I think I would be tired out before I started with your pre-run routine!

Sabbie, I will treasure the T-Shirt, think I was the only person running today without a club vest or a T from some exotic race over the foothills of the Himalayas

Silver, thats a gutter about the HM, really want you to get a race in. I know I sound like a broken record but am sure you'll get the same buzz from it as I have got from the two I've done.

06/11/2011 at 21:14
Silver, I think u should find urself some 5/10k races to do, u won't be away from home too long the speed u go! and u won't be far down in positions so when Mrs S sees that she may be a bit more encouraging
It's sad when partners aren't totally with u on what u want to do but I think the more u perserver they have to (begrudgingly at first) see how committed u are and start coming round to the idea
I myself am having a bit of a mid life at the mo I think, did my first parachute jump in sept!! (it was amazing!) and am taking myself off to the Isle of Mann for the TT racing next year leaving OH and kids home Can't bloomin wait for it hahaha what I'm trying to get at is if u want to do somat then try ur hardest to work out some acceptable ways to achieve it (I think I'll be paying for the TT trip for a while though hahaha shall have to make sure it's worth it )

Well done getting out Mal I'm sure OH coped brill, sounds like u left him in a state where not a lot could go wrong and definitely sounds like u have to push the distance a bit
07/11/2011 at 09:46

Blimey I cant keep up with you lot

Suzie - nice to see you back, and well done on the race even though you suffered.  Was the GSR a 10 miler then  not a HM

I did my local 5K route Fri and Sat and really enjoyed it  had a rest day yesterday.

More blood tests and another x-ray of the hands was the result of the Docs visit, so will get that sorted over the next couple of weeks.

Stripes - well done on the race and great time  you have proper got the race bug ah  I need to get something scheduled for myself but have been waiting for my affiliation number now I have joined the running club, also I am struggling to fit any in before Xmas  I need some very local ones

Silver - glad you also managed to get out and sounds like you enjoyed it.  I know what you mean about the smells and just being outdoors, its a great feeling of being alone and free

I know I have missed loads out so sorry but I need to crack on with some work so will catch up again in abit

Edited: 07/11/2011 at 09:47
07/11/2011 at 12:02
Ohh! Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to work? We could just sit at home planning runs and writing on this forum all day.

Sabbie thanks for the advice on Mrs S but she will never be supportive of the running especially if it means I'm out more often racing. I will sneak in a couple at some stage but I certainly won't be making it a regular thing.

I like the answer to your mid life crisis but Im not sure I'd go as far as a parachute jump! I felt really down after turning 40 and even went for some counselling which helped enormously. Maybe this is too much info for a Monday morning running forum!? (sorry if it is but I feel like I'm amongst friends on here!)

The trip to the I of M sounds great. We went there 4 times as kids for the practice week. Great memories. Shame I'm not a biker as I'd try to get over there again! Did think about getting a bike at my lowest ebb to cheer myself up a while ago but I thought it was a bit predictable. Grey haired old fella trying to look like he's 25 again! Know what I mean?

Anyway back to running Mal you defo stretch out the run a bit. Once you get to 30 mins without stopping you won't be far off the 5k will you?

Booey glad to hear you got out again. Don't let the aches and pains get on top of you.

Stripes - how was Anfield? Another poor result.
07/11/2011 at 12:46

I was thinking of this sort of thing when I mentioned a mid-life crisis! 

Although thinking about it I wouldn't say no to a convertible at any age!

Actually he's quite a handsome chap - good luck to him - hope he pulls!


07/11/2011 at 13:04

From a womens point of view, I just don't get this whole midlife crisis thingy  I am 44 and I have seen most women I know my age infact all women I know around my age do something to make them feel younger I guess  

The whole, get a convertible car, have a tattoo get your belly button pierced just makes me laugh.....I just would never do it, but then I am not your typical women

07/11/2011 at 14:05

Booey you must be one of a kind! (although we all knew that anyway!)

Mrs S keeps talking about wanting to go clubbing and she buys so many clothes! (although that,s not age dependant)

She even talked about a tummy tuck at one point!

I’m very cool with my age now and I’ve well and truly forgotten about the motorbike.  In fact now I’m fit I feel younger than ever.  This weekend I ran 7.5k first thing and then played footie with my boy for an hour mid-morning, then went on a bike ride in the pm.  I feel like I could go another run today but I’m saving myself for the club run tomorrow evening.

Whats that saying age is just a state of mind!

07/11/2011 at 14:26

Oh I am one of a kind o'right  lol

My dad has a saying "when you look in the mirror its never going to look any better" haha he is such a pessimist,  my mum on the other hand is a real optimist and I defo take after her  

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