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08/11/2011 at 21:02
Just finished run and now waiting outside Chinese for some food as I'm starving! . Just Singapore Noodles so that doesn't count does it?

Did between 11 and 12k today according to my GPS although it did lose signal for 11mins apparently so it could be more.

Comprised warm up run, some speed training, 2x 2.5k circuits with the inevitable killer hill in the middle and then a run back to the club house. It's surprising how quickly it adds up. Feel great no aches and pains although I did start to feel a bit sick in the middle which was v odd. Prob hunger!

Hope yours went well.
08/11/2011 at 23:36

Hi Mal, Glad you had a good day. Have you tried freemaptools.com? I have found it very useful for working out routes.

Sounds like you had a good run Silver, sounds very professional. Like the idea of a takeaway on the way home. May do the same next week, kind of easy to justify after burning all those calories

Mine was good, over 7 miles, can't be more accurate because I forgot to turn my Garmin on until we set off so took ages to get a satellite lock on

Took it nice and steady, good job because there were plenty of uphill stretches.

Spoke to more people tonight, felt a lot more relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed it

09/11/2011 at 08:56

Morning people

 Had a good club run did 4 miles, one of the ladies I run with has a hip problem and needs to run at a slower pace than most so I offered to run with her.  Its so frustrating for her bless her as its dragging on now and getting her down.  Was nice for me to be honest as the slow pace allowed us to have a good ol chin wag all the way  and we got to know each other better

Stripes - my garmin was all ready to go and I forgot to start it until I had done about a mile  I have to much to remember to switch on with all my flashing lights haha

Silver - well done on the run, sounds good  not so sure about the takeaway haha 

Does your GPS only operate in km's?  My garmin is on miles, guess maybe it can be either  Stripes yours is obviously on miles also

09/11/2011 at 09:04

Ordered one of these yesterday



Its a Brooks nitelife cap, fully hi viz and although you cant see it it has a red light in the back which you can set to permanently on or flashing

also matches all my other gear

09/11/2011 at 09:38
Ha ha. Christmas is coming....Or is it Booey
09/11/2011 at 10:33
The running chrimbo tree  you know it makes sense haha
09/11/2011 at 11:12
That hats amazing! Don't you have flashings things on your legs and arms too Booey? It's a wonder all the batteries don't slow you down!

09/11/2011 at 11:15

Loving the Festive hat Booey!

Stripes, thanks for the link, much easier. I ran over 6k by accident! Double what I'd planned! Feeling ok for it though so maybe I needed to up my distance a bit anyway.

Your club running sounds great, it's amazing how much you've all improved over such a short time.

Looking forward to another run tonight, not sure where to go though, it's hard finding a route which is well lit enough.

A question for you all: Do you do other forms of exercise too? I swim a couple of lengths each week when I go swimming with the kids and do the killer class each week, no time for much else right now but I'm being nosey!

09/11/2011 at 11:42

Hi Mal, 6k is good going. Amazing how much of a part the brain plays in exercise and tiredness!

I was doing a little bit on my bike in the summer but haven't bothered since I upped my mileage in the last few weeks. Feeling the effects of doing over 14 miles in a few days though, struggled to get up the stairs at work this morning Are you gonna go to the Killer tonight?

Booey, you will laugh at this, my ex-partner at work was a right pain in the a*&e and has become worse since he left, demanding money from us even though we are really struggling. Anyway his surname is Brooks and because I hate him so much I won't buy anything with that name on it. My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy

I have a bit of a fettish for Adidas gear, hence the nickname, but want to get a Gilet(only found out they were called that last week) for the winter months and the Adidas ones are three times as much as the cheap ones so may have to lose some of the stripes

09/11/2011 at 11:43
Hi Mal. I think you are making the best improvements out of all of us. 6k is a good distance.

I love Planning different routes as I get a bit bored with the same one each time. Spend ages on Google maps and Streetview planning them.

I don't do any other exercise officially but I do a lot of running round with kids and occasional bike rides. Oh and a lot of footie too which is a real workout with a football mad 7 yo who thinks hes Steven Gerrard believe me!
09/11/2011 at 14:08

Can we all work in miles  lol

Mal - good news on the run and no I don't do any other exercise.  I enjoy running so much I don't want to do anything else.  For my cross training I count that as going out for a walk with the OH haha but I know its good to mix it up

Stripes - thats very childish about the Brooks name  I would probably feel the same haha  Treat yourself and go for the Adidas Gilet, you know what they say......the better one will last soooooooo much longer

09/11/2011 at 15:03

Booey, my Garmin works in miles, not sure yet if I can switch the main display but you can switch the laps to km which is obviously useful if you are training for a 5 or 10k. I have messed around with it and had all kinds of beeps going off last night Will have to sort it before next week.

I know the Brooks thing is childish, typical man! Think I may go for the Adidas one, found it  nearly a tenner cheaper at £35.95 on sportsshoes.com, not sure if they are any reliable but they have an actual store in Bradford so are deffo a real company

09/11/2011 at 15:17
I can't afford Adidas stuff for myself Stripes as I spend too much on Liverpool stuff for my boy ( also v expensive Adidas products!)

I tend to buy the cheap Karimor stuff from Sports Direct as I'm a bit tight like that and no one really sees me when I run (I'm that fast! haha)

I know what you mean about miles Boo. I'm contunually switching between m and km in my head. I changed my Runmeter to km as it looks far more impressive. Cumulative total at the moment is over 250!

It was a bit embarrassing last night as it kept speaking to me in a female American voice at every km interval and I couldn't turn it down. Sounded like I had a someone inside my jacket!

Edited: 09/11/2011 at 15:35
09/11/2011 at 15:34

Ha Ha. Reckon there is another potential chapter for our book in there somewhere

09/11/2011 at 16:46

I record all my runs in miles unless I have actually done a 5K or 10K race then its just easier

haha to the little american lady in your pocket  that must have been very funny for everyone else

 Just having a gander at the latest RW mag.  Some useful info - we should eat more nuts, seeds, salmon and sardines these will keep your mood in good spirit

Quote from Sir Rog Bannister - "We run because we enjoy it. The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom"

Here here Sir Rog

09/11/2011 at 17:43
Here here to that Booey. Sums up my reason for running really!

I have to subscribe to the mag. I keep forgetting to do it.
09/11/2011 at 21:33

Didn't go to the class, forgot all about it.  Should run instead but not in the mood.

I'm really sad, both my children seem to be allergic to our new puppy, Mr Mal and I are devastated. We're trying some allergen reducing products recommended by allergy UK and hoping for the best. but it's not hopeful.

Mr Mal did get out for a run after a long break, hope I'll drag him to a 5k eventually. He's still on the beginning of the C25K programme but it's not far from where I am and he'll probably end up lapping me the first race we do! I'm proud if him for getting out and going after a break.

Stripes, you're right, it showed me how much of my running limitations are my perception of my abilities.

Silver, I'm kitted out in the bargain bin Karimor (or whatever's cheapest) too, you're not alone! I actually laughed when I read you smuggling a lady in your pocket at your run, then I had to share the joke lest I appear crazy laughing away to myself!

Very true Booey, it's certainly my release at times.

09/11/2011 at 21:43
Hi Mal, thats a real shame about the puppy. No wonder you weren't in the mood for a run.
09/11/2011 at 21:58
Hi Mal don't worry about not getting out too often you are doing really well and prob need a couple of days to recover during the early stages (isn't c25k based on 3 runs a week?)

Sorry to hear about the kids allergies to your pup. That's really sad for all of you. Hope you can find something that works.

We had a cat for years but we got rid of her when my second boy was born partly because she kept bringing fleas into the house no matter what we gave her and partly because she was a stark raving mad tortoise shell who would go from being happily stroked on your knee one minute to sinking her teeth in your thigh the next. Bonkers!

We told my older boy we were giving her to a lonely old lady in the village down the road but we actually took her to cat home where I think she probably lived out her last days. He still asks if the cat is with the little old lady bless him. We'll probably wait til hes 16 before we tell him the truth!

10/11/2011 at 08:44

Oh Mal thats so sad about the kids being allergic to your new pup, I hope something works

Also I have known this to happen - allergies occur when a new animal is introduced into the household, like irritated skin etc but after a period of time the human body will adapt and the allergy subsides.  Also get the kids to wash their hands after playing with the pup and see if that eases things, am sure they would also be devasted if you couldn't keep it so try anything

Well done Mr Mal for getting out   Mal don't beat yourself up about not going to class or running you had enough on your plate last night and will enjoy a whole lot more less stressed

Finishing work at 1.30 today going to get x-ray sorted on hands, then hopefully home in time to get a run in the light  

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