Fat to Fit - Time for change? Me, too!

Lapsed runner and foodie, almost 4st overweight , seeks like-minded souls for mutual encouragement to get back into shape

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26/07/2013 at 15:04

Hi Jae:

Running is great, but as others have said it's the diet that is the key to actually loosing weight.  The running will tone your body and make it look a lot better, you can actually do that and not loose any weight at all, heck you can gain weight, but have friends say wow you look great, but the reality is to properly loose weight it's down to having less calories going in then you use so you are effectively burning off the fat.

Running is fab, But, you need to decide are you running as your thing or is your thing, to loose weight, and running is part of that.  It doesn't really matter how you start actually as running is very addictive but anyway, don't go overboard eating extra because you run.

Remember you would need to run 30 miles plus a week to loose 1 lb, as long as you don't eat a single extra calorie after any of your runs So running is part of it but the diet is key.

26/07/2013 at 15:51

hi booktrunk,

Losing weight is first for me, hence the calorie counting, but I also think losing weight will make a better (or more efficient) runner. 

When I ran before I lost a ton of weight, but I didn't really nail down the diet part, so I'm trying to get on top of that this time. I'm still eating bread, pasta, etc., but it's part of my daily calorie limit and I include fish, veggies, fruit and so on to ensure I'm eating well enough. Once the weight starts to shift then I can focus more on the running. As I mentioned above somewhere, I'm not going to start planning too far ahead with running, but just see where it takes me (quite literally).


26/07/2013 at 16:56

Good luck

26/07/2013 at 18:44
Jae Prowse wrote (see)

Hey Tina, how are you? Yes, I'm back again - knee problems and general laziness have subsided.

Well I did manage my Half, and was chuffed to bits with it, also worked up the courage to take part in our own club's 10k, ate something dodgy the night before and was violently ill . But, still running (although only back to it this week after three weeks off due to sore knee). Not losing weight at the moment, but maintaining and have kept the 5 1/2 stone off, so well pleased with that. Will get back to it after my holidays (which will include beer and running, but not at the same time).



27/07/2013 at 12:22

Morning all,

Well, I did have a beer last night. Just the one bottle, mind (which came in at 132 calories) but I was well within my calorie 'budget' and it was a reward for my first week in lifestyle change land. 

Went for a run this morning - only a couple of miles as I'll build it up slowly - so feel pretty good at the moment. 

Not sure if someone mentioned it on here, but I had scrambled eggs on toast rather than porridge for breakfast and it does fill you up for longer. Ate about 8am and still feel pretty full. Could be a trick of the...er....belly, though. I might be ravenous in a minute. 

Looking forward to next week. Will move to 6mins running / 2 mins walking, then the following week, 7mins / 1min, then run consistently for 25 mins, then stretch the time on my feet/distance by small increments each week. Any comments around this welcome....

Anyway, have a great weekend, everyone! 



29/07/2013 at 13:28

Hi all,

Well, I lost six pounds last week. Probably mostly water and the lack of chocolate and booze, but a nice (if surprising) start anyway. Will settle into losing a pound or two each week from now on. 

Went for a run this morning intending to step up from running 5 mins / walking 3 mins, but confused myself and ran 7 mins / walked 2 mins rather than 6 / 2. Was fairly comfortable, though, so I'm quite happy to stick with that for the week. 

What's everybody else up to this week on the running/diet front?

29/07/2013 at 13:43

Mind over body Jae!

This week I will be recovering most for the first part then a OW swim session thursday. Run before a wedding friday. Hungover Saturday and possibly out of the bike Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday rest as I did the London tri yesterday. Maybe a weights session tomorrow morning sleep dependant.

Good luck with the 7/2 ratio keep it up. If you have done it once you ca do it again.

losing 6 pounds by the way is a great start, progress

29/07/2013 at 14:33

Thanks, Kritter,

I have a colleague who did the London tri. Did you enjoy it? 

And thanks - I know it'll be slow and sure from now on (with the odd plateau along the way), but if I up the exercise in a sensible fashion, I shouldn't have too many problems.

29/07/2013 at 14:49

Yes it was great, although no goodie bag at the end which was a little upsetting. Still first olympic distance is a good tick in the box and I now know where I am time wise so will be aiming for a sub 2:30 time next time. Not to come up with excuses but the transition was incredibly long so there is certainly more time to be gained.

Just keep it going. It's so much harder to start again if you stop. Keeping it going with little to no gain is better than not at all. It seems you are a lot more sensible than me. When I come back from injury my first thought is I must make up all the time I've lost rather than, I need to take things easy.

29/07/2013 at 15:47

No goodie bag? Poor form! Still, bet it was a great experience, nonetheless. It's something I'd love to do one day. 

I'm much like you, but I've had a couple of false starts. I very much want to be back where I was NOW, but I've also had to admit to myself that the right way is the sensible way. I'm a week in already so at least I'm over the first hurdle.

29/07/2013 at 17:02

Jae, there were people of all shapes and sizes so you would be more than capable of doing it.

Sounds like you've learnt from past errors, wish I could say I learnt as quickly.

30/07/2013 at 13:12

Really? I had a mental image of a super fit turnout. That's very interesting (and it's given me a bit of motivation, too. Thanks!)

I have learnt. Doesn't mean I want to get there so slowly, though.

31/07/2013 at 15:21

It should motivate you. Try and get down to an event near you and see for your self that could really be benefical. I think there was some coverage on channel 4 but I would imagine that would be for the elite athletes only.

Even some of the Ironman footage online will show people all any shape and size! Makes me think if they can why can't I?

31/07/2013 at 15:47

Good idea. I'll see if there's anything near me going on. 

Quite right. Watching people just like me doing it would be all the motivation I'd need. 

Thanks, Kritter!

31/07/2013 at 19:28

After Monday, felt good so ran Tuesday and Wednesday, too (7min run / 2 min walk repeat). Will probably run again this week but three times is the minimum.

Next week it's 8/1 then I'll just...um....run! I'm only running for around 30 minutes, so I'll keep adding time each week once I remove the walking part. So far, so good.

Feels far more sensible than forcing myself to run without walking breaks at this early stage. Although I'm only on the treadmill at the moment it never ceases to amaze me to watch new gym goers clambering onto the treadmill and running as fast as they can before staggering off to throw up (or keel over). I must admit, I must look quite timid running at such an easy pace, but I've read enough and received enough great advice on here to know I'm going about it, if not the perfect way then at least the most sensible. 

Anyway, I'm jabbering on. Night all.

03/08/2013 at 18:13

Just ran a shade under 5k. Did it without stopping (even though it's a little hilly) and, although I struggled a bit on the uphill sections, I still managed it. Feel great for it even if I am a little sore in the morning. Muscle memory must have helped me through! Feel like a runner again....

05/08/2013 at 11:22
Jae Prowse wrote (see)

Although I'm only on the treadmill at the moment it never ceases to amaze me to watch new gym goers clambering onto the treadmill and running as fast as they can before staggering off to throw up (or keel over).

I may have been known to do the above. Certainly if i'm running out of time I just get on there make sh!t loads of noise (14st jumping up and down on the tredmill does that) it doesnt help that I am a heavy runner anyway.

Jae well done on the 5k sounds like your making real progress! Muscle memory can be a saviour at times like that. Really pleased for you mate, just keep it up

05/08/2013 at 21:12

To be honest, I used to do the same - probably part of the reason I didn't 'get' running until a couple of years ago, once I understood the notion of going very slowly to improve endurance, etc. 

Cheers, Kritter. Back on the treadmill today and ran 30 straight minutes with no problems. So I think I'll just add a little time weekly (I'd add distance, but I'm more interested in time on my feet than how far I've gone at the moment) and see how I go. Thighs are a little sore but it's a good soreness, the kind you get when you're using muscles you haven't in a while. 

06/08/2013 at 08:06

Yup, I did that on the treadmill too. Was a bit of a shock when I tried to run outside and couldn't really do it!  I still see loads of people running with the treadmill completely flat rather than on an incline.

Went for a run on Thursday, was very hot, but with a nice breeze. Went inside to the gym to do a bit on the rowing machine followed by some stretching, and there was a bloke running on the treadmill, sweating buckets and looking bored witless. I wonder if it even occurred to him to take it outside?

Oh, and I seem to have said I will run a 10 mile multi-terrain race in November. That will focus the mind on training!!!

06/08/2013 at 14:17

When I started running the first time I did all my running on the treadmill to start with. You're right Tina, going outside is a bit of a shock. I did prefer the treadmill at first, but I'm growing to enjoy the outside more this time. It is harder, but it's a much better workout and you feel great after. I'll still use the treadmill during the week when I'm in the office because it's easier. But always on an incline

That sounds like a challenge, Tina, but you'll nail it. Good luck. Let me know how the training is going. 

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