Fat to Fit - Time for change? Me, too!

Lapsed runner and foodie, almost 4st overweight , seeks like-minded souls for mutual encouragement to get back into shape

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06/09/2013 at 08:38

I had a rest day yesterday and guess what, I'm going to have another one today! Feet up, a bottle of Crabbies and the footie! Running can wait until tomorrow!

06/09/2013 at 09:02

You are better off relaxing than forcing the issue, you'll only end up more ill in the long run.

I managed 6 miles last night. It was meant to be a recovery run, and it definitely started off that way. My running partner had stitch twice, causing us to walk twice in the first two miles. I wasn't complaining But then picked the pace up and managed to get the last mile in at 8.27 which i was pleased with!

I got down to a 54 minute 10k and set all sorts of PBs just before I went on holiday in June. After my holiday I didn't run for 2 weeks on top of that, so it was 4 weeks off. 9 weeks after that I'm still not back where I was, but I read somewhere it takes 3 times as long as your layoff to get back to fiteness. So I SHOULD be "Peaking" again in time for my half. Then no quitting or running breaks!

I weighed in today and lost a pound. I targetted two, but when I look back on what I ate/drank, 1 is pretty fair. To make up for it I'm going to have a super good week and aim for 3lbs. Aside from saturday night, I'm celebrating my MBA graduation - won;t be counting the calories then but as I'm doing 14 during the day I'm not going to beat myself up about it!

06/09/2013 at 17:46

Ooh Jae sounds nasty. You take it easy and don't push yourself tomorrow on your 9 miler if you're not right. It'll still be there to be done next week. I know how you like to push yourself but honestly making yourself is not big and clever. 

Matty it really doesn't seem fair does it that a relatively short lay off should have such an effect. Never mind keep plugging away. BTW congrats on getting your MBA clever and fit

06/09/2013 at 18:48

Evening all. 

Feeling much better (thanks for the wise words, Cathy). Must have been the Thai green curry I had last night. It was super spicy, even for me and clearly played havoc with my body. 

Ready for the 9 miler tomorrow. Will be up nice and early as I've a busy day. I've also an ulterior motive for pushing the mileage each week. I'm off with the family to the Isle of Wight at the end of the month and my wife jokingly suggested running across it. I laughed and then secretly looked at the distance. Probably a bit too much for me at this stage. However....

It measures approximately 15 miles from top to bottom and I reckon, with around about four weeks left to go, I can get up to about 12 miles on my weekly long run, so I reckon I can do it. I won't be doing it quickly (obviously) but it'll be a 'fun' thing to do, so I'm seriously considering it. Please tell me it's madness....

06/09/2013 at 20:13

Jae, it's madness!  But then again when did that ever stop us?!

06/09/2013 at 20:21

You're right - but it's also adventure! 

06/09/2013 at 21:00

And as the great marathoner Eddie Izzard once said "adventures are the stuff of life!".

06/09/2013 at 23:02

It'll be a challenge Jae but I reckon you can do it, you're over half way there already.  Go for it  your wife obviously has a wicked streak and knows you can't resist a challenge......

07/09/2013 at 09:54

Very pleased with myself - got up, forced myself out the door and ran 10 miles in about an hour and fifty minutes (which felt a very casual pace). Another milestone has been reached. I'd intended to get to 9, but on my 'out and back' route another half mile 'out' felt simple, so I went for it. 

I managed just over seven before I stopped for a quick stretch. A bit sore now, though no more than after my 8 miler last week. I was, however, a bit shocked to discover that I'd cut both nipples. I hadn't felt any pain whilst running, but they sting like buggery now. Anyway, a small price to pay to run further than I've ever run before. 

If you're running this weekend, have a great one. Especially Rachel with her half marathon!

07/09/2013 at 10:38

Blimey Jae that was a good run! You can definitely do the trans isle of Wight if that felt casual. I'm puzzled as to how you manage to cut your nipples but I can recommend a sports bra if that'll help 

I've just got back from my 'long' run - a rather puny 3.5 miles in comparison but my furthest outdoor run yet. The problem with living on the edge of the Pennines is all routes involve several either long or steep uphill. This one had both sorts. Still only did one walk so feeling rather pleased with myself. Obviously the optimum amount of wine is just under half a bottle. 

Good luck Rachel and everyone pushing themselves that little bit harder this weekend. 

07/09/2013 at 10:51

Awesome Jae, ten miles is a long way! My DH uses Vaseline on his nipples, I think Bodyglide is an alternative, although a bit pricey. I don't think you're mad for the Isle of Wight thing at all, it would probably be a thought that I would have too. DH has said that we might be going to Snowdonia in October for a weekend with some friends, and my first question was 'how far up Snowdon, and can I run it?'. Given that I've never even walked it I'm not going to try, but this running lark does get you thinking, doesn't it?

Didn't run yesterday, my abs were still in bits after that Pilates session on Wednesday!  Despite regularly suffering BodyPump-induced DOMS, this is like nothing I have ever experienced before (and so must really have hit the spot!!!). Hoping to get out today, but waiting for youngest to come home from a sleepover; she has taken up running, and we might go for a short one together. Both my girls and I are doing a 5k in four weeks, at the Bournemouth Running Festival (when DH does his first Marathon). Bizarrely, having done both a Half and a 10k, I have not actually run a 5k before, so it should be fun (plus it's at night and we all wear LED armbands). Bournemouth is my hometown, so I'm really looking forward to it. (and, unlike Pembrokeshire, it's FLAT ).

Ironman Wales here tomorrow, may go and watch, although forecast is rain.

07/09/2013 at 12:45

Thanks all. I did use vaseline but was wearing a cheap running top. Lesson learned. 

Those long hill will make the flat roads seem so much easier, Cathy. You're probably much fitter than you think. And 3.5 miles is fantastic - another bit further - 4 miles next week? I had a couple of glasses of wine last night, so I concur that it's the optimum amount of booze for running. 

You should definitely have a crack at Snowdonia, Tina. When will you get the chance to run there otherwise? Doesn't matter about distance (especially if you're halfway up the mountain!) and you're right, you do start to plan various holiday runs. It's a strange feeling, but a good one.

5k will be easy for you, though it can be a bit fast - as I discovered earlier this week.

07/09/2013 at 12:59

Nice run Jae. I think the Isle of White crossing is a great idea!  I'm spending the day doing, drinking water and looking forward to some pasta tonight!  Cathy, Way back (ie in March) I remember when I first ran over 3 miles, it was a great feeling! The end of my c25k programme

07/09/2013 at 14:21

Hi Rachel - Yes feeling good about it although I've been wiped out for the rest of the morning!  I'm glad to see you're preparing properly for your race tomorrow.  Enjoy your carb loading tonight.  I suspect the half bottle of wine rule I just invented doesn't apply to half marathons though. 

Tina I know I'm a bit thick but what on earth is "BodyPump-induced DOMS"  - whatever it is sounds painful.  And yes you should run up Snowdon if you fancy it - you only live once. There is tram if you get tired- don't know if it picks up en route though!!

07/09/2013 at 14:26

LOL Cathy. Body Pump is a brilliant weight-based class that I use for toning and cross-training. A lot of the exercises that Runner's World mag recommend for cross-training are part of it. DOMS is 'delayed onset muscle soreness', i.e when parts of you hurt the day after or even the day after that. So, BodyPump in duced DOMS is what makes everything sore, if, like me, you have had a month off classes and then go back .

Not sure about Snowdon; I think the most important factor will be weather on the day. The tram does need to be pre-booked, and that's if it's actually running that late in the year. I do live in Wales, so if I don't run it this time, I might suss it out for the next visit

Edited: 07/09/2013 at 14:27
07/09/2013 at 15:11

Great running guys, what an active litte bunch we are!  Just back from 6.55 miles checking out the course of my 10K race in a fortnight, a few steep little hills but nothing too bad.  The first mile is a gentle incline but as it's an out and back course that means that the last mile will be all downhill, hurrah!  Clocked one hour four mins so looking good for my hour(ish) target!  

Good luck Rachel, we're all rooting for you!

07/09/2013 at 16:54

Thanks Tina  that all makes perfect sense now - apparently I've been having DOMS for ages then!  Zumba induced mainly, those hip circles really get me the next day! Must be my non existent core muscles complaining about being woken up. 

If it's Pembroke you live in then you are blessed - one of the most beautfiul parts of the country and one of my favourite places.  

Well done Stevie boy, nearly 7 miles is great going - a downhill finish to a race is always quite exhilarating I think. I'm sure you'll do the hour - in race conditions you might surprise yourself and go well under. 

07/09/2013 at 17:24

Thanks Cathy, I live just outside Pembroke, so yes, incredibly lucky! Just back from a run up the Brunel Trail in Neyland; uphill out and downhill back. Bit hard after BodyPump this morning though

07/09/2013 at 22:34

Gosh Tina you're making me feel tired! Don't you rest girl?

I think I may be a bit autistic but I find I don't like out and back routes I'll avoid them like the plague to get a circuit. I think this may be why I end up on hilly routes all the time just cos I'm avoiding going on the same bit of road. Is it just me or does anyone else suffer from this problem? 

08/09/2013 at 17:15

I survived! My official time was 2:16:18, which I'm really pleased with. My watch time was 2:12:36. The discrepancy was due to a huge bottleneck in the middle, where they had us running around Woolwich Barracks parade ground. Well,they tried; after spending a few mins standing still in a queue one of the soldiers directing their told everyone to run straight ahead - so I lost more time there, but distance was short!!!

Regardless of that little problem I had I brilliant time, felt good throughout the race and enjoyed the running. Except for the very last mile where they had a horrible hill and everyone around me walked, as I did.  

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